Breaking in and installing a store

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I saw this the other day-

Silly, right? Crappy acting, and the concept– “Yeah… like someone’s going to break into my house and set up a computer store in my living room just so I can pick out which one I want. Are they going to clean up afterwards?”

But I thought I realized I had to share it, because the concept is NOT that ridiculous! In fact, it’s important for your business.

No, I don’t mean you should get a Windows 7 PC, it’s not about that at all.

There are three sides to this: Read the rest of this entry »

Alternative Presentations that Kick serious Ass!

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My own techniques for creating presentations that stand out from the competition and get the clients’ attention every ttie… which turns into more sales, so you can have more time to do the work and enjoy life, rather than trying to sell more.

Originally I recorded it for my consulting clients only… but screw it.. I want EVERYONE to have more sales and more fun! So… enjoy, take action, and share the wealth! Read the rest of this entry »

I mean Business!

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I know I’ve been off the grid (‘cept all those silly jokes on Facebook)- so here’s what’s up:

I’ve been in South Florida now for almost 3 weeks. I’ve only left the house to go jogging daily (I have missed 2 days), and two times to go out to dinner with my folks.  Other than that, I have been in front of my computer day and night.

Over the last month, I’ve gotten my LLC, Merchant Account, Business Banking Account (got majorly disappointed with Bank of America, for the second time, so am never doing business with them again), Online Shopping Cart, and have set up numerous business relationships and creating a few products.

You see, I love helping people build and grow their businesses.  I’ve been doing this for ages, by providing people with high-end photography, videography, motion graphics, websites, marketing strategies and implementation, and even product design and creation.  I’m thrilled that I can help… But…. I can’t help enough people to feel like I’m making a difference when I’m doing it one on one.

Coming in April is my Big Ideas Workshops….Everyone spends their money and time on getting and learning the latest tool or tactic… but they don’t actually have a great idea to use it with.  People are running their businesses, but missing major opportunities.  So, I will be working with 20 people per weekend teaching high-end creative ideation, as well as doing many hotseats, so everyone gets to walk away with their own big idea:  a new product, or additional direction with their current product or service,the challenges you can expect to face, the resources you’ll need to charge through those challenges, and the tools to make sure that these ideas work with your market, as compared to just being nice ideas.

This week I am releasing a product that fills a major gap. It is a course on how to easily set up your own website, and fire that overpriced web designer that’s been holding your site hostage. Many people buy courses that tell them “ok.. just set up a WordPress site, and then do this this and this” — they don’t tell you how to customize it, or how to brand it.. I’m going step by step, and showing you exactly what to do, and… how to do it without having to know any of that geek-code… you don’t need CSS and HTML and PHP… although, I do teach that in case you do want it.

Ideas On Retainer, originally my coaching site, which I was adding a paid newsletter to, was getting great response… but as I said earlier in this post, I just don’t think I’m helping enough people if I put the information behind a wall.  I will be publishing those business articles on this site.  Ideas On Retainer will go back to being my coaching site.

So.. that’s some of what you can look forward to.

Sorry if I’ve been off the grid,


A day that you will never forget – The Beatles on Itunes

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Apple's itunes announcement on its homepage

Apple thinks you are a tool

Apple is the king of marketing and creating hype.  Their technology has changed the world.  Their style has made technology simple, and pretty.  And now, they think that we are all fools. Me personally, I am waiting for the youtube itunes video of the person who came up with this latest scheme getting executed by firing squad.

Yesterday had all the tech sites wondering what Apple will announce today, as their home page announced with poor grammar that “Tomorrow is just another day.  That you’ll never forget.”  I gotta admit, with all that they’ve done, I too was curious what their announcement will  be.  What will they have people lining up around the block for this time?

Apparently, all the hype was to announce that the Beatles are now on iTunes.  Seriously?  That’s it?  That is worth shutting down the Apple home page for?

For those who were not aware of it Read the rest of this entry »

Pretzel Crisps – Incredible use of social media.

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Ori Bengal holding up the Pretzel Crisps gift bag.

Check out my Pretzel Crisps Gift Bag

Many people see a marketing technique, and use it in a spammy way. I bash my clients when they use spammy methods, and I help them come up with more engaging methods. Here is some wonderful use of Social Media by Pretzel Crisps.  Just watch the video, it explains it all:

No Catch – Just thanks

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Daniela Perez - South Florida Glamour Model

This post is about what just happened with one of my models… but keep reading, ’cause it also explains some neat marketing stuff.

What does it say about the world we live in, when you do something nice for a friend, but they have a hard time trusting that there’s no catch?

I’ve been off the grid.  I’m supposed to be working on my book, but the people I’m spending time with have inspired me back to the business side of things. I’m a closet workaholic!

See that image below?  That’s what I’m working on.

A series of Photoshop and Photography DVDs.  I’ll post more about those very soon, this post is about Daniela. Read the rest of this entry »

I am Siddhartha! Not your average book review!

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A picture of Siddhartha's friend

I’m  warning you in advance, this is not your mother’s book review (takes me a tiny bit to get warmed up)! It has a lot of really personal stuff from my life as I reflect on the book, and is discussed in my fun (and language filled) manner.

Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse is a book that does not fit in my normal reading list. As with all things in my life, this too has a fascinating story and reflection.

It all started with Jaime. Read the rest of this entry »

Running with Tellman Knudson (of RunTellmanRun)

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Tellman Knudson running Barefoot across the country

Tellman is the first person ever to run coast to coast barefoot.

I’m thrilled to bring you guys this interview with Tellman Knudson, while running, as he runs across the country barefoot to raise $100,000,000 to help fight youth homelessness.

Tellman Knudson is a really awesome person.  He’s driven, but chill.  He knows who he is, and lives according to that.  People like that are far and few.  He is a very successful marketer, and decidedto do a first.  In this video, he tells the challenges of finding a “first”,  about why he’s doing what he’s doing, and the challenges of it.

He’s gotten to meet my hero, Richard Branson… whose charity (Virging Unite) he’s raising the money for.

I can hardly fathom $100,000,000.00 — I don’t care what your cause is, that’s a lot of money, that can really make a difference! Hanging out with Tellman while at Matt Bacak’s & Mark Joyner’s Survival Tactics for Tough Times was very enlightening and humbling.  What do you think of what Tellman’s doing?

Thanks to Harris Fellman, who’s another successful fellow who’s fun, money was raised just from this jog.

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 5- Peter Shankman on life, PR, skydiving, humor, flying, and more

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Peter Shankman as seen on jdate

I love Shankman's Shirt!

Want free advertising? Want more credibility than you get out of an ad?  You need to listen to Peter Shankman’s interview.

I frequently refer to Peter Shankman as a roll model, ’cause he’s a spaz, funny, adventurous, and successful.  Last night’s call was haunting, because it showed that there were a lot more similarities (even the listeners were commenting on that). We also spoke about many other topics, such as bucket lists, skydiving, flying all over the world, and much more. Have a listen:


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc..  listening.

Lack of focus and purpose causes depression.

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Yes, that's me, and I"m blonde

Yes, that's me, and I"m blonde

This is not a scientific study.  Just my observations on happiness.

I’ve been feeling sad, tired, and lazy lately.  Not that there’s a shortage of things to do!  I’ve been doing tasks, and there’s plenty more to do.  But.. I’ve been low on energy, and haven’t been social, exercising, or having a regular schedule. I thought it was because I haven’t been going out and seeing any friends, etc… Maybe because I’m at home (yeah.. I’m at my place right now, packing it up, and getting it rented out, so I can be on the road full time.  I thought I wanted my stuff to be in its place, and not have to be in storage…. but in truth, I haven’t missed my stuff, and even when I got back here after 10 months, I still didn’t touch any of it), and not on the road.  But I think I was mistaken.

I noticed a massive spike in energy and joy as soon as Read the rest of this entry »

Balloon Boy proves how easy a good PR Stunt is to pull.

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It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

This 6 year old kid, Falcon (I think that’s even more ridiculous– the kid goes flying, and his name is Falcon? Hmmm) climbs in his Dad’s helium baloon that looks like Jiffy Pop.  The baloon takes off.  The whole nation is talking about it.  Everyone’s tweeting and facebooking about it… I even know of a certain stay at home mom that got her drink on ’cause she was so worried about this kid.  I was already making jokes (If “He tried to go visit Michael Jackson one last time!” gets popular, just remember, I made it up! Funny enough– I just looked up the newsline, and there WAS a Michael Jackson single that just debuted online just the other day), and people were giving me grief, “Oh… you gotta at least wait till he lands safely!” People were telling me how they’re praying.  Wow.  What concerned people we have, it’s nice.  It’s also not nice, because they were bamboozled into being concerned.  What a waste of positive emotion.  Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, for those who haven’t heard, turns out that the kid was never in the baloon… he was hiding at home in the attic, in a box or something.  So… let’s take a look at what happened. Read the rest of this entry »

Adventures & Marketing in IKEA

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Need to pick out a couch? Why not bring a professional Couch Surfer along to make sure you’re making the best choice?  I went to IKEA with legendary marketers Perry Belcher & Ryan Deiss, and good times ensued… don’t ever let anyone tell you that IKEA (or any place) is boring.  Get some marketing lessons, and many laughs in this video. Read the rest of this entry »

I may have done something bad. What to do??

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I mention Independent Lady Magazine a little too frequently lately. Last night, (I still haven’t slept… though not just because of this) in the middle of the night, I decided that I’d set up a MySpace page for Independent Lady Magazine and then I went and designed a few mock covers… no false article text or anything.. just the words. I suppose since I made a MySpace page, I had to keep going, to make it look good. And, while initially it was supposed to be a spoof, the more I wrote, the more I realized that I can actually turn this into a real magazine! The reasons are plenty: Read the rest of this entry »

Getting in shape! Mental and physical fitness go hand in hand!

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I did mention that my new adventure is keeping me in one place for a little bit… One benefit of not being on the road as much is that I can exercise on a regular basis, and watch what I eat!  True story– I WEIGHED THE MOST THAT I’VE EVER WEIGHED… Just last month! Read the rest of this entry »

Independent Lady Magazine – a case study in marketing and education

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I’ve couch surfed for over a year now… and the whole time I was doing it, and even now, I kept educating myself. Audio books, books, online courses, forums, seminars with the best in the world, and conversations with the same. Most my education on this trip was about business and marketing. I love marketing, it’s a passion of mine. That scathing (but true) article I wrote about Independent Lady Magazine is a perfect example of how much I have learned. Why is that? Read the rest of this entry »

Meet up with Miah, a fellow couch surfer

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Onwards! I was in a hurry- that’s why I left South Florida when I did. I needed to get to Maryland by the 18th, to meet Angela for her friend(couch 45)’s birthday. So, I stopped off at Couch 37 and hung out with the Ground Industries guys. They’re a blast to be around. They wanted to know how to get to the 1st page of Google. Right now they are on the 3rd or 4th page… if you’re not on the 1st, you don’t exist. These guys have THE most innovative designs in Mountain Boarding (Dirt Boarding) in the world, and they’re not the 1st page. So, I gave them many ideas, to the point of Matt (there were 2 Matts sitting there) interrupts me to say “Dude! You’re a fucking genius!” – modesty is not my strongest suit… “I know.. thanks.” Very non-chalantly. I am intelligent, with a very interesting thought-process..i.e. I remember things based on keywords. You say “Nun” and I can remember the nun-joke I haven’t told since 3rd grade. You say Cow, I think of a cow joke. That’s why my jokes are considered funny (by some) ’cause they are usually relevant to the conversation at hand. In this case, it wasn’t jokes, but rather marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and that sort of stuff.

I’ve been listening to 100’s of hours of audio books on my journey. I do not have a college degree… I’ve left a few schools because I got tired of teaching what I knew, and not having teachers that had knowledge I wanted. I left the University of Florida (supposed to be hard to get into), and the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Anyways– so.. yeah.. no college degree, but I probably have enough information to pass a Master’s program at some fancy college. My brother on the other hand has 3 Ivy League degrees… go figure, right? So… my skill is taking all this information, breaking it down by categories, and reassembling and modifying it to fit my clients’ needs.

If you’d like to generate more business, contact me, and for a nominal fee, I can give you some advice that will definitely send your business skyrocketing. After our Mexican dinner, it was time to hit North Carolina. The drive to Ashville is only 1.5 hours long, and is usually gorgeous, lined with rolling hills, and then mountains. The only thing is, this time it was getting dark, so I only had my headlights’ view of the road and scenery. I made it, and met up with Miah, another kindred spirit whom I met when I 1st pulled into Asheville. We were the only 2 people at a lesbian hippy coffee shop, and it turns out that he is also a couch surfer, who has couch surfed in Latin America, and traveled the USA by motorcycle! This time, we just met for a drink, chatted, told jokes, and went to his cabin in Fairview.

Fairview is gorgeous! Lots of trees and mountains. The road to Miah’s cabin was a bit of an advanced drive… my car felt like it was fishtailing up every other turn. It felt like I was driving up a snake that wrapped itself around the neck of it’s pray, and has constricted tightly for the kill. Miah lives in a private area that only has 56 residents, at the top of this mountain. It’s a huge area, and apparently, he has ancestry that’s been in that area for a while. His cabin is 2 stories tall, and made of wood. His porch has a few kind of swings, and some rock-climber’s equipment for improving your grip and muscles. Miah has over 10 years of rock-climbing experience, and can do pull-ups with his finges. It is quite impressive! The sky was clear, so we walked over to the lake, sat on the dock, and watched shooting stars race through the sky.

I didn’t have much to wish for… all my dreams have been coming true as it is, and I love my life right now. The peace and quiet were overwhelming. You could hear your thoughts with no interruption. No AC kicking on, no traffic going by… Just silence. The trees weren’t even moving. We went back to the cabin. I taught Miah a few things about improving his images on his computer, while I worked on my site. I stayed working, and Miah went to sleep. The next day, we would rock-climb.