Mother’s Day Roadtrip is confusing, and a success.

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I’m back in Austin, after a long trip. I wrote 15 pages so far describing it, but it’s way too personal.  Guess that’ll have to wait until my book comes out, when names are changed to protect people.

What’s the short version?

I left Austin on Tuesday the 4th with a passenger, whom is female, and prefers not to be written about.  We drove 19 hours to Read the rest of this entry »

Running with Tellman Knudson (of RunTellmanRun)

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Tellman Knudson running Barefoot across the country

Tellman is the first person ever to run coast to coast barefoot.

I’m thrilled to bring you guys this interview with Tellman Knudson, while running, as he runs across the country barefoot to raise $100,000,000 to help fight youth homelessness.

Tellman Knudson is a really awesome person.  He’s driven, but chill.  He knows who he is, and lives according to that.  People like that are far and few.  He is a very successful marketer, and decidedto do a first.  In this video, he tells the challenges of finding a “first”,  about why he’s doing what he’s doing, and the challenges of it.

He’s gotten to meet my hero, Richard Branson… whose charity (Virging Unite) he’s raising the money for.

I can hardly fathom $100,000,000.00 — I don’t care what your cause is, that’s a lot of money, that can really make a difference! Hanging out with Tellman while at Matt Bacak’s & Mark Joyner’s Survival Tactics for Tough Times was very enlightening and humbling.  What do you think of what Tellman’s doing?

Thanks to Harris Fellman, who’s another successful fellow who’s fun, money was raised just from this jog.

2009 – Where did the year go? I know! My year-end summary.

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Disney - Remember... Dreams Come True (3) (Explored)

Fireworks - seems like a good pic for the new year

As of 2pm on January 1st, I will have been couchsurfing a full 3 years. I have to admit, it’s gone by quickly. Everyone says “Where did the year go?” But because I blogged more this year, I actually know where it went.  I didn’t blog everything- but here’s my summary.. Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio – The very first Couch-Cast!

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Have you ever felt you were destined to be on TV or Radio?  Yeah… me either.  But I sure was told it often that I should have my own show.  At least for 10 yearas now.  So… here it is :)

I present to you CouchSurfingRadio, my latest creation. Right now it will be on Monday nights at 11pm EST, with replays available for your downloading pleasure (so you can hear it again and again… have it on as you clean, drive, work, jog, poop, etc..).

The show will cover many topics, but most of them will be what I often blog about: adventures, travel, incredible people and places, marketing, life lessons, motivation, design, jokes, and of course, my odd perspectives on everything.

Here is the very first episode.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

It’s a great story… the forming of this radio show:  I felt like putting on a radio show, I tweeted and facebooked that in 2 hours I’ll be putting on a radio show, and then I put on my radio show.  Exciting, huh?  There was more to it than that, of course. I didn’t figure out how to log-in to the host number until (literally) 3 minutes before showtime. I was a distracted spaz.  I didn’t know how to read the questions that were coming in through the show’s chat-room, through twitter, and through skype. So.. yeah.. I was all over the place.

The feedback thus far has been great though!

For next episode, I will have a surprise guest, someone to filter the questions/chat for me, and segments… so, some kind of structure.

Take a listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show (Leave a comment below please)

Happy Hanukkah

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Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to wish you a Happy Hanukkah.  Even if you’re not Jewish…. enjoy it. I suppose this shouuld be my favorite Jewish holiday, as I was born during Hanukkah.  The 1st thing I despise about it is that in America, no one knows how to spell it.  Is it Channukah? Hanukah?  Hanukkah?  And many more variations.  It’s always on a different time of year, since we Jews have an older calendar than y’all.  None of the calendars I use (Palm Treo, computer, etc) use that calendar system… but I know it exists, ’cause Hanukkah is always on a different time.  Anyways… it’s known as the Festival of Lights, and that’s why my name is Ori, which means “My Light” in Hebrew (unless you misspell it– then it’s “My Skin” or “My Leather” which is great if you’re going to a Fetish Club.).  Of course, I bring much light and joy to my parents’ lives, as well as many others… I bring other things too… but that’s life.

Wikipedia says (and my personal insights afterwards): Read the rest of this entry »

A couchsurer’s view on “Stuff” (worldly posessions)

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CouchSurfingOri surrounded by STUFF at Cathedral of Junk in Austin, TX

CouchSurfingOri surrounded by STUFF at Cathedral of Junk in Austin, TX

Stuff!  We all have it! The thing is that it means different things to different people.  Some people think that we are nothing more than what stuff we’ve accumulated.

Have you ever been to soeone’s house that looks like a museum? Shelves upon shelves of little crystal figurines, and nice china, and walls of DVDs, and shelves full of books, and tons of walk-in closets, etc… ?

I wonder if they actually enjoy their stuff.  I wonder if they eat on that fine china… I wonder if they watch every movie.. I wonder if they read all their books.

You see, I have a lot of stuff too.  We all do!  But, do we actually use it after the first few weeks?  It’s a shiny object, and my marketer friends probably made the ad that made you want it…. but after you spent your money, or were gifted it, you probably got bored with it.  Clearly, there’s exceptions– computers, cell phones, televisions, but even those gather dust after we find a shiny new model.  The Ipod got replaced by the Ipod Nano, which got replaced by the Iphone / Touch – which got replaced by the Iphone 3G, which got replaced by the Iphone 3GS.

What’s my point?  I just realized that a lot of my stuff I have because people think I should have it.  What do I mean? I guess I should tell you my big plans first.

(If you’re in a hurry, just scroll to the video at the bottom) Read the rest of this entry »

Nothing is so bad that you can’t laugh at it– when things go wrong for me, it seems to always be funny

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Burglar + BagIf you’re going to do something, do it well!  That includes having a bad week I suppose, ’cause as T. Harv Ecker says “How you do anything, is how you do everything!” It’s not that I’m a super-optimist, but watch the video… when things happen to me, they are funny!  I mean… this crap is random!  Who steals a shelf??

Read the rest of this entry »

The trouble with Rocket Launchers!

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Evan Golden and the Rocket Launcher

Evan Golden and the Rocket Launcher

I always take pride in that my life has so many scenes that people say “No way! That didn’t happen!  That only happens in the movies!” Today, I tell you of one of those times.

I guess there’s no beating around the bush… I have a rocket launcher.  It’s from the Gulf War.  It was given to me as a thank you back in 2004, for shooting (photography) a friend’s daughter.  I always try to help out friends, and I’m fairly sure that all the good Karma is one of the few reasons that my house didn’t get any flood damage, while many neighbors did.  So… yeah… I got swords, knives a rocket launcher, a BB gun… I’m not a weapons collector, I’m a photographer that’s owed a lot of favors.  Funny thing is, this is about favors.  The other day I was in San Diego.  I was jogging along the boardwalk, when my phone goes off.  It was Jarmo!

Jarmo is one of the few photographers that actually works for Playboy… as compared to the majority of playboy photos, which are taken by photographers that Playboy buys/contracts the photos from.  Playboy has some strict standards!  “Hey Ori!  You know that rocket launcher you used to have?” “ah huh”  “still have it?” “ah huh…but… It’s at my place in Atlanta… and I’m in San Diego.”  “Oh….. well… we’re shooting an action movie, and a real rocket launcher would really add to our scene.” “hmmm… well… let me see.. You’re a buddy, and you hooked me up with Playboy’s lingerie for my business card photo shoot…. let me see if I can get my neighbor to send it.” “ok.. but it needs to be here by Thursday morning, ok?”  It was Tuesday.  “Let me call him, and see.” Read the rest of this entry »

My NEW adventure!

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Where in the world is Couch Surfing Ori?   That’s what the text message often says.  Joe of Couch 56 sends it every month, sometimes more frequently.  His wife recently took to Couch Surfing, and was even my 1st guest at my new place.  So… based on the fact that you know my definition of adventure as doing new things that you haven’t done before….. Read the rest of this entry »

Independent Lady Magazine – Here’s the man to hire as your editor!

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Seriously!  I did not modify this in any way!  The punctuation, spacing, and spelling…. this is a straight-up cut/paste job.  It’s a pretty long reply, considering that Mr. Independent Lady Magazine said not to write, ’cause my emails will not be read.  So… he read my e-mail and replied.  I simply can not get angry at a letter like this, because the horrific grammar is just so amusing.  How can you take something like this seriously?  Especially when the guy tells you he’s a great editor, and his project is “a magazine”!  I’m sure “God” will lead him in the right direction all right :)  I definitely agree with that part.  Enjoy this fabulous letter from Mr. Independent Lady Magazine, telling me off. Read the rest of this entry »

Independent Lady Magazine

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Independent lady magazine is the name of a project I was going to take on. I’ll tell you about it, since you know I hate having my time wasted, and this is a wonderful story of time wasting. Angela was looking for projects for me, and found someone on that needed a magazine layout done. Their initial project that they tried to get me to do for free to cheap was to photoshop the text off a cover that someone had sent as a proof… on a photo that they didn’t have the rights for. Read the rest of this entry »

Inspection went great! Check out my new place!

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Last night I met up with Chris for an inspection of my new condo, and it was pretty awesome! Mint condition, give for a few minor things. I took some photos:

The place is awesome. It’s in a great, safe, nice, clean area. It’s in Marietta, GA. It’s a 2 bedroom / 2 bath, new floors, new appliances, and the backyard IS the Chattahoochee national park! Has fitness center, hiking trails, and the pool is 40 feet from the front door!

It’s also going to be for rent, until (if) I finish Couch Surfing. Contact me if you’re qualified to rent it.