Remember “Seven Minutes In Heaven”? This is WAY better…

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So what is it exactly that you do?

That is the question I get asked most often.  Not because it is standard, but because people look at my odd business card, and find out that I’ve been couchsurfing for over 3.5 years.  “And you make money by couchsurfing?”

I have not really shared what exactly I do, until now! Read on! You may be surprised how I can help you, the people I have helped and how I have helped them, and WHY I am sharing this with you now! (In that order) Read the rest of this entry »

Tito’s Vodka and Social Media saved me from being stranded at SXSW!

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So, I’m shooting photos at SXSW, and have a schedule. I noticed I was on fumes… for a while…. and the engine sounded different even! I was trying to find a gas station downtown with the last of my fumes (Oh yeah… traffic made for really long fume-consuming drive), ‘cept there was  no gas station!

Kathryn to the rescue

My hero to the rescue... with a bundt cake

I get antsy if I can’t make it on time (early) to anything I need to shoot.  I decided to F**k it, I’ll get gas somehow later. Park now, figure out car later.

I sat down, shot photos of the panel, and sent out this tweet “Oh yeah! My car’s on fumes. Will trade 1L of Tito’s Vodka + portrait to the person who can bring a good size gas canister w/ gas. Dm me”

I had to shoot until 6.  I got to my car at 6:20, and had Kathryn already parked near mine, gas container at her feet, and a home made bundt cake wrapped in shiny aluminum.  I guess you can insert a knight in shining armor joke here, right?

I had multiple people offer to rescue me.  The funny thing is that Kathryn was in the audience when I was lecturing at Social Business Boot Camp the other week, in Dallas.  She had engaged me on twitter to get my thoughts on her 1st blog post– go check it out, and comment your thoughts about how shy people can engage.  I left a long comment, or two… and then gave her a few things to change on her site to make it more personable (permalinks, gravatar, admin nick, etc).

The interesting thing is that she claims to be shy.  We never actually spoke at my lecture.  The only reason we spoke was on twitter, when she tweeted me.

Now, if her day had gone as planned, she’d already been parked, and would not’ve left the garage to go get me gas.

I just think it’s awesome that through social media, you can solve problems such as being out of gas… in a fun and creative manner.

Today at SXSW’s Booze-bloggers panel presentation, Elizabeth Bellanti was talking about what a cult following they have, and how Tito’s Vodka has grown because of people talking about it…   I told the story of how I discovered Tito’s Vodka, and she told the panel that I was highly responsible for their social media success.  *blush*

Is this the same person? Photography and fun can make a difference.

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Photos of Elizabeth Potts Weinstein before Ori, and after Ori

Notice a difference between these photos?

“Ori is the first photographer to get pictures of me that actually look like me. #onereasonheisawesome” Elizabeth Potts Weinstein wrote this after seeing the first photo I sent her from our weekend’s shoot.

I had promised her that I would give her a different look.  Maybe I’m a photo elitist, but I thought her old photos were pretty generic, and certainly did not capture her personality.

The outfits were corporate (turns out she didn’t even own a tshirt, and hasn’t worn one in about 10 years), the smiles seemed fake.  These photos did not say to me “I am adventurous, like to enjoy life, and even used to go spelunking!”

When I found out that EPW didn’t even own a tshirt, I immediately made sure that all our shots were in tshirts…. which led to an interesting phenomenon… Elizabeth actually had an awkward moment… she has not worn a tshirt in so long, that it felt alien to her.  She even looked different.

Once we got past outfits, I rummaged through my stuff… what would be different than corporate looking pics?  How about swords, helmets, skateboards, vodka, and wearing silly hats?  Oh yeah, let’s not forget Ziplining.  Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 3: Couchsurfing with a couchsurfer – Zipline, Sake, Photography, and more

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Episode 3 was fun! This time I had a full-time guest on the show, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. She had said that it’s on her bucket list to go on an adventure with me… so she came into town, and had an adventure!  You can hear many of the details on here, as well as learn some marketing, humor, etc… Enjoy!

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Couch Surfing Ori declared World’s Foremost Couch Surfer on Ripley’s Radio Oddcast

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Ripley's Radio Oddcast Interviews Couch Surfing Ori, The World's Foremost CouchSurferWhen I was a kid, I used to love Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!  They had these cool books, museums, and eventually they even had a strip in the Sunday Comics.  Now they have their own radio broadcast called The Ripley’s Radio Oddcast.  I was extremely honored to get a call from them, inviting me to be on their show.

For your listening pleasure– here’s my appearance on the Ripley’s Radio Oddcast… where they declared me the world’s foremost couchsurfer! Read the rest of this entry »

Tito’s Vodka Dinner & Titos’s Speech

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The Titos Vodka Dinner Food/Drink Menu

The Titos Vodka Dinner Food/Drink Menu

Food can be cooked in Vodka.  Drinks can be made from Vodka (Duh!).  Fun can be had with Vodka.  Burt Butler Beveridge II, AKA Tito, makes the best Vodka.
I was quite honored to have a seat for free at this $60 per seat dinner at Z-Tejas, a fine dining establishment in Austin, TX.  People gladly paid (it was sold out), to have a chance to not only have the delicious food that Z-Tejas is known for, but also to meet Tito in person.  Tito is quite legendary, and rightfully so. That said, I was quite pleased to find out that while many people had to wait all evening to have a minute of Tito’s time, I was seated on his immediate left.  So… here’s how dinner worked: Read the rest of this entry »