Battle of the bulge

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Eating Donuts at Gordoughs Trailer in AustinThis is me on my diet…. I am eating the largest donuts that I’ve ever come across. And I”m supposed o get a 6-pack.

Y’all have seen me go through all sorts of diets. My standup comedy routine mocked my recent juice fast, and now I’m eating about 180 Grams of protein a day, no carbs, no fruit, no dairy.  Just meat, veggies, eggs, and a ton of leafy green veggies.

On my birthday, I was the only one who didn’t have cake nor booze.

It was on a Friday… On Sundays however… I am encouraged to binge on carbs for an hour…. So Read the rest of this entry »

Bucketlist item – Standup Comedy

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My very 1st stand up comedy performance

My very 1st stand-up routine ever!

And then the Rabbi said “Out of What?” Laughter erupts, and then a bunch of people ask “How the hell do you remember all these jokes? Do you do standup?” Then I lose some of my pep, and it seems I get a little shorter, “nah… I don’t do stand up.” “Why not?” “I Read the rest of this entry »

If you are congested, this is a miracle.

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“You sound like shit!”  This was the first thing that 2 clients told me within the last 3 days.  My older brother just asked me to call back, because he couldn’t understand what I was saying. Yes, I am sick. It is rare, but it happens.

I suspect that it is an allergy to the Cedar Trees in Austin… Check it out, there’s an entire site dedicated to hating Cedars!  They have lots of facts… Austin, Texas voted the 2nd allergy capital in the USA by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The upside is that I get to use one of my all-time favorite bad puns.. You think it’s funny, but it’s snot!  I say this every time I’m on the phone with someone, and I have to blow my nose. Hooray for silver linings, right?

But, I have been coughing up a storm, and my head felt as if someone shoved a balloon up my nose, into the brain cavity, and then inflated it…. my sinuses were so clogged, my eyes were blood shot.  I could not concentrate on anything, and I was constantly tired… it’s as if someone had just turned on the Tired Switch, and left it on.  I would sleep, wake up, and go right back to sleep.  Not cool!

My friend Isabella Jones had sent me her Betti Pot right before I went to Costa Rica, but Read the rest of this entry »

Doing more good

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Sarah holding up her Soda and ice cream at Pops

Sarah enjoying her 10th birthday at Pops

Lately I’m noticing a major trend in helping people.  I’m kind of addicted. This set of stories is almost in order, but the shorter story that happens later, I’m putting in the front.

While at dinner at the 140Conf Smalltown, I got to talk to Sheila Scarborough, who was telling me about how on her drive to Kansas, she stopped by Pops Soda Shop in Oklahoma.  This place has over 500 flavors of Soda from all over the world!

This of course fascinated me, so I decided I would go on my way to Austin.  I went and it was pretty cool (and that will be another blog post- I took video and photos). In this blog post I’m not writing about the soda.  I’m writing about Sarah. Read the rest of this entry »

The stars are aligned…

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There is no witticism or bad pun here, this is just an update on where things are going, some life lessons (that can be practical for everyone), a new toy I got, and that sort of thing. So read on, pass it on, and I hope it adds value to your life. Oh yeah, stay till the end, ’cause there’s a funny story about some federal agents patting me and my friend down for drugs! Read the rest of this entry »

Renting a Roach Suit – Photos and Video

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Couchsurfing Ori as a RoachIf you want a quick dose of happiness, rent a roach suit.  I rented a roach suit! Then I wore it to go to the grocery store, and showed up at a few friends’ offices. Here’s my story (Pictures at the bottom)

It was a great day indeed– I refused to go to sleep until I finished this custom Twitter Background for someone, and when I woke up, it was to an e-mail saying how much the work rocked.  Then I got to see my buddy Tex… Well, actually, it’s Dave Bredesen, but I always called him Tex ’cause when I met him, I was living in Florida, and he was living in Austin.

He did always tell me that I’d love Austin, and boy, was he right!  Actually, how we met is entertaining.  It was at Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft Zune HD FAIL (video)

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Microsoft Zune HD FAILWhen Microsoft decided to enter the portable mp3 player race, I thought they were insane… now that I have one, I know they were!  Here’s the story (Scroll to the bottom to see a video- I’m even wearing my BurningMan goggles):

During SXSW Interactive, I left the press lounge (all you can eat Zone bars, all you can drink coffee… electricity, silence) to go shoot my next panel, and there’s KBJ (@KateBuckJr).  She’s talking to some people, and she (tosses me under a truck) says “Oh! You guys need to interview….”(grabs my by shoulder, yanks me in front of some dude, and some girl who’s running camera) “Ori… he’s a designer!”


“So.. what do you know about  Microsoft Website Spark?”

“Uhhhh….”  Kate was nowhere to be seen Read the rest of this entry »

Tito’s Vodka and Social Media saved me from being stranded at SXSW!

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So, I’m shooting photos at SXSW, and have a schedule. I noticed I was on fumes… for a while…. and the engine sounded different even! I was trying to find a gas station downtown with the last of my fumes (Oh yeah… traffic made for really long fume-consuming drive), ‘cept there was  no gas station!

Kathryn to the rescue

My hero to the rescue... with a bundt cake

I get antsy if I can’t make it on time (early) to anything I need to shoot.  I decided to F**k it, I’ll get gas somehow later. Park now, figure out car later.

I sat down, shot photos of the panel, and sent out this tweet “Oh yeah! My car’s on fumes. Will trade 1L of Tito’s Vodka + portrait to the person who can bring a good size gas canister w/ gas. Dm me”

I had to shoot until 6.  I got to my car at 6:20, and had Kathryn already parked near mine, gas container at her feet, and a home made bundt cake wrapped in shiny aluminum.  I guess you can insert a knight in shining armor joke here, right?

I had multiple people offer to rescue me.  The funny thing is that Kathryn was in the audience when I was lecturing at Social Business Boot Camp the other week, in Dallas.  She had engaged me on twitter to get my thoughts on her 1st blog post– go check it out, and comment your thoughts about how shy people can engage.  I left a long comment, or two… and then gave her a few things to change on her site to make it more personable (permalinks, gravatar, admin nick, etc).

The interesting thing is that she claims to be shy.  We never actually spoke at my lecture.  The only reason we spoke was on twitter, when she tweeted me.

Now, if her day had gone as planned, she’d already been parked, and would not’ve left the garage to go get me gas.

I just think it’s awesome that through social media, you can solve problems such as being out of gas… in a fun and creative manner.

Today at SXSW’s Booze-bloggers panel presentation, Elizabeth Bellanti was talking about what a cult following they have, and how Tito’s Vodka has grown because of people talking about it…   I told the story of how I discovered Tito’s Vodka, and she told the panel that I was highly responsible for their social media success.  *blush*

How to beat stress, and a MUTANT EAR (Video blog)

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Trying a video blogging format. What do you think (other than “OMG! WTF happened to your ear?”

Basically, my ear has been giagantic for 16 hours or so now… maybe I got angry, and am slowly changing into a mix of elephant man and the hulk? Thought I’d exercise, so… watch the video.

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 9- Mardi Gras, Hackintosh, and Groupons

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Everyone wants to know how Mardi Gras was…. Find out on the podcast!


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

I also talk about some killer ways to save money based on group buying, and how to use that for your own advertising and marketing.  What the heck a hackintosh is, and how that’s going.  And of course, the latest trouble I’m looking to get into :)

Bringing grieving dogs together

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Bentley and Stella st play

Great weather for doggie playdate

Elizabeth lost Wookie, whom she had for 12 years. Johnny was grieving the loss.  They were not the only two- Stella lost her lifelong buddy!  I was asked to house sit, so the dog can have some happiness, as I tend to be upbeat and happy.

Over on the other part of town, Craig was now only taking care of one raw-food eating dog, rather than 2.  Maple had gone away in the separation.  Craig was not the only one to notice that… Bentley, the St. Bernard was missing his lifelong playmate.

Dogs are so awesome! They bring us such joy.  They try to cheer us up.  They help us clean the floor when we drop food! Thus, the only right thing to do is to find things to do to cheer them up when they’re down…. you know they try to bring us up when we’re down!

When her (Tito’s Vodka) leash is approached, Stella goes apeshit!  She jumps 4 feet in the air, and starts doing 360’s.  It’s fairly entertaining.  She was happy to get out of the house.

I took her for a small jog, and then in the car, and to meet Bentley.  The 2 of them have been wagging their tail all day long!

Nomad Collaboration – going to Mardi Gras.

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Mardi Gras 2010

Mardi Gras should be a blast in New Orleans

Yesterday was Craig Allen’s birthday. There’s already many adventures with Craig, but I’m currently staying with him as my sort of HQ. I was designated driver, and we were going to hang out with Jason Moffatt. I’ve couchsurfed with Jmo in San Diego, and since then he’s gone on to get an RV, to go around the country.

Jason has actually teamed up with Randy Primm, the Road Bandit, who already was on the road in an RV for 2 years.  With Jason’s marketing and people knowledge, they should be a force to reckon with.

Another one of my couches, David Gonzaelz, has a marketing and networking event every month, the Internet Marketing Party. David had invited Jason to be the speaker at this month’s event, and Jmo agreed.  I was stoked, ’cause that meant we’d both be in Austin at the same time, and I’d get to meet Randy.

Craig and I made it to Freddie’s – the bar where we met up with everyone last night.  It was instant fun.  Lots of cool people there.  Micahel Lovitch was there, and I had just couchsurfed with him last week in Dallas (see Poker Night story).  I caught up with Jason a little bit, and then got to meet Randy… who is really tall (in fact, that’s what he wrote for his name tag).  We immediately got along, and spent the rest of the time at Freddie’s just chatting with each other about travel, about adventure, about the experiences that we can’t really share on our blogs Read the rest of this entry »

Nerf gun sneak attack

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The nerf vulcan gun is not what i am using

The nerf vulcan gun is not what i am using

Craig Allen likes to modify his nerf guns to have more power to them. They even have a “laser-sight” kinda thing. I’ve been shot many times while working.  Revenge is a bitch :)

One night… Craig had fallen asleep while Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 7- Dallas travels, Jason Moffatt

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

What did I do in Dallas?

Billboard climbing

Art fair

warehouse party


met new people

got a speaking and mc gigs for next month

played poker (learned to play poker actually)

There was more… and that’s why you need to listen to Episode 7.  You can hear what the listeners who got their consulting thought, and check out a funny conversation with Jason Moffatt.  That reminds me– this is the first episode to have the word “shit” in it.  I was wondering how long the G rating would last :)


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

How to make a Broccoli Cheese Latte.

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What to do if you don’t have plates or bowls to make soup in? Use glass cups of course, as they are microwave safe. .. What if they don’t fit in the microwave? Watch this, and have a laugh :)

Many more crazy moments from this trip…. editing it now!

Poker night

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Dogs playing pokerMy friend Michael Lovitch has Poker Night every Tuesday.  I’ve wanted to make it to this for a very long time.  I finally got to attend. They also have “Night rider Sundays” which I’ll have to come back another time for.

Night rider Sundays are a bicycle bar-hopping event.  I don’t drink much (these days… when I’m not at events.  When at events, I let loose), but that sounds like a blast.  I did drink this evening.

I didn’t know it, but Michael and I were not allowed to be back at the house before 2AM.  His daughter takes after him in his night owl tendencies.  I have the same tendencies, and while Michael likes to joke around about everything, he takes the “5 year olds need to get their sleep” subject very seriously.

I’m on paragraph 4, and I still haven’t mentioned that I don’t really know how to play poker!  Ooops.  So here’s what happened: Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 6- Tablets/pads, productivity, accountability, consulting, P90x

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Didn’t make the show? That’s too bad, ’cause that’s where the information on how to get free consulting.

For this week’s show, I asked people what they wanted to hear, and gave it to them. The short version: My predictions on where tablet technology is going, ways to be more productive, P90x and fitness, a bit of consulting on the show, as well as giving away 3 one hour sessions of consulting for the next day. Need your problems solved? Catch the next episode, and follow @couchsurfingori on twitter… I’ll be posting when the next giveaway, and may do live consults as a regular part of the show.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Need interior design? Get a couch surfer!

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Daytime shot of the new coffee table

I guess I'm also an interior designer

When a good friend came home from a great time in Vegas, to the negative energy of a breakup, he got in a funk.  I came up with an idea!  Let’s rearrange the place, and change the energy!

I wasn’t asking, and my energy caught on quickly. Within minutes we had a plan:

The master bedroom would be the new office.

The old office would now be my room.

The room that was mine will now get the kingsize bed from the master bedroom.

We quickly disassembled the large furniture, moving it, and quickly the plan took shape.  The entire energy of the house was changing!

When the girl came home in the morning to get more of her stuff Read the rest of this entry »

Is this the same person? Photography and fun can make a difference.

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Photos of Elizabeth Potts Weinstein before Ori, and after Ori

Notice a difference between these photos?

“Ori is the first photographer to get pictures of me that actually look like me. #onereasonheisawesome” Elizabeth Potts Weinstein wrote this after seeing the first photo I sent her from our weekend’s shoot.

I had promised her that I would give her a different look.  Maybe I’m a photo elitist, but I thought her old photos were pretty generic, and certainly did not capture her personality.

The outfits were corporate (turns out she didn’t even own a tshirt, and hasn’t worn one in about 10 years), the smiles seemed fake.  These photos did not say to me “I am adventurous, like to enjoy life, and even used to go spelunking!”

When I found out that EPW didn’t even own a tshirt, I immediately made sure that all our shots were in tshirts…. which led to an interesting phenomenon… Elizabeth actually had an awkward moment… she has not worn a tshirt in so long, that it felt alien to her.  She even looked different.

Once we got past outfits, I rummaged through my stuff… what would be different than corporate looking pics?  How about swords, helmets, skateboards, vodka, and wearing silly hats?  Oh yeah, let’s not forget Ziplining.  Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 3: Couchsurfing with a couchsurfer – Zipline, Sake, Photography, and more

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Episode 3 was fun! This time I had a full-time guest on the show, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. She had said that it’s on her bucket list to go on an adventure with me… so she came into town, and had an adventure!  You can hear many of the details on here, as well as learn some marketing, humor, etc… Enjoy!

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Couchsurf WITH Ori- flipping the tables in 2010

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I’m thrilled to report that today, instead of me driving to California, I have someone coming to couchsurf with me in Austin, TX.  I had people stay with me while I was in Atlanta, but this time, I”m couchsurfing with soeone else, and someone else is coming to stay with me (Confused yet?).

Elizabeth has never had Sake, so we’re having a Tweetup tonight–  The Sushi/Sake tweetup. (Haven’t decided on the Where… just sign up, and we’ll tell you today)  Tomorrow morning, we’re going Zip-lining. Also, we’re going to shoot some fun pics, since I’m a photo-elitist, and her photos are too normal for my taste.

That’s a good amount of adventure for one weekend.  It’s also my monthly adventure (if you read my 2010 goals… I”m semi-settled in, but I want to make sure I get at LEAST 1 adventure a month).  I may squeeze in more adventures, but a lot of consulting work has come in, as well as design work, so we’ll see– but at least I’m going ziplining, and helping someone else have a very memorable weekend.

This could be the new model for me.  Come visit me, we’ll go adventure, get you some great pics, and come up with tons of solutions for your business.

I am extremely thrilled to report on the good nature of people, and on the benefits of having over 10,000 followers on twitter:  I wanted a specific video camera for Zip-lining… The Hero Camera.  I asked on Twitter who had one, and Marshall Haas not only has one, but he overnighted it to me!  Just so I can suction-cup it onto my helmet, and get great footage of the Zip-lining experience.  How amazing is that?

Marhsall has actually just developed an awesome Iphone app where you get to beat up your boss :)  Stress relief is cool… but… you also get a chance to win a bunch of money, recognition, and much more… in fact.. I’m going to have to interview him, and make a blog post about this.  It’s quite fascinating the big names he’s gotten involved, and maybe it will motivate you to develop an app… neat business model.

If YOU would like to go on an adventure with me, contact me!

CouchSurfing Radio Episode 2 totally rocked- skydiving entrepreneurial babes, and wellness experts.

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Couchsurfing Radio Episode #2 was a fast-paced humor-filled, inspiration laced ride!  It’s hard to believe that just last week I spent an hour of going “uhhhhh”- and harder to believe that yet again, I threw it together!

At first, neither I nor my listeners could get on! I set the settings wrong, and we had to move the show to 11:30pm EST, instead of 11. But from that point, everything was on track.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

This time, I had two guests.  Hottie adventurer entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt who races motorcycles, jumps out of a plane, is building up a company valued at $100,000,000, and knows the value of being unique, and seeking mentors. I find her inspirational, and she tries to empower women-entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »

Goals in 2010

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You gotta know what to do and what not to do when goal setting.

There are to do's, and not-to-do's when setting goals.

I was asked if I had any resolutions for this year.  I said, yes of course! 1920×1200 of course!  (For you non-geeks, that’s my laptop’s screen resolution. It’s measured in pixels).  I don’t believe in resolutions.  Why?  Because they’re usually crap… they are something that doesn’t mean anything.  They are the reasons that gyms are in business.  All that holiday food, and now everyone wants  six-pack abs, buys a gym membership, and then doesn’t do anything with it. I don’t do resolutions, I do goals.

Goal setting has been scientifically proven to make achievement more likely.  They say your goal should be big and hard (don’t start with the perv jokes just yet… it’s only day 1 of the year… oh heck! Let’s have a fun year.. make your perv jokes), or it won’t inspire you enough to get it done.    If you don’t MAKE goals (by the way, only about 3% of the USA population actually knows how or bothers to set goals).

Don’t worry… this isn’t a “How to set Goals so they work” post.  This is me talking a little bit about that, and a little bit about what I’m looking to do for 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 – Where did the year go? I know! My year-end summary.

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Disney - Remember... Dreams Come True (3) (Explored)

Fireworks - seems like a good pic for the new year

As of 2pm on January 1st, I will have been couchsurfing a full 3 years. I have to admit, it’s gone by quickly. Everyone says “Where did the year go?” But because I blogged more this year, I actually know where it went.  I didn’t blog everything- but here’s my summary.. Read the rest of this entry »