Hitler finds out that Balloon Boy was a hoax!

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I thought I was done with making Balloon Boy references. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous, and that people were fools for discussing it.  But… I love humor, and THIS clip just made me laugh so hard that I had to share it with you!

“I’m in a box” – best BalloonBoy Parody

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These guys got skills! Caution: There’s some strong language if you’re one of the people concerned by that.  The talent and creativity rock though!  Major kudos.

The top 5 Balloon Boy Tattoos of 2009

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All sorts of Ballon Boy Tats are out there

All sorts of Ballon Boy Tats are out there

With Balloon Boy getting so much media attention, you knew it wouldn’t be long till you saw him all over people’s bodies! Here are the most popular designs that I’ve been able to find in my travels.

Leave a comment- which ones’ your favorite? Got a good caption for any of ’em? Read the rest of this entry »

Guess I’m just a devil’s advocate. Thanks BalloonBoy!

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Just one of the sarcastic designs on http://BalloonBoyWear.com

Just one of the sarcastic designs on http://BalloonBoyWear.com

Everyone’s talking about Balloon Boy.  At first they were saying “Oh… the poor kid.. I hope he’s going to land safely.”  Then it was “The family says it’s not a scam.. they’re just glad he’s ok.”  It was during those times where I was saying “They’re a bunch of pricks, there’s no way the kid’s in the balloon, and if he is, he’s having a great adventure.” – now though, everyone wants to torch them (good thing they used Helium, not Hydrogen, eh?), and I’m thinking they’re not so bad.  Am I just that much of a devil’s advocate?  Here’ s a few reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

More Balloon Boy Madness, a new business for me, more lack of sleep, and more lack of sleep.

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My first Balloon Boy shirt Design

My first Balloon Boy shirt Design

Maybe I haven’t done “Arts and Crafts” in a while… Yesterday I went  jogging through the woods, on the mountainbike trail, after the rain (so much fun! I was literally shouting “Wheeeee!” as I was sliding downhill, running off the walls of the trail, hurdling fallen branches, puddles, and small streams. While blasting music (usually it’s audio-books, but I needed a break), I got this idea that there’s already a bunch of people looking up Balloon Boy.  The 1st 2 shirts I saw were cute… but the design sucked.  Why not make a shirt that’s nice?  I mean… people are already looking for it, and I’m a marketer.

I called up two friends, and told them to make themselves available.  I”m pretty proud of the fact that neither one even asked what we were going to do… they know better.  I was excited.  As soon as I made it back home, I registered the domains http://buyballoonboyshirts.com/ and http://BalloonBoyWear.com.  It was a long night.  Heck.. I haven’t slept yet (and I am falling asleep while typing this).  But, you can’t launch a store, and not be ready for your clients.

So far, I have 3 designs.  Seriously, go check it out at http://BalloonBoyWear.com, and let me know what you thinkl  For the record, I’ve already gotten my 1st sale.  A major task for me has been trying to delegate.  So, I forced myself to, and offered my friend all the cash that I had in my wallet– $32 to make  Read the rest of this entry »

Site improvements – and more on Falcon the Balloon Boy

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motion gears -team force

Oiled up the machine

I find that I’m a lot more productive when I work through the night.  Last night, not only did I write an awesome article on Falcon, the not-so-adventurous Balloon Boy (I wonder how many years that name will stick), but I also tinkered around under the hood.  Some of the changes I  made to my site:

  • Made it interact with Facebook.  You can now share your posts on Facebook, become a facebook fan, etc….
  • Added Tweeting functionality.  You can now push that green button in the top right of every single post, and instantly tweet that post.
  • Added Disqus & Tweetmeme — Now it’ll be easy to track not only comments, but the replies they’ve gotten around the web.
  • Swapped out analytics code.. it turns out my last structure was slowing the site down.
  • Added site-caching to try and speed up the site.
  • Added mobile-phone support, so that Iphones/Blackberries/Androids can all enjoy the site in a more convenient manner.
  • Fixed a few things on the SEO front, so the site will be easier to find.
  • Backed up site database & files (WAY past due on that).
  • Added some idea-organization tools.
  • Improved my mailing tools, so I can actually keep in touch with you better. Read the rest of this entry »

Balloon Boy proves how easy a good PR Stunt is to pull.

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It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

This 6 year old kid, Falcon (I think that’s even more ridiculous– the kid goes flying, and his name is Falcon? Hmmm) climbs in his Dad’s helium baloon that looks like Jiffy Pop.  The baloon takes off.  The whole nation is talking about it.  Everyone’s tweeting and facebooking about it… I even know of a certain stay at home mom that got her drink on ’cause she was so worried about this kid.  I was already making jokes (If “He tried to go visit Michael Jackson one last time!” gets popular, just remember, I made it up! Funny enough– I just looked up the newsline, and there WAS a Michael Jackson single that just debuted online just the other day), and people were giving me grief, “Oh… you gotta at least wait till he lands safely!” People were telling me how they’re praying.  Wow.  What concerned people we have, it’s nice.  It’s also not nice, because they were bamboozled into being concerned.  What a waste of positive emotion.  Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, for those who haven’t heard, turns out that the kid was never in the baloon… he was hiding at home in the attic, in a box or something.  So… let’s take a look at what happened. Read the rest of this entry »