Tequila Bowling

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At Disc Golf Mastermind I was pretty goofy.  I climbed pretty high up in a tree to get a disc (not the one I lost, mind you, but the one I found… which was even better), I threw without aiming, I told lots of stupid jokes…. The guys were entertained, but I kept saying, “I’m way more entertaining when I bowl!”

Little did I know that 3 days later there would be bowling! Immediately following Mexican food (at El Callejon – which I gave a poor review to on Yelp: slow service, horrible parking, ok food, great chips)- which included Margaritas, since it was Steph’s birthday!  This was actually my first time meeting Steph, but I doubt she’ll forget me… ever (see video below)!   Read the rest of this entry »

CouchSurfingRadio 10- SXSW insider info and survival tips, pet mountain lions, hippy bands, millionaires, bad jokes, and more.

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori


All sorts of crazy, but you definitely want to catch the replay!  There’s a ton of awesome SXSW insider info on how to party for free, mingle with the stars, and all sorts of great reasons to go into town… with or without a badge.

My guest, Chase, talks about his pet mountain lion.

I tell jokes.

There’s a lot more– just listen, it’s fun!


I even include some music in this one– let me know what you think of it.

CouchSurfing Radio Episode 2 totally rocked- skydiving entrepreneurial babes, and wellness experts.

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Couchsurfing Radio Episode #2 was a fast-paced humor-filled, inspiration laced ride!  It’s hard to believe that just last week I spent an hour of going “uhhhhh”- and harder to believe that yet again, I threw it together!

At first, neither I nor my listeners could get on! I set the settings wrong, and we had to move the show to 11:30pm EST, instead of 11. But from that point, everything was on track.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

This time, I had two guests.  Hottie adventurer entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt who races motorcycles, jumps out of a plane, is building up a company valued at $100,000,000, and knows the value of being unique, and seeking mentors. I find her inspirational, and she tries to empower women-entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio – The very first Couch-Cast!

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Have you ever felt you were destined to be on TV or Radio?  Yeah… me either.  But I sure was told it often that I should have my own show.  At least for 10 yearas now.  So… here it is :)

I present to you CouchSurfingRadio, my latest creation. Right now it will be on Monday nights at 11pm EST, with replays available for your downloading pleasure (so you can hear it again and again… have it on as you clean, drive, work, jog, poop, etc..).

The show will cover many topics, but most of them will be what I often blog about: adventures, travel, incredible people and places, marketing, life lessons, motivation, design, jokes, and of course, my odd perspectives on everything.

Here is the very first episode.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

It’s a great story… the forming of this radio show:  I felt like putting on a radio show, I tweeted and facebooked that in 2 hours I’ll be putting on a radio show, and then I put on my radio show.  Exciting, huh?  There was more to it than that, of course. I didn’t figure out how to log-in to the host number until (literally) 3 minutes before showtime. I was a distracted spaz.  I didn’t know how to read the questions that were coming in through the show’s chat-room, through twitter, and through skype. So.. yeah.. I was all over the place.

The feedback thus far has been great though!

For next episode, I will have a surprise guest, someone to filter the questions/chat for me, and segments… so, some kind of structure.

Take a listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show (Leave a comment below please)

Science humor! Meet a science comedian, and a joke from me

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I was so excited when I discovered Brian Malow on the internet.  He is a comedian, who makes science jokes! Most people don’t realize that groaners and plays on words requrie thinking…. that’s why I like them so much.  So, here’s my science joke, followed by the Science Comedian that inspired it. Read the rest of this entry »

The ONLY ladybug joke in existence!

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Preserving the species :)

At least this image makes a 2nd joke

“Don’t you know it’s 3:30AM? People are sleeping!”

“Yeah… but not you!  Anyways– I saw you tweet two seconds ago.”

“Heh… busted.  What’s going on?”

It was an hour and a half of fun conversation with Caleb Jennings, one of my couches and co-adventurers.  I’m fairly sure that I’ve mentioned him before (he’s in my Heart Attack Grill posting), and I always look forward to our conversations.  Why (and Why, as compared to many other people’s conversations)?  Because adventure and travel always come up!  Also, while Caleb is young, he’s read more business books, psychology books, etc… than most people, so we always get to swap the latest ideas.  Just to brag a tiny bit more… he’s currently working with Joe Sugarman… copywriting LEGEND.

So… I mentioned some ladybug joke, right? Well… here’s what happened: Read the rest of this entry »

Allison Nazarian – A nice gal, kind of like a sister.

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Meet my friend Allison Nazarian.  I met her back in the day… before Twitter… Before I couchsurfed!  But, we became buddies over the last year.  Now, she’s like a sister. This is a fun video we shot while I was couchsurfing at her place (instead of my parents’) when I came to visit my bro for his graduation in May.

Video thumbnail. Click to play.

By popular demand- Mastermindless Part 3

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More funniness from Perry Belcher, Dave Gonzalez, Big Rich B, and of course CouchSurfingOri. Lots of groaners :) Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

The Mastermindless – Part 2! Even MORE laughs!

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Wow… I’ve been getting so much twitter-love for all the jokes, so… here’s part 2!

Read the rest of this entry »

The Mastermindless – Part 1 (I laughed so hard, I nearly puked)

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It started out as a mastermind… for those not familiar with them, it’s one of Napoleon Hill’s most important principles for success.  You get a group of people together, and bounce ideas off each other.  But as drinks got added…  Non-stop laughter ensued.  I literally thought I was going to vomit, as I was laughing so hard.  This is part 1 of many, as I had over an hour of us telling non-stop jokes. Read the rest of this entry »

Meet up with Miah, a fellow couch surfer

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Onwards! I was in a hurry- that’s why I left South Florida when I did. I needed to get to Maryland by the 18th, to meet Angela for her friend(couch 45)’s birthday. So, I stopped off at Couch 37 and hung out with the Ground Industries guys. They’re a blast to be around. They wanted to know how to get to the 1st page of Google. Right now they are on the 3rd or 4th page… if you’re not on the 1st, you don’t exist. These guys have THE most innovative designs in Mountain Boarding (Dirt Boarding) in the world, and they’re not the 1st page. So, I gave them many ideas, to the point of Matt (there were 2 Matts sitting there) interrupts me to say “Dude! You’re a fucking genius!” – modesty is not my strongest suit… “I know.. thanks.” Very non-chalantly. I am intelligent, with a very interesting thought-process..i.e. I remember things based on keywords. You say “Nun” and I can remember the nun-joke I haven’t told since 3rd grade. You say Cow, I think of a cow joke. That’s why my jokes are considered funny (by some) ’cause they are usually relevant to the conversation at hand. In this case, it wasn’t jokes, but rather marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and that sort of stuff.

I’ve been listening to 100’s of hours of audio books on my journey. I do not have a college degree… I’ve left a few schools because I got tired of teaching what I knew, and not having teachers that had knowledge I wanted. I left the University of Florida (supposed to be hard to get into), and the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Anyways– so.. yeah.. no college degree, but I probably have enough information to pass a Master’s program at some fancy college. My brother on the other hand has 3 Ivy League degrees… go figure, right? So… my skill is taking all this information, breaking it down by categories, and reassembling and modifying it to fit my clients’ needs.

If you’d like to generate more business, contact me, and for a nominal fee, I can give you some advice that will definitely send your business skyrocketing. After our Mexican dinner, it was time to hit North Carolina. The drive to Ashville is only 1.5 hours long, and is usually gorgeous, lined with rolling hills, and then mountains. The only thing is, this time it was getting dark, so I only had my headlights’ view of the road and scenery. I made it, and met up with Miah, another kindred spirit whom I met when I 1st pulled into Asheville. We were the only 2 people at a lesbian hippy coffee shop, and it turns out that he is also a couch surfer, who has couch surfed in Latin America, and traveled the USA by motorcycle! This time, we just met for a drink, chatted, told jokes, and went to his cabin in Fairview.

Fairview is gorgeous! Lots of trees and mountains. The road to Miah’s cabin was a bit of an advanced drive… my car felt like it was fishtailing up every other turn. It felt like I was driving up a snake that wrapped itself around the neck of it’s pray, and has constricted tightly for the kill. Miah lives in a private area that only has 56 residents, at the top of this mountain. It’s a huge area, and apparently, he has ancestry that’s been in that area for a while. His cabin is 2 stories tall, and made of wood. His porch has a few kind of swings, and some rock-climber’s equipment for improving your grip and muscles. Miah has over 10 years of rock-climbing experience, and can do pull-ups with his finges. It is quite impressive! The sky was clear, so we walked over to the lake, sat on the dock, and watched shooting stars race through the sky.

I didn’t have much to wish for… all my dreams have been coming true as it is, and I love my life right now. The peace and quiet were overwhelming. You could hear your thoughts with no interruption. No AC kicking on, no traffic going by… Just silence. The trees weren’t even moving. We went back to the cabin. I taught Miah a few things about improving his images on his computer, while I worked on my site. I stayed working, and Miah went to sleep. The next day, we would rock-climb.