Change your people, change your life

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Change is good, they say.  I agree.  Toll ways are a bitch without it.  I still get perplexed when I see Parking Meters without credit card (or cell phone) usage. It is a good piece of bullshit to promise people when you’re running for office. But the change I’m talking about is initially hard, and these days my life is all about it.

You see, there’s a chapter in my book called “Ditching Heavy Baggage” — and it’s about how in order to keep living my passion (traveling, meeting new people, learning all I can, finding mentors, having a blast, taking great photos, having adventures, changing peoples’ lives) I had to get rid of people that were weighing me down (hence the baggage metaphor… get it?  I travel, and it’s extra weight).

I’ve heard – and then had proven through experience- that you are the sum average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Read the rest of this entry »

Post Cleanse – Pre P90x

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Couchsurfing Ori after finishing a cleanse, and before starting P90x

Thinnest I've ever been

Short post- just a video really.  Everyone’s been giving me grief about “What do you look like now that you finished your cleanse?”  and “You’re supposed to take before pics when you start P90x!” — I don’t even have a scale, and I don’t really care right now.  I’m just committed to doing the exercises, and eating healthy… and running on occasion too, ’cause I have that 185 mile relay race later in July.  So… here’s the video (since I don’t have anyone around to take my pic for me):

Again, as I say in the video… there’s many more reasons to do a cleanse than just to lose weight.  Look into it.  If I can help, feel free to ask any questions you have.

I’m excited that I’m beginning P90x from the thinnest I’ve been… should be interesting to see the restults I achieve by September 17- when I’ve completed the program. Wish me luck!

CouchSurfing Radio Episode 2 totally rocked- skydiving entrepreneurial babes, and wellness experts.

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Couchsurfing Radio Episode #2 was a fast-paced humor-filled, inspiration laced ride!  It’s hard to believe that just last week I spent an hour of going “uhhhhh”- and harder to believe that yet again, I threw it together!

At first, neither I nor my listeners could get on! I set the settings wrong, and we had to move the show to 11:30pm EST, instead of 11. But from that point, everything was on track.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

This time, I had two guests.  Hottie adventurer entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt who races motorcycles, jumps out of a plane, is building up a company valued at $100,000,000, and knows the value of being unique, and seeking mentors. I find her inspirational, and she tries to empower women-entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »

Leonid Meteor Shower and Eric Farewell

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 2009 Leonid MeteorThe Leonid Meteor Shower is a yearly event when the comet Temple-Tuttle swings by and pieces of it and it’s tail drop off into our atmosphere. If you want to know more, read about it on WikiPedia — it’s quite interesting. One of the nice things about the Leonids is that you can see them with the naked eye (no, you don’t have to be naked…. and that distracts the other meor watchers).  I wanted to go out and photogrpah it.  There’s a neat site that lets you see the times the storm will be visible from each part of the world.  I determined that 4am would be a good time for Central Florida (Oh yeah… I just missed the Shuttle Launch yesterday by about an hour. *sigh*). I set my alarm (cell phone) for Read the rest of this entry »

New diet starting today…

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Not me, just a photograph I shot

Not me, just a photograph I shot

One month till my birthday.  I’m usually the goofy, fearless, carefree person… but lately, I”ve had a few bad days, which led me to some reflection, and a tiny bit of a confidence loss.

I turn 33 in one month, and visiting in South Florida has given me plenty of reminders that I don’t have a wife (or a grilfriend), or kids.  My parents made many “subtle” reminders, and my friend Johnny (the one who designed the most awesome Couch Surfing Ori logo) just got married.  My friend Robert just had a kid (well… Megan had the kid, but Robert helped).  It kind of seems that everyone is either getting married, or having a kid — although, on a separate note, it seems like everyone else is getting divorced — which just means that for some reason, kids and marriage have been defined by my brain as important… thus, have entered my reticular activator (that’s the portion of your brain that brings you from an alpha-wave state, to a beta-wave state… you know how you don’t actually pay attention to anything when you drive to work the same route, thus can fiddle with the radio, talk on your cell phone, etc…  That’s alpha.  Beta is when you’re paying attention to something… like when they’re announcing the lottery numbers. When you buy a new car that you never saw many of before, and all of a sudden, you see a ton of them… that’s because now that car is important to you, thus has entered your reticular activator, thus you snap out of alpha, and pay attention when you see one).  So… while it seems shallow, I figure I’d feel better, and have a better chance at attracting someone if I’m looking better.  That, and why not start my 33rd year looking nice?

I had already made progress with my 30 day raw diet, and had since lost a few more pounds- totalling 34 pounds — though as of today, I’m at 191lbs (24 pounds down).  So… with 1 month left I am committing to a diet and exercise regiment.  I haven’t had time to think about what it is that I’ll actually do though… just that I’m going to do it. Mom made me two cups of coffee already (I was just visiting my folks in South Florida, but am heading out today), which have sugar in them… bad start.  So, I am delaying my departure by at least an hour so that I can get a nice 7 mile run in.

Hydroxicut hardcore has been known to get results– I may pick up a bottle of that (Yeah… no kidding… this is not the same healthy route as a 30 day raw food diet), and have a salad for lunch.  Everyone keeps advertising those Acai pills… I wonder if they work.  I ran into some guy that said he lost 85 pounds with it.  All these ads on all these sites for “Get ripped without creatine, exercise, etc…” show 2 different models in the before/after, so clearly I don’t trust those (and I don’t know how they haven’t been busted).

I need to do weight training too, as building up muscle burns up fat.

It’s not hardcore adventure, but for the next 30 days, on top of my usual stuff, I’ll also be using the blog to hold myself accountable to my diet/exercise routine.

p.s. if you know an awesome girl who’s smart, funny, has a great sense of humor (a  must for putting up with me), is entrepreneurial and adventurous, has the ability to travel (or work from anywhere) – put in a good word for me, eh?

30 day raw challenge… complete!

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What perfect timing! I heard Mom & Dad were coming to visit Barak (older bro) for Rosh Ha Shana (Jewish New Year– we have just entered the year 5770), and I thought it’d be the familial obligatory thing to do to drive across the country to join them.  Barak’s new house is gorgeous (I saw the before photos… unbelievable), got to spend a few days with the family, and… as soon as I completed my 30 days of raw food only, there was a feast to be had.  Literally!  I had mass quantities of brisket, some chicken, chopped liver, chalah bread with chopped liver, matzoh ball soup…. mmmm.. I’m drooling just typing this up!  You see, bread, pasteurized juice, pasta, hummus, cheese, milk, and of course brisket are all forbidden on a raw food diet. I ate everything but the salad! Read the rest of this entry »

Procratination method 247– save a life!

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I helped save Sam The Poodle’s life earlier in the year… now I’m being asked if I can save a human life… “It’s only $2,000,000.00″. My trip is departing in late January, and I’m in the middle of hectic non-stop getting ready. I barely have time to handle my own projects when I get this text: Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve broke 200 pounds! :)

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If anyone remembers my Road-Cappuccino-caused fatness story (basically, I drank them at every gas station, and when it got cold I stopped exercising, and then got to my fattest, and my dad even made fun of me and called me fat), I had gotten to 215 pounds without exercising, and even had one of those “They must have changed the way they measure clothes and label them, ’cause I know I’m a size 32!” moments! Yeah… it’s embarrassing (not the buying size 34… just not being able to admit that “Life grows on”)… so… I took matters into my own hands, and have been exercising all of 2008. As of yesterday Read the rest of this entry »