Want me to come over? Make Bacon Explosion!

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The After

The "After"

Seriously! I will come over and videotape this in high def, and we can celebrate and eat.  You will have professional photos of your accomplishment!  This looks like the most delicious thing since humans invented deliciousness.This is called “The Bacon Explosion” and I *WILL* drive to whomever can make it!  I will give you free consultation for your business, and take some photographs, and of course, tell you lame jokes.

You can find the recipe at BbqAddicts

Here’s the before:

The Before picture of Bacon Explosion

The "Before" picture of Bacon Explosion

2 Responses to “Want me to come over? Make Bacon Explosion!”
  1. BBQ Addicts Says:

    If you can make it to KC, we'll make you one!!!


  2. kelly Says:

    Is it easier to photograph food I wonder? Since they don't move!

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