Pretzel Crisps – Incredible use of social media.

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Ori Bengal holding up the Pretzel Crisps gift bag.

Check out my Pretzel Crisps Gift Bag

Many people see a marketing technique, and use it in a spammy way. I bash my clients when they use spammy methods, and I help them come up with more engaging methods. Here is some wonderful use of Social Media by Pretzel Crisps.  Just watch the video, it explains it all:

Prom again.

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Ori and Itay back in the day when Ori went to PromSo people who suffer PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) often get cured by reliving a traumatic experience again and again, in a controlled environment.  Well, I didn’t survive (or not surprise) a landmine blowing up my Humvee…. but I did go to Prom in high school.

Yeah… it was pretty sad.  I didn’t give a crap about the people in my school.  I didn’t get along with them all that well. It’s not that we didn’t get along, it’s that I didn’t know  who I was back then.  I guess you could say I’ve come out of my shell since then.  I was working at the movie theatre, and this girl Sharon came in.  She was kind of hot.  She had huge boobs.  Back then, that was probably good enough reason to take someone to prom.

To the left is my awesome tuxedo picture.  Yup.  I feel like I should be a waiter or something.  May I grind some cheese for you for your salad?

So, I did not hook up with Sharon. Nowhere near.  I had fun drinking with the group.  Riding in a limo was cool’ish.

So today I’m flying out of Austin, to go to Social Media Prom.  That’s right! Me and the rest of the computer nerd misfits who never felt they fit in (which apparently, is most people) are now enjoying and connecting on social media, but the real world is way more fun.  So, what is Social Media Prom?

Well… who cares?  It’s another excuse to hang out with friends and celebrate!  These days I’m not shy and quiet.  These days, I’m rowdy, and way more confident.  I’ll dance.  I’ll sing.  I’ll tell jokes the whole evening.  So– I WAS going to show up in a Kilt, with a Tux Jacket, and this shirt.

Graphic EQ Shirt

My prom shirt.

Yeah. Tuxedo-Tshirts are tacky, so I have to be innovative.  The only thing is that there was a problem with the kilt place, so… now I may just wear a regular tuxedo with this tshirt.

Look… I may play poker with bulls, and train with cage fighters, but I’m just a big nerd!  I’ve been building PCs since 6th grade.  I was hacking video games at 7th grade.  I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.  I was using dating sites before they were considered safe.

So…. yeah… this seems awesome, and even cooler, it’s presented by Funny Or Die.  I love Funny Or Die!  If you haven’t heard of them, just watch this clip that launched them:

Social media has allowed me to connect with some of the people from Funny Or Die in person at various other events.  Amber Osbourne introduced me to Patrick Starzan at a nightclub in Vegas, “You have to meet this guy!  You’re twins!” (not identical… just non-stop corny jokes).

I actually had 3 girls fighting over me!  This is way better than high school prom!  And we can legally buy the booze this time, and the kids that are the cool kids are the people who embrace life, and have a lot of personality… not the people who have a fancy jacket. My official date is Brandie. , my business manager.  She’s become invaluable, and I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else.  I have so many ideas, and if it weren’t for Brandie, many of them would not get executed.  I can’t tell you which dress she’s wearing… but here they are:

I’m voting for the 1st one.

Anyways- the point is that I am always looking for unique and memorable experiences, preferably with great people that I can share them with.  I can’t think of much that will be better than this.  I predict a lot of fun, and I challenge you to go find some cool fun event that makes you feel silly.  Go to some vintage shop, find some crazy costume or outfit, and own it!  Post the pictures everywhere!  Heck!  Post a picture of your prom pics!  Leave a comment!  My prom picture rocks!  I was a younger, dorkier me, and my little brother Itay was all adorable and puffy and tiny.

These days he is 6’2, 240LBS of solid muscle, and he hates that darn picture :)

Tools and Lessons for Unplugging and Writing

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This is a really information packed post about the processes, tools, and philosophies that I’ve learned about writing over the last few weeks.  I’m sure they’ll help you whether you’re writing a play, a novel, or a blog post. Please share this post, as it will help a lot of people overcome writer’s block, focus, be productive, and much more.

I admit that I often don’t know what day of the week it is. Couchsurfing takes me around to different people in many places, and I keep growing because of it.  Day of the week… not important most of the time.  But now that I’m actually working with a goal (remember:  Goals are dreams with a deadline) of writing my book, I am racing the clock.

The first lesson is probably the most important, and that is

Read the rest of this entry »

Packing my bags at 2am…

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This is one of those brief blog posts (they all start like that).   I don’t need to go into every detail, but I feel like 2 different people… and each has its strength and weakness.

In December/January, I was reaching the cusp of a period of period of distraction.  I was uber-creative, more than usual… but also hlongad a bitch of a time focusing and implementing.  I’d get stuff done… it was just getting started.  My bank account felt it.  That’s some of the stuff I haven’t been posting.  It really sucks when you get hit with an overdraft, get funds again, and keep racing the credit cards.  Not a good feeling.

Then, out of the blue, I just get hit with all these projects.  Some public speaking (which I truly enjoy – let me know if you need a speaker for your company/event/conference), some graphics, some photography, some scriptwriting/filming/editing (my favorite kind too!), and some consulting.  It seems there’s no time to sleep… the other day I blew off a midnight party when I woke up at midnight with indigestion… but I was a happy camper, ’cause when I went to sleep at 5pm, we had just celebrated getting our week’s worth of sleep-sacrifice out at FedEx at 3:57, when 4pm was the absolute deadline.  What a rush!

So, there’s hippy Ori, and yuppie Ori. Craig says I shouldn’t say “Workaholic”, as it has a negative connotation… try “really motivated” instead.  So… I’m back in my “really motivated” state now, and I don’t know if I’ve changed lives, saved a kitten, or waht… but each gig is getting cooler and cooler.  Check this out for example:

The other day, my buddy Caleb Jennings catches me on Skype.  Caleb is working with David Wolfe, and they are throwing Longevity Conference.  Caleb invited me to be their VIP Guest… but as you recall, my funds situation was not the best… I was not sure about Travel Funds, as I was busting ass to get caught up.

I’d love to see my friends, and learn new things, but is that the responsible thing to do?  “Do you guys need a photographer?”  “I don’t know… you’d have to ask Larry.”

The next day I get a call “you’re not going to believe this-  I woke up at noon, had a skype on my screen ‘Can Ori shoot the event for us, and how much?” He hadn’t spoken to Larry… it just so happened that I partied with Larry at Burning Man, and he got to see my badass photo skills, so had me in mind.  What luck?!

So, I worked all day.  I worked all night.  I worked the same the previous day, etc… I took a break to go running.  I’m in “really motivated” mode, so I’m listening to more audio books again, and exercising is easier.

Friends are great, the weather’s great, and I’m spending some time thinking forward.  Expect some interesting changes soon….

Anyways, it’s 2:10.  I haven’t packed.  At 2am I got a text confirming I have a place to stay.  It was actually Aron telling me that his friend Angel will text me.

Angel heard about my photography, and she lives right next to where the conference is.  She’s meeting me at thae airport. She sounds really cool… I don’t know much about her though, as I only asked at 10:20pm

twittering to find a couch in another state- couchsurfing

last minute couchsurfing shoutout

In 4 hours, someone got a hold of me, and I already know that since she’s friends of Aron, she must be interesting and fun.

I feel I haven’t blogged in a while…. maybe that’s why I’m blogging at 2:30am, while my bag is unpacked.

Oh yeah, clothes.  I bought a bunc of new ones over the last few days.  Mock me if you must, but I’m looking schnazzy, and I did so very affordably at Ross. I love my new Kenneth Cole belt.  Anything Kenneth Cole looks amazing on me.  I don’t know how or why that is.  If Kenneth reads this, and wants to sponsor my journey, I will wear Kenneth Cole all day, all night (but not ALL of every night… if you know what I mean.)

So, yeah… feel I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve certainly been swamped with work.  So, now I’m making up for it.

Ok, seriously- gotta go pack! Stop reading!  I mean it, I gotta go!  Well… ok… I’ll just write more from Cali– it’s bound to be interesting!  Check out where I’m going.

I think I may do more event photography- it’s a fun way to travel, and I like events.  Give me a few days, I’ll organize an album.

Social Media Expert (Humor)

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Gary Vaynerchuk and Kate Buck Jr

Gary Vaynerchuk and Kate Buck Jr. 2 REAL social media experts

Caution! There’s some cursing in here! Now you can’t complain that I didn’t warn you. This is a hillarious clip about what is going on in the world. There’s thousands (actually – there are 15,740 social media experts on Twitter, according to Mashable).  I’ve had my clients send me copies of their social media strategies (I helped with) get praised (Tito’s Vodka for example), and others just tell me thanks… ’cause business is doing better because they’re on social media.  But Social Media has become a buzz word. It’s gotten to the point where people have heard the terms, but don’t know what they mean… just that they need them (reminds me of Dilbert’s boss).  “I need some SEO!”  “I need an Opt-In!” “I need to tweet!” — you probably do, but that doesn’t mean that the guy who bought $80 worth of books at Amazon (Free shipping after $30, how can you go wrong?) justifies the $5,000 he’s charging.

Don’tbe intimidated by language and terms.  You can totally google them, or I can Google that for you! There are so many tutorials and courses out there.  Many of them are good content actually, but just like Law, you want to make sure you have the latest and greatest… A technique may be in a book that no longer works… or that works with consequences.

There definitely are social media experts out there.  For example, one of my close friends and one of my couches,.  Meet Kate Buck Jr. a REAL Social Media Expert. Kate can get you tweeted for, Facebooked for, and your customers dealt, educated, and cared for through Social Media. She actually has it down to a science how to get you more followers (that interact with you, not just follow-bots), and what time of what day gets the best retweets  or reaction.  She’s got many of “the gurus” as clients.  Why? ‘Cause she knows her shit, and to them reputation is more imporant, as is their free time. I know a few awesome people in social media. But don’t go putting “Social Media Expert” on your profile if you have less than 2000 followers. Anyways— screw it… I’ll get off my soap-box– enjoy this hilarious clip, and leave a comment if this seems familiar at all :)

One last thing… you can hire an expert… but remember- no one’s a guru… we’re all born crapping ourselves (We’re all human).

Balloon Boy proves how easy a good PR Stunt is to pull.

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It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

This 6 year old kid, Falcon (I think that’s even more ridiculous– the kid goes flying, and his name is Falcon? Hmmm) climbs in his Dad’s helium baloon that looks like Jiffy Pop.  The baloon takes off.  The whole nation is talking about it.  Everyone’s tweeting and facebooking about it… I even know of a certain stay at home mom that got her drink on ’cause she was so worried about this kid.  I was already making jokes (If “He tried to go visit Michael Jackson one last time!” gets popular, just remember, I made it up! Funny enough– I just looked up the newsline, and there WAS a Michael Jackson single that just debuted online just the other day), and people were giving me grief, “Oh… you gotta at least wait till he lands safely!” People were telling me how they’re praying.  Wow.  What concerned people we have, it’s nice.  It’s also not nice, because they were bamboozled into being concerned.  What a waste of positive emotion.  Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, for those who haven’t heard, turns out that the kid was never in the baloon… he was hiding at home in the attic, in a box or something.  So… let’s take a look at what happened. Read the rest of this entry »

The power of Twitter to bring in Bacon??

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Follow me on Twitter.

Follow me on Twitter.

Yes, that’s right!  BACON!  So… I gotta tell you how cool this is.  One second I’m seeing a link posted to Bacon Explosion (which I’ve seen before), and I decide it’s time to take action!  No idea yields results witout action… so.. whatever your goals are- whether it’s to start a new business, or to experience the Bacon Explosion, you can’t get there by mere thought.  No offense to fans of “the Secret” – Read the rest of this entry »

ARGH! and HOORAY! 5D Mark II is on it’s way! (that rhymes yo)

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This is how angry I was when 2 companies screwed up my order

This is how angry I was when 2 companies screwed up my order

Ever cook an egg on the sidewalk? Remember how Elmer E Fudd would get irate, his feet would lift into the air, his whole head turns red, and a gush of steam comes out of his ears? Well… that’s how I felt yesterday! Not one screw-up on something that’s important to me, but two! I’m about ready to take off on my journey, and really want my new camera… i.e. I’m not leaving without it. Yesterday, I tried to check up on my 2 orders – a Canon 5D Mk II from Provantage (placed on 01/02/09) which I was specifically would not take longer than a week to ship… and one 15mm F2.8 Fisheye lens from FotoConnection (which made me nervous to start with- ’cause they tried to send me the “import” (when you get a lens, you can save $10-$40 by going import instead of USA:  Cheaper parts, no lens cap, no carry case, and no warranty), to which I said I’ll happily pay the $40 extra and get USA)- which apparently also hadn’t shipped! It turns out, they had one in stock, and dropped/broke it.  I hate incompetence… and to top it off, nobody bothered to tell me!  I had to call, and be on hold for over 40 minutes (without ever getting my call taken at Provantage).  Read the rest of this entry »

PR in ’09! What are you doing? Will you survive?

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I was on Twitter (If you’re not on twitter, your company is already looking to become outdated, and possibly die out), and @ROIRoy  asked what we thought of the future of PR.  Let’s define PR first… Read the rest of this entry »

ORIginal Twitter Haiku (I’m such a nerd)

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In procrastination from doing something that I’m dreading (filling out a form that is a lengthy commitment), I wrote a Haiku about Twitter. Any Haiku experts can feel free to critique or praise it’s brilliance. Read the rest of this entry »