I couchsurfed with Keith Ferrazzi – Author of “Never Eat Alone” and “Who’s Got Your Back?”

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Setting off alarms, dealing with cat piss, partying with celebs in the highest home in Los Angeles, mingling with some of the world’s top CIOs, and more….

I filmed “a day in the life” – I stayed at Keith’s home, went to his office, saw him lecture at the CIO100,  and rode with him to the airport.  Since that’s got a lot of video, I have to edit it- so I’ll post the whole story soon.

I think Keith is an amazing person, and one of the few who definitely walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

While I’m editing the whole story, here’s what Keith had to say:

What did Aron Bender think?

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This is Aron Bender. He’s the one who within 4 hours of seeing my tweet has found me an awesome couch for tonight (who’s not pissed that I had to change my schedule already by 7 hours).

I am moved every time I watch this one.

Packing my bags at 2am…

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This is one of those brief blog posts (they all start like that).   I don’t need to go into every detail, but I feel like 2 different people… and each has its strength and weakness.

In December/January, I was reaching the cusp of a period of period of distraction.  I was uber-creative, more than usual… but also hlongad a bitch of a time focusing and implementing.  I’d get stuff done… it was just getting started.  My bank account felt it.  That’s some of the stuff I haven’t been posting.  It really sucks when you get hit with an overdraft, get funds again, and keep racing the credit cards.  Not a good feeling.

Then, out of the blue, I just get hit with all these projects.  Some public speaking (which I truly enjoy – let me know if you need a speaker for your company/event/conference), some graphics, some photography, some scriptwriting/filming/editing (my favorite kind too!), and some consulting.  It seems there’s no time to sleep… the other day I blew off a midnight party when I woke up at midnight with indigestion… but I was a happy camper, ’cause when I went to sleep at 5pm, we had just celebrated getting our week’s worth of sleep-sacrifice out at FedEx at 3:57, when 4pm was the absolute deadline.  What a rush!

So, there’s hippy Ori, and yuppie Ori. Craig says I shouldn’t say “Workaholic”, as it has a negative connotation… try “really motivated” instead.  So… I’m back in my “really motivated” state now, and I don’t know if I’ve changed lives, saved a kitten, or waht… but each gig is getting cooler and cooler.  Check this out for example:

The other day, my buddy Caleb Jennings catches me on Skype.  Caleb is working with David Wolfe, and they are throwing Longevity Conference.  Caleb invited me to be their VIP Guest… but as you recall, my funds situation was not the best… I was not sure about Travel Funds, as I was busting ass to get caught up.

I’d love to see my friends, and learn new things, but is that the responsible thing to do?  “Do you guys need a photographer?”  “I don’t know… you’d have to ask Larry.”

The next day I get a call “you’re not going to believe this-  I woke up at noon, had a skype on my screen ‘Can Ori shoot the event for us, and how much?” He hadn’t spoken to Larry… it just so happened that I partied with Larry at Burning Man, and he got to see my badass photo skills, so had me in mind.  What luck?!

So, I worked all day.  I worked all night.  I worked the same the previous day, etc… I took a break to go running.  I’m in “really motivated” mode, so I’m listening to more audio books again, and exercising is easier.

Friends are great, the weather’s great, and I’m spending some time thinking forward.  Expect some interesting changes soon….

Anyways, it’s 2:10.  I haven’t packed.  At 2am I got a text confirming I have a place to stay.  It was actually Aron telling me that his friend Angel will text me.

Angel heard about my photography, and she lives right next to where the conference is.  She’s meeting me at thae airport. She sounds really cool… I don’t know much about her though, as I only asked at 10:20pm

twittering to find a couch in another state- couchsurfing

last minute couchsurfing shoutout

In 4 hours, someone got a hold of me, and I already know that since she’s friends of Aron, she must be interesting and fun.

I feel I haven’t blogged in a while…. maybe that’s why I’m blogging at 2:30am, while my bag is unpacked.

Oh yeah, clothes.  I bought a bunc of new ones over the last few days.  Mock me if you must, but I’m looking schnazzy, and I did so very affordably at Ross. I love my new Kenneth Cole belt.  Anything Kenneth Cole looks amazing on me.  I don’t know how or why that is.  If Kenneth reads this, and wants to sponsor my journey, I will wear Kenneth Cole all day, all night (but not ALL of every night… if you know what I mean.)

So, yeah… feel I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve certainly been swamped with work.  So, now I’m making up for it.

Ok, seriously- gotta go pack! Stop reading!  I mean it, I gotta go!  Well… ok… I’ll just write more from Cali– it’s bound to be interesting!  Check out where I’m going.

I think I may do more event photography- it’s a fun way to travel, and I like events.  Give me a few days, I’ll organize an album.

Resources page

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As many of you know, I am full of it…. where “it” is useful information.  I am always in consulting mode, and I’m always learning.  I share a lot of information in my blog, but that is difficult to browse to find “that one link you mentioned was a great way to deal with stupid questions!” or “The person who was on your radio show that was talking about Sprouting!”  Well… I’m addressing that!

I’m creating a resources page to make it easy to find links based on categories, etc…. I’m going to feature my favorite companies, programs that can save you thousands of hours, tools, tutorials, etc…. not all stuff by me.  Mostly stuff I recommend.

-Admission- I am currently swamped!  So many projects fell on my lap out of nowhere… so I don’t have time to fill it in today.  The link will be http://CouchSurfingOri.com/resources  – I’ll be filling it in later.

Let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to see more links to, or need resources for.

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 9- Mardi Gras, Hackintosh, and Groupons

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Everyone wants to know how Mardi Gras was…. Find out on the podcast!


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

I also talk about some killer ways to save money based on group buying, and how to use that for your own advertising and marketing.  What the heck a hackintosh is, and how that’s going.  And of course, the latest trouble I’m looking to get into :)

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 8

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

My first broadcast from a cell phone, and the longest I’ve been on an iphone. I recorded this on the drive to Mardi Gras with Jason Moffatt and Randy Primm.


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

The themes are collaboration, networking and… well, you should listen and find out!  Some decent marketing ideas in there too, so take notes :)

Nerf gun sneak attack

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The nerf vulcan gun is not what i am using

The nerf vulcan gun is not what i am using

Craig Allen likes to modify his nerf guns to have more power to them. They even have a “laser-sight” kinda thing. I’ve been shot many times while working.  Revenge is a bitch :)

One night… Craig had fallen asleep while Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 7- Dallas travels, Jason Moffatt

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The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

What did I do in Dallas?

Billboard climbing

Art fair

warehouse party


met new people

got a speaking and mc gigs for next month

played poker (learned to play poker actually)

There was more… and that’s why you need to listen to Episode 7.  You can hear what the listeners who got their consulting thought, and check out a funny conversation with Jason Moffatt.  That reminds me– this is the first episode to have the word “shit” in it.  I was wondering how long the G rating would last :)


Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 6- Tablets/pads, productivity, accountability, consulting, P90x

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The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Didn’t make the show? That’s too bad, ’cause that’s where the information on how to get free consulting.

For this week’s show, I asked people what they wanted to hear, and gave it to them. The short version: My predictions on where tablet technology is going, ways to be more productive, P90x and fitness, a bit of consulting on the show, as well as giving away 3 one hour sessions of consulting for the next day. Need your problems solved? Catch the next episode, and follow @couchsurfingori on twitter… I’ll be posting when the next giveaway, and may do live consults as a regular part of the show.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 3: Couchsurfing with a couchsurfer – Zipline, Sake, Photography, and more

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The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Episode 3 was fun! This time I had a full-time guest on the show, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. She had said that it’s on her bucket list to go on an adventure with me… so she came into town, and had an adventure!  You can hear many of the details on here, as well as learn some marketing, humor, etc… Enjoy!

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Couchsurf WITH Ori- flipping the tables in 2010

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I’m thrilled to report that today, instead of me driving to California, I have someone coming to couchsurf with me in Austin, TX.  I had people stay with me while I was in Atlanta, but this time, I”m couchsurfing with soeone else, and someone else is coming to stay with me (Confused yet?).

Elizabeth has never had Sake, so we’re having a Tweetup tonight–  The Sushi/Sake tweetup. (Haven’t decided on the Where… just sign up, and we’ll tell you today)  Tomorrow morning, we’re going Zip-lining. Also, we’re going to shoot some fun pics, since I’m a photo-elitist, and her photos are too normal for my taste.

That’s a good amount of adventure for one weekend.  It’s also my monthly adventure (if you read my 2010 goals… I”m semi-settled in, but I want to make sure I get at LEAST 1 adventure a month).  I may squeeze in more adventures, but a lot of consulting work has come in, as well as design work, so we’ll see– but at least I’m going ziplining, and helping someone else have a very memorable weekend.

This could be the new model for me.  Come visit me, we’ll go adventure, get you some great pics, and come up with tons of solutions for your business.

I am extremely thrilled to report on the good nature of people, and on the benefits of having over 10,000 followers on twitter:  I wanted a specific video camera for Zip-lining… The Hero Camera.  I asked on Twitter who had one, and Marshall Haas not only has one, but he overnighted it to me!  Just so I can suction-cup it onto my helmet, and get great footage of the Zip-lining experience.  How amazing is that?

Marhsall has actually just developed an awesome Iphone app where you get to beat up your boss :)  Stress relief is cool… but… you also get a chance to win a bunch of money, recognition, and much more… in fact.. I’m going to have to interview him, and make a blog post about this.  It’s quite fascinating the big names he’s gotten involved, and maybe it will motivate you to develop an app… neat business model.

If YOU would like to go on an adventure with me, contact me!

CouchSurfing Radio Episode 2 totally rocked- skydiving entrepreneurial babes, and wellness experts.

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Couchsurfing Radio Episode #2 was a fast-paced humor-filled, inspiration laced ride!  It’s hard to believe that just last week I spent an hour of going “uhhhhh”- and harder to believe that yet again, I threw it together!

At first, neither I nor my listeners could get on! I set the settings wrong, and we had to move the show to 11:30pm EST, instead of 11. But from that point, everything was on track.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

This time, I had two guests.  Hottie adventurer entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt who races motorcycles, jumps out of a plane, is building up a company valued at $100,000,000, and knows the value of being unique, and seeking mentors. I find her inspirational, and she tries to empower women-entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »

More CouchSurfingRadio tonight!

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Make sure you catch tonight’s show! It’s at 11pm EST, on CouchSurfing Radio.

Good news: Tonight I will be less distracted! Through the magic of technology, a lovely assistant :)

I”m already getting momentum.  Peter Shankman agreed to do next week’s, Tony Hsieh is doing the show in May.  If you don’t know who they are, google them…. but both shows, you’ll definitely want to catch!

I haven’t really been preparing. Life goes on… but I did leave you guys with that cliff hanger, so I’ll have to tell the entire guitar story…

If you have questions you’d like answered, you can start sending them to me through the contact form, or facebook.

See you tonight!

Happy Anniversary to me! Completed 3 years of couchsurfing!

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couchsurfing anniversary cake

Couchsurfing anniversary cake by me :)

Happy anniversary to me!  Happy anniversary to me!  I’ve been couchsurfing a full 3 years as of today!  Happy anniversary to me!

That’s right, as of today I’m in my 4th year of Couchsurfing.  My parents thought it was just going to be a 1 year phase.  I didn’t know what it was going to be, but it’s everything I wanted it to be.

I’ve met the most amazing people.  I’ve done things that aren’t really on the tourist brochure.  I’ve expanded my mind and horizons.  I’ve seen and photographed things that are amazing.  I’ve helped lives and businesses.

It’s been a glorious 3 years, and I highly recommend it to anyone!  Thanks for being there with me!

Couchsurfing Radio – The very first Couch-Cast!

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Have you ever felt you were destined to be on TV or Radio?  Yeah… me either.  But I sure was told it often that I should have my own show.  At least for 10 yearas now.  So… here it is :)

I present to you CouchSurfingRadio, my latest creation. Right now it will be on Monday nights at 11pm EST, with replays available for your downloading pleasure (so you can hear it again and again… have it on as you clean, drive, work, jog, poop, etc..).

The show will cover many topics, but most of them will be what I often blog about: adventures, travel, incredible people and places, marketing, life lessons, motivation, design, jokes, and of course, my odd perspectives on everything.

Here is the very first episode.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

It’s a great story… the forming of this radio show:  I felt like putting on a radio show, I tweeted and facebooked that in 2 hours I’ll be putting on a radio show, and then I put on my radio show.  Exciting, huh?  There was more to it than that, of course. I didn’t figure out how to log-in to the host number until (literally) 3 minutes before showtime. I was a distracted spaz.  I didn’t know how to read the questions that were coming in through the show’s chat-room, through twitter, and through skype. So.. yeah.. I was all over the place.

The feedback thus far has been great though!

For next episode, I will have a surprise guest, someone to filter the questions/chat for me, and segments… so, some kind of structure.

Take a listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show (Leave a comment below please)

My own talkshow- tonight, 10pm CST

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http://BlogTalkRadio.com/Couchsurfingori –  I’ll be answering some questions, talking about couchsurfing, what it’s like being a couchsurfer, some of my goals, some of my adventures, my strange take on terrorism, and more….  join in!

Couch Surfing Ori declared World’s Foremost Couch Surfer on Ripley’s Radio Oddcast

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Ripley's Radio Oddcast Interviews Couch Surfing Ori, The World's Foremost CouchSurferWhen I was a kid, I used to love Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!  They had these cool books, museums, and eventually they even had a strip in the Sunday Comics.  Now they have their own radio broadcast called The Ripley’s Radio Oddcast.  I was extremely honored to get a call from them, inviting me to be on their show.

For your listening pleasure– here’s my appearance on the Ripley’s Radio Oddcast… where they declared me the world’s foremost couchsurfer! Read the rest of this entry »

Procratination method 247– save a life!

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I helped save Sam The Poodle’s life earlier in the year… now I’m being asked if I can save a human life… “It’s only $2,000,000.00″. My trip is departing in late January, and I’m in the middle of hectic non-stop getting ready. I barely have time to handle my own projects when I get this text: Read the rest of this entry »