Microsoft Zune HD FAIL (video)

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Microsoft Zune HD FAILWhen Microsoft decided to enter the portable mp3 player race, I thought they were insane… now that I have one, I know they were!  Here’s the story (Scroll to the bottom to see a video- I’m even wearing my BurningMan goggles):

During SXSW Interactive, I left the press lounge (all you can eat Zone bars, all you can drink coffee… electricity, silence) to go shoot my next panel, and there’s KBJ (@KateBuckJr).  She’s talking to some people, and she (tosses me under a truck) says “Oh! You guys need to interview….”(grabs my by shoulder, yanks me in front of some dude, and some girl who’s running camera) “Ori… he’s a designer!”


“So.. what do you know about  Microsoft Website Spark?”

“Uhhhh….”  Kate was nowhere to be seen Read the rest of this entry »

Skateboarding Stormtrooper Babes… Typical randomness

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What better way to break in a new office on the 22nd floor downtown than to bring up some babes on a skateboard and whip out the Starwars costumes?

After enough Margaritas I started hoolahooping in the middle of a bar.  In case you’re thinking that it’s unprofessional to go out for Margaritas the day before the project is due, know that my client insisted on it, and bought the first few rounds.  Got the project done, and on time.  Worked till the very last minute… got it to FedEx with a whole 3 minutes left!  Hooray teamwork!

Tito’s Vodka and Social Media saved me from being stranded at SXSW!

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So, I’m shooting photos at SXSW, and have a schedule. I noticed I was on fumes… for a while…. and the engine sounded different even! I was trying to find a gas station downtown with the last of my fumes (Oh yeah… traffic made for really long fume-consuming drive), ‘cept there was  no gas station!

Kathryn to the rescue

My hero to the rescue... with a bundt cake

I get antsy if I can’t make it on time (early) to anything I need to shoot.  I decided to F**k it, I’ll get gas somehow later. Park now, figure out car later.

I sat down, shot photos of the panel, and sent out this tweet “Oh yeah! My car’s on fumes. Will trade 1L of Tito’s Vodka + portrait to the person who can bring a good size gas canister w/ gas. Dm me”

I had to shoot until 6.  I got to my car at 6:20, and had Kathryn already parked near mine, gas container at her feet, and a home made bundt cake wrapped in shiny aluminum.  I guess you can insert a knight in shining armor joke here, right?

I had multiple people offer to rescue me.  The funny thing is that Kathryn was in the audience when I was lecturing at Social Business Boot Camp the other week, in Dallas.  She had engaged me on twitter to get my thoughts on her 1st blog post– go check it out, and comment your thoughts about how shy people can engage.  I left a long comment, or two… and then gave her a few things to change on her site to make it more personable (permalinks, gravatar, admin nick, etc).

The interesting thing is that she claims to be shy.  We never actually spoke at my lecture.  The only reason we spoke was on twitter, when she tweeted me.

Now, if her day had gone as planned, she’d already been parked, and would not’ve left the garage to go get me gas.

I just think it’s awesome that through social media, you can solve problems such as being out of gas… in a fun and creative manner.

Today at SXSW’s Booze-bloggers panel presentation, Elizabeth Bellanti was talking about what a cult following they have, and how Tito’s Vodka has grown because of people talking about it…   I told the story of how I discovered Tito’s Vodka, and she told the panel that I was highly responsible for their social media success.  *blush*

CouchSurfingRadio 10- SXSW insider info and survival tips, pet mountain lions, hippy bands, millionaires, bad jokes, and more.

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori


All sorts of crazy, but you definitely want to catch the replay!  There’s a ton of awesome SXSW insider info on how to party for free, mingle with the stars, and all sorts of great reasons to go into town… with or without a badge.

My guest, Chase, talks about his pet mountain lion.

I tell jokes.

There’s a lot more– just listen, it’s fun!


I even include some music in this one– let me know what you think of it.

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 5- Peter Shankman on life, PR, skydiving, humor, flying, and more

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Peter Shankman as seen on jdate

I love Shankman's Shirt!

Want free advertising? Want more credibility than you get out of an ad?  You need to listen to Peter Shankman’s interview.

I frequently refer to Peter Shankman as a roll model, ’cause he’s a spaz, funny, adventurous, and successful.  Last night’s call was haunting, because it showed that there were a lot more similarities (even the listeners were commenting on that). We also spoke about many other topics, such as bucket lists, skydiving, flying all over the world, and much more. Have a listen:


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc..  listening.

Gary Vaynerchuck interview at SXSW

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Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

I am so proud to bring you Gary Vaynerchuk.  This guy not only motivates and inspires onstage, and on camera, but he has proven to me that he is a champion.  I will tell the story… ’cause it’s my damn blog, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to be here (or you can just scroll down and hit play…. but what kind of person does that make you?  I mean… really!  I travel around, putting thousands of miles on my car, endangering my life by driving more than 16 hours at a time.. just to bring you these awesome interviews with such great people, and you’re not even taking the time to hear why these people are so cool?  I mean.. come on.. that’s like showing up to a wedding ’cause you like cake (but not the people getting married)).  Read the rest of this entry »

SXSW- South By South West

adventure, travel 3 Comments » is an interactive/film/music festival in Austin, TX.  I drove 17 hours (again) to get there.  I wasn’t sure if I was going until just a few days ago….  I actually considered flight for once… but by the time I got to considering it, prices were way too steep.  This way I get to smile at the knowledge that I did not give some airline $15 for my 1st bag :)

I was invited to a private Press Only dinner by Ford, on the 12th. They invited me (’cause I’m so friggin cool, Duh!) ’cause I’m a popular blogger/twitterer.  Learn from that companies… seriously…. embrace the new media- people trust that more than they do the (bullshit/manufactured/depressing) news.  The event was to discuss the inspiration behind the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO.  I used to have a Ford Taurus back in 1994.  It was a great car, and I ran it into the ground (my folks had to come tow me back home… using the car as a big suitcase).– apparently, they don’t like being driven when you have a massive leak in your radiator Read the rest of this entry »