Post Cleanse – Pre P90x

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Couchsurfing Ori after finishing a cleanse, and before starting P90x

Thinnest I've ever been

Short post- just a video really.  Everyone’s been giving me grief about “What do you look like now that you finished your cleanse?”  and “You’re supposed to take before pics when you start P90x!” — I don’t even have a scale, and I don’t really care right now.  I’m just committed to doing the exercises, and eating healthy… and running on occasion too, ’cause I have that 185 mile relay race later in July.  So… here’s the video (since I don’t have anyone around to take my pic for me):

Again, as I say in the video… there’s many more reasons to do a cleanse than just to lose weight.  Look into it.  If I can help, feel free to ask any questions you have.

I’m excited that I’m beginning P90x from the thinnest I’ve been… should be interesting to see the restults I achieve by September 17- when I’ve completed the program. Wish me luck!

Do your research!!!

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This falls under “Holy shit!” – I don’t know if it’s 100% what happened… but I certainly have my suspicions…. especially after playing with Google for a bit! Stupid brutal honesty.  *sigh* here goes:

1st of all, you should read, or at least Skim “A Sad Post” because that is what I’m talking about in this post.

So today I woke up in a fine mood. I went to brush my teeth, and as I reached inside my toiletries bag to grab the tube of toothpaste by feel, I grabbed something else.  The item I grabbed is a green bottle with the label Read the rest of this entry »

A sad post

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Kind of felt this sad todayI generally try to keep things upbeat.  Even when I’m angry at someone.  But it’s rare that I am sad, and today I have been.  Right now, I’m more along the lines of indifferent, but there were tears coming out and that kind of stuff.  I keep things honest for you, so… here’s my underbelly. Read the rest of this entry »

Strangers have the best candy!

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This is one of those “Day in the life” that’s so typically random….

I needed to go capture 65 gallons of fresh spring water.  The water weights 40lbs per container, and I had 13 of them in the car, plus the weight of the glass 5-gallon jugs, so that’s about 600-700lbs.  I switched Craig cars, as his Subaru claims to handle 900 lbs, while mine claims to hndle 700lbs.– I’m taking Craig’s word for this, I’ve never actually looked.  That’s probably semi-dumb, as I often carry my whole life in that car.

Since my window had been broken last year as some asshole stole my GPS Read the rest of this entry »

Friend or Enema??

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I’m on day 5 of my cleanse.  I’ve lost 7 pounds already.  I’m going to be very much myself in this (and future posts), which means a little more crass humor, more puns, and more foul language.  Why?  Because I joke around, tell puns, and use (what some consider) offensive language in my daily communications.  I take on friends and clients that appreciate me for me, and since you’re reading my blog… we’re friend.  I guarantee you that the shit that I’m writing in THIS particular blog post is really awkward to tell a stranger (or even a friend), so… we’re friends, right?

Remember: I look for adventure, and I define adventure as “new experiences” –

Ok…. I mentioned a lot of this on my Monday night internet radio show ( – and maybe even in parts of my blog, but here’s the story: Read the rest of this entry »

Colon Cleansing, Vibrams, Love Languages, and Israeli Music

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The human body gets rid of toxins by excreting them one way or another… but since we live in such polluted environments, option B gets used more and more often, which is hiding the waste in fat and other cells in the body. Do I believe all that? Well, yeah…. Do I care? hmmm…. probably. Though, not too much. I mean, we all sit around in front of our radiation emitting devices, holding them up to our heads, while eating the shittiest food we can. Trust me, I”m no angel, and I’m no healthy hippy! I know many of them.

Since I do know a bunch of them, I am at least aware of what I am ingesting, and my environment… So, when I got back from a 3 week road trip, where my diet consisted mostly of Taco Bell, coffee, and other things you can get near the freeway Read the rest of this entry »