Why I don’t have a vanity plate.

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Ori's License Plate - ORI 69UI was just in Sacramento, and drove past a car that had a license plate DR DNO. Doctor Dino, get it? Right next to it was ELPRMO. These are some of the mildest vanity plates that I’ve seen around. There’s some cocky ones… generally displayed on cars that cost more than many peoples’ annual incomes. TSTRSA1 or TOO FST.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I drove past the Doctor and the First. I laughed because I remembered buying my 1st car… a sports car. My 1998 Camaro with T-Tops. She was slick, sexy, and FAST. Clearly such a divine vehicle, driven by a guy that can bench press over 300 pounds is worthy of a vanity plate…. And I had just the 6 letters in mind! Read the rest of this entry »

Resources page

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As many of you know, I am full of it…. where “it” is useful information.  I am always in consulting mode, and I’m always learning.  I share a lot of information in my blog, but that is difficult to browse to find “that one link you mentioned was a great way to deal with stupid questions!” or “The person who was on your radio show that was talking about Sprouting!”  Well… I’m addressing that!

I’m creating a resources page to make it easy to find links based on categories, etc…. I’m going to feature my favorite companies, programs that can save you thousands of hours, tools, tutorials, etc…. not all stuff by me.  Mostly stuff I recommend.

-Admission- I am currently swamped!  So many projects fell on my lap out of nowhere… so I don’t have time to fill it in today.  The link will be http://CouchSurfingOri.com/resources  – I’ll be filling it in later.

Let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to see more links to, or need resources for.

Start 2010 with a laugh :)

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April Fool´s the Laughs on You !! You gotta laugh. It’s healthy, it burns calories, it produces all sorts of chemicals that you normally take drugs to try and emulate…. It just makes you feel good. So, here’s one of the funniest things I”ve seen in 2010 — Enjoy your laugh :)

Avatar Spoof – Team Avatar: Pandora Police

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I spent a few hours writing my review of Avatar.  Now it’s time to spoof :)  If you “don’t get it” – you have to watch Team America….It’s a hilarious (and stupid) movie by the makers of South Park.

Christmas for Jews…. we eat Chinese Food on Christmas, go to the movie theatre too

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You know you know at least one Jew. Have you ever wondered what they do while you enjoy all that awesome family time in front of a tree, seeing what presents you got, and the reactions of your loved ones as they open all those presents you spent the last 3 months (or the last 3 days) fighting for parking, and the last remaining ____ (insert popular gift here)? Well… we jews eat chinese food on Christmas, and we go to the movies.  Those are the things that are always open!  This awesome music video depicts it perfectly!

Science humor! Meet a science comedian, and a joke from me

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I was so excited when I discovered Brian Malow on the internet.  He is a comedian, who makes science jokes! Most people don’t realize that groaners and plays on words requrie thinking…. that’s why I like them so much.  So, here’s my science joke, followed by the Science Comedian that inspired it. Read the rest of this entry »

By popular demand- Mastermindless Part 3

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More funniness from Perry Belcher, Dave Gonzalez, Big Rich B, and of course CouchSurfingOri. Lots of groaners :) Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

The Mastermindless – Part 2! Even MORE laughs!

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Wow… I’ve been getting so much twitter-love for all the jokes, so… here’s part 2!

Read the rest of this entry »

The Mastermindless – Part 1 (I laughed so hard, I nearly puked)

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It started out as a mastermind… for those not familiar with them, it’s one of Napoleon Hill’s most important principles for success.  You get a group of people together, and bounce ideas off each other.  But as drinks got added…  Non-stop laughter ensued.  I literally thought I was going to vomit, as I was laughing so hard.  This is part 1 of many, as I had over an hour of us telling non-stop jokes. Read the rest of this entry »

busy- but here’s a serious serious laugh!

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Hey dudes & dudettes.  I’m working my ass off again to get ready.  Lots to tell, but deadlines take prioirty.  But.. here is the funniest site on the web!