Happy New Year 2011!

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Happy New Year from Couch Surfing Ori - Ori Bengal

Who writes their happy new year post on January 7th?  I do! I’m on Tico Time ? Yeah… things in Costa Rica are pretty relaxed.  But.. it’s my last day! I leave today at 1PM, and I wanted to start my new year of blogging from another country. This blog post is very important to me.

Last year I started of writing about that new year’s resolutions are bullshit. I still think that.  Most people don’t even last 1 week! I do have a few declarations to make to you and the universe, but before I get into those, let me tell you something I’m really proud about.

January 1st was the anniversary of my Couchsurfing journeys starting!  I started on New Year’s day on 2007, which means I am now in my 5th year of couchsurfing! That’s also the reason that I wanted to send my blog post from here in Costa Rica… because that’s been a goal of mine which I finally accomplished: to couchsurf in another country.  I’ve been here for 5 weeks now on seven different beds.

As a kid I wanted Read the rest of this entry »

Contest Winners

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I announced these from the road via twitter & facebook, as both winners are on both… but, just to make it official:

1st Place is Isabella Jones (@Fitbet) – She will receive 4 hours of my services / consulting.
2nd Place is Andy Dolph  (@acdolph) – He will receive one hour of my services / consulting.

I may also be going to surf Andy’s couch in New Hampshire in order to photograph what sounds like an amazing performance by Chinese performers.  During the contest, he filled out the CrashMyCouch Form and informed me about the event.  It screws up my schedule, but sounds amazing… so… I am leaning towards a yes.

A letter from Peggy

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Peggy Richardson, The Wizard of Ebooks

Peggy Richardson -The Wizard of Ebooks

The other day I listed what I actually do for the first time, and offered free 15 minute consults.  People took me up on them, and I just got this letter shortly after hanging up with Peggy (who like many saw the amazing blog post that Jason Moffatt wrote about me).
Ori, please, please take what I’m typing here in this email and put it on your site.
You did in 15 minutes what I haven’t been able to do in months of struggling with my business – you gave me clarity. I’ve tried many ways to regain my enthusiasm for my little company, and I’ve tried several projects that failed. You’ve convinced me that my gut instinct was right and that I should continue – within certain boundaries that I had not implemented previously.
You also mentioned about partnering with people who compliment my personality type and skillset, as well as how to really “work” an angle that I knew I had, but was not maximizing. Those two new doors are now open to me, and the prospect of a new project has excited me. I now know what I’ve been needing.
-Peggy Richardson, The WizardofeBooks.com
(I will be happy to record a little video and send it to you shortly.)
P.S. Please be sure to follow through with the dentist and do all that she recommends, as your teeth are not worth risking.
Since she wrote please twice, and boldfaced one of them, I figure I had to post it.  If you want to see if I can help you move forward with your life or business, try your  free 15 minute consult (just click the big button that’s under any of the videos, and fill out the form).

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 6- Tablets/pads, productivity, accountability, consulting, P90x

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Didn’t make the show? That’s too bad, ’cause that’s where the information on how to get free consulting.

For this week’s show, I asked people what they wanted to hear, and gave it to them. The short version: My predictions on where tablet technology is going, ways to be more productive, P90x and fitness, a bit of consulting on the show, as well as giving away 3 one hour sessions of consulting for the next day. Need your problems solved? Catch the next episode, and follow @couchsurfingori on twitter… I’ll be posting when the next giveaway, and may do live consults as a regular part of the show.

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

Giving away 3x 1 hour consultations tonight on CouchSurfingRadio!

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consulting pictureMany people are often baffled by “What exactly is it Ori does?” and “How the heck does Ori pay for his journey?” – while these things are written in my book… my book isn’t out yet :)

I can tell you a bunch of things that I do, but I’ll use someone else’s words. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein wrote this after a short while of consulting with me:

“Ori is brilliant in so many things – photography, graphic design, web design, business strategizing, personal coaching, marketing – but those are just the tools he uses to express his creativity, to solve problems, to do what he really does … which is to pull the unique brand out from inside of you and give you the tools you need to express that brand to the world.

And I’m not talking about *thinking* your way into a brand that you “should” be or a brand you “wish” you could be … here I’m talking about a brand that is the expression of your personality, the uniqueness that you already are. Bringing together all your seemingly disparate passions into sync, figuring out the nexus that pulls everything together!”

I like that description. Everyone says it’s accurate. So, yes, I can do Read the rest of this entry »

How to celebrate the passing of 33 years

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Hey everyone.  Ori here, and I’m older and wiser now!  Yup… I’ve beat out the life expectancy of not so distant human ancestry.  In Judaism we have a Bar-Mitzvah (the Jewish rite of passage into manhood –  basically, you read from the Torah, and throw a party) at age 13, because back in ancient times this was like a midlife crisis.  30 was not a bad age to die at.  By traditional rock-star terms, 30 is quite old… better to burn out, than fade away, right?  With all the stupid things I do, I am kind of surprised to open my eyes, and still be alive and breathing.

I could probably write entire novels filled with “stupid things I’ve done”, and yet, Read the rest of this entry »

Couch 24 & 57 are pregnant! Change of plans for GA.

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I’ve spoken to Jessica (Couch 6) since I’ve left her no clothes party a few times, and she’s gotten promoted within the speed speed skating industry.. she now co-coordinates the races. Yay couch 6! She also hasn’t heard from the Other photographer that was at the event. Too bad, ’cause he had some pics of everyone (including me). I know how you people feel when I, or anyone else takes your photo, and you just have to wait and wait and wait. Trust me folks, I’m working on catching up through these 27,000 photos from 2007. After Jessica’s party, I did get to hang out with Couch 5 for a bit as well, and I saw Couch 4 on my way to Tampa for a few minutes. I still haven’t spoken to Victoria, who flaked out on going to the party, and therefore did not become the next couch. She did try to call me a few days later, but I was in the middle of something, and she didn’t leave a message. Being flaky is a good way to burn bridges with me.

The drives have all been beautiful… It is the time of year when the trees change colors, and if you haven’t seen it in person, I highly recommend an October drive across Maryland / Virginia. A sea of green, with foaming waves of red and orange of all shades. It is breathtaking… This is not something I have too many photos of, as I was driving. I have gotten quite adept at taking photos while driving out of either window and the sunroof.

In Georgia, I was supposed to go Kayaking with Couch 24. I couch surfed with his new lady, Alyx (Couch 57), who is an optimistic ball of affection! Even her cat, Zeppelin is a lover. Here’s a few shots of Alyx, her cat, and her window-fairy. Read the rest of this entry »