A wedding of squirrels

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Two squirrels getting marriedMy friend Robert had gone skydiving, so that was a conversation piece.  I asked Sheila “Have you gone skydiving? “Of course!” pause… “Have you?” “Umm of course!” as if it’s an insult that someone had to even ask!

The conversation then shifted to whether the skydiving was performed solo, or tandem.  If you haven’t gone, it’s really safe, part of that reason is because you go tandem, which means that there’s  an instructor strapped to your back, and they deal with the boring stuff… like landing, packing the parachute, and making sure it opens if you screw it up. If you want to jump on your own, it costs you about $1,800, and requires about 18 jumps and some tests.

Sheila, Robert, and I had all jumped tandem.

I added that I WILL get certified and go solo, because it is Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 5- Peter Shankman on life, PR, skydiving, humor, flying, and more

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Peter Shankman as seen on jdate

I love Shankman's Shirt!

Want free advertising? Want more credibility than you get out of an ad?  You need to listen to Peter Shankman’s interview.

I frequently refer to Peter Shankman as a roll model, ’cause he’s a spaz, funny, adventurous, and successful.  Last night’s call was haunting, because it showed that there were a lot more similarities (even the listeners were commenting on that). We also spoke about many other topics, such as bucket lists, skydiving, flying all over the world, and much more. Have a listen:


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc..  listening.

CouchSurfing Radio Episode 2 totally rocked- skydiving entrepreneurial babes, and wellness experts.

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Couchsurfing Radio Episode #2 was a fast-paced humor-filled, inspiration laced ride!  It’s hard to believe that just last week I spent an hour of going “uhhhhh”- and harder to believe that yet again, I threw it together!

At first, neither I nor my listeners could get on! I set the settings wrong, and we had to move the show to 11:30pm EST, instead of 11. But from that point, everything was on track.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

This time, I had two guests.  Hottie adventurer entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt who races motorcycles, jumps out of a plane, is building up a company valued at $100,000,000, and knows the value of being unique, and seeking mentors. I find her inspirational, and she tries to empower women-entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »

Goals in 2010

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You gotta know what to do and what not to do when goal setting.

There are to do's, and not-to-do's when setting goals.

I was asked if I had any resolutions for this year.  I said, yes of course! 1920×1200 of course!  (For you non-geeks, that’s my laptop’s screen resolution. It’s measured in pixels).  I don’t believe in resolutions.  Why?  Because they’re usually crap… they are something that doesn’t mean anything.  They are the reasons that gyms are in business.  All that holiday food, and now everyone wants  six-pack abs, buys a gym membership, and then doesn’t do anything with it. I don’t do resolutions, I do goals.

Goal setting has been scientifically proven to make achievement more likely.  They say your goal should be big and hard (don’t start with the perv jokes just yet… it’s only day 1 of the year… oh heck! Let’s have a fun year.. make your perv jokes), or it won’t inspire you enough to get it done.    If you don’t MAKE goals (by the way, only about 3% of the USA population actually knows how or bothers to set goals).

Don’t worry… this isn’t a “How to set Goals so they work” post.  This is me talking a little bit about that, and a little bit about what I’m looking to do for 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

The ONLY ladybug joke in existence!

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Preserving the species :)

At least this image makes a 2nd joke

“Don’t you know it’s 3:30AM? People are sleeping!”

“Yeah… but not you!  Anyways– I saw you tweet two seconds ago.”

“Heh… busted.  What’s going on?”

It was an hour and a half of fun conversation with Caleb Jennings, one of my couches and co-adventurers.  I’m fairly sure that I’ve mentioned him before (he’s in my Heart Attack Grill posting), and I always look forward to our conversations.  Why (and Why, as compared to many other people’s conversations)?  Because adventure and travel always come up!  Also, while Caleb is young, he’s read more business books, psychology books, etc… than most people, so we always get to swap the latest ideas.  Just to brag a tiny bit more… he’s currently working with Joe Sugarman… copywriting LEGEND.

So… I mentioned some ladybug joke, right? Well… here’s what happened: Read the rest of this entry »

Bug Eating, Marching Bands, Skydiving, DJ’s, Barbershop, Bungee Jumping… Crazy Castle Party at Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Academy”

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most-interesting-party024Some people know me “oh so well!” Big shout out to Holly for sending me an email that had my name all over it (well.. only in the To line… but it was clearly targeted at me):  Rare Magazine Presents Dos Equis Rare Academy” –

Get Your Masters in Interesting

The world’s premiere institution for the education and dissemination
of the study of being interesting, the Most Interesting Academy, will
for the first time in its long and storied history, open its doors to
you. This is your chance to acquire awe-inspiring skills and eclectic
 Read the rest of this entry »

Super hottie adventure business babe interview – Meet IV!

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ingrid Vanderveldt - adventure babeThe most fun I’ve had on an interview so far has been with Ingrid Vanderveldt on her show On The Road With IV. I discovered her while CouchSurfing with Caleb Jennings in Phoenix. She was friends with him, and I saw her picture, and when asking about her, I found out that she’s just all sorts of amazing!  IV skydives, races motorcycles, starts businesses, and has her own show. I said hello, then I got interviewed, and I then had the pleasure of meeting her in person!  Here’s my interview of her! (I write more after the video, so keep scrolling dang it!)

I gotta admit – I have a theory or two about relationships.  I’ve dated some amazing women that were smart, gorgeous, funny, had a sense of humor (an absolute must when spending time with me), and were caring.  But, it’s never worked out (I’m still not married, and at the time of this posting, I just had a relationship end up).  My thought is that I need to date someone like me.  I often say, “Someone crazy like me.” Though, recently I realized that perhaps it’s not craziness, but rather all the girls I’ve dated have had jobs… perhaps I need someone who’s entrepreneurial.  Entrepreneurs by definition take more risks…  So, IV is one of 3 women whom I’ve met who are crazy like me.  She’s hot, funny, laughs at my jokes, runs businesses, travels…. so…  If you know someone just like IV, let me know!  I think that she’s awesome, and meeting her proved that I’m not hallucinating.. that this type of woman really does exist.

Now off to send this to my folks so they can know the type of girl I may travel with some day :)