Remember “Seven Minutes In Heaven”? This is WAY better…

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So what is it exactly that you do?

That is the question I get asked most often.  Not because it is standard, but because people look at my odd business card, and find out that I’ve been couchsurfing for over 3.5 years.  “And you make money by couchsurfing?”

I have not really shared what exactly I do, until now! Read on! You may be surprised how I can help you, the people I have helped and how I have helped them, and WHY I am sharing this with you now! (In that order) Read the rest of this entry »

From babysitting to poolboy

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Lately, it seems I’m getting a multitude of careers (on top of marketing / design / photography / consulting) – House sitter, dog sitter, baby sitter, and sexy poolboy that can mix margaritas…. I’m actually on my way now to do that last one- serve 9 women for the weekend. Here’s what led up to that Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 9- Mardi Gras, Hackintosh, and Groupons

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Everyone wants to know how Mardi Gras was…. Find out on the podcast!


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

I also talk about some killer ways to save money based on group buying, and how to use that for your own advertising and marketing.  What the heck a hackintosh is, and how that’s going.  And of course, the latest trouble I’m looking to get into :)

Is this the same person? Photography and fun can make a difference.

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Photos of Elizabeth Potts Weinstein before Ori, and after Ori

Notice a difference between these photos?

“Ori is the first photographer to get pictures of me that actually look like me. #onereasonheisawesome” Elizabeth Potts Weinstein wrote this after seeing the first photo I sent her from our weekend’s shoot.

I had promised her that I would give her a different look.  Maybe I’m a photo elitist, but I thought her old photos were pretty generic, and certainly did not capture her personality.

The outfits were corporate (turns out she didn’t even own a tshirt, and hasn’t worn one in about 10 years), the smiles seemed fake.  These photos did not say to me “I am adventurous, like to enjoy life, and even used to go spelunking!”

When I found out that EPW didn’t even own a tshirt, I immediately made sure that all our shots were in tshirts…. which led to an interesting phenomenon… Elizabeth actually had an awkward moment… she has not worn a tshirt in so long, that it felt alien to her.  She even looked different.

Once we got past outfits, I rummaged through my stuff… what would be different than corporate looking pics?  How about swords, helmets, skateboards, vodka, and wearing silly hats?  Oh yeah, let’s not forget Ziplining.  Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 3: Couchsurfing with a couchsurfer – Zipline, Sake, Photography, and more

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Episode 3 was fun! This time I had a full-time guest on the show, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. She had said that it’s on her bucket list to go on an adventure with me… so she came into town, and had an adventure!  You can hear many of the details on here, as well as learn some marketing, humor, etc… Enjoy!

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Couchsurf WITH Ori- flipping the tables in 2010

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I’m thrilled to report that today, instead of me driving to California, I have someone coming to couchsurf with me in Austin, TX.  I had people stay with me while I was in Atlanta, but this time, I”m couchsurfing with soeone else, and someone else is coming to stay with me (Confused yet?).

Elizabeth has never had Sake, so we’re having a Tweetup tonight–  The Sushi/Sake tweetup. (Haven’t decided on the Where… just sign up, and we’ll tell you today)  Tomorrow morning, we’re going Zip-lining. Also, we’re going to shoot some fun pics, since I’m a photo-elitist, and her photos are too normal for my taste.

That’s a good amount of adventure for one weekend.  It’s also my monthly adventure (if you read my 2010 goals… I”m semi-settled in, but I want to make sure I get at LEAST 1 adventure a month).  I may squeeze in more adventures, but a lot of consulting work has come in, as well as design work, so we’ll see– but at least I’m going ziplining, and helping someone else have a very memorable weekend.

This could be the new model for me.  Come visit me, we’ll go adventure, get you some great pics, and come up with tons of solutions for your business.

I am extremely thrilled to report on the good nature of people, and on the benefits of having over 10,000 followers on twitter:  I wanted a specific video camera for Zip-lining… The Hero Camera.  I asked on Twitter who had one, and Marshall Haas not only has one, but he overnighted it to me!  Just so I can suction-cup it onto my helmet, and get great footage of the Zip-lining experience.  How amazing is that?

Marhsall has actually just developed an awesome Iphone app where you get to beat up your boss :)  Stress relief is cool… but… you also get a chance to win a bunch of money, recognition, and much more… in fact.. I’m going to have to interview him, and make a blog post about this.  It’s quite fascinating the big names he’s gotten involved, and maybe it will motivate you to develop an app… neat business model.

If YOU would like to go on an adventure with me, contact me!

How to be Epic

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Epic picture of Ori hanging over a lava pit

A most Epic picture of me over a fiery death

My friend Elizabeth was writing that she’s not feeling very Epic.  That she had a blog post in her head, but it wasn’t coming out the way she wanted.  Sounded like she was being harsh on herself.

Most people would (and did) say “It’s ok… even writing about having nothing to say is saying something…” or “your observations are great, something that isn’t Epic for you, might be for someone else.”

My good friends can rely on me though to give a unique perspective, and Elizabeth has been relying on me to call her out on her excuses or bullshit.

So, when I read this cry for help, I had to put in my 4 cents.  So here it is, what I wrote in response to Elizabeth’s Post on not being Epic. (With italicized & colorful commentary for y’all):

you’ll listen, damnit! :)  ( Elizabeth said that despite that people would leave advice, she probably wouldn’t listen )
How to be epic: Read the rest of this entry »

How to celebrate the passing of 33 years

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Hey everyone.  Ori here, and I’m older and wiser now!  Yup… I’ve beat out the life expectancy of not so distant human ancestry.  In Judaism we have a Bar-Mitzvah (the Jewish rite of passage into manhood –  basically, you read from the Torah, and throw a party) at age 13, because back in ancient times this was like a midlife crisis.  30 was not a bad age to die at.  By traditional rock-star terms, 30 is quite old… better to burn out, than fade away, right?  With all the stupid things I do, I am kind of surprised to open my eyes, and still be alive and breathing.

I could probably write entire novels filled with “stupid things I’ve done”, and yet, Read the rest of this entry »