Happy New Year 2011!

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Happy New Year from Couch Surfing Ori - Ori Bengal

Who writes their happy new year post on January 7th?  I do! I’m on Tico Time ? Yeah… things in Costa Rica are pretty relaxed.  But.. it’s my last day! I leave today at 1PM, and I wanted to start my new year of blogging from another country. This blog post is very important to me.

Last year I started of writing about that new year’s resolutions are bullshit. I still think that.  Most people don’t even last 1 week! I do have a few declarations to make to you and the universe, but before I get into those, let me tell you something I’m really proud about.

January 1st was the anniversary of my Couchsurfing journeys starting!  I started on New Year’s day on 2007, which means I am now in my 5th year of couchsurfing! That’s also the reason that I wanted to send my blog post from here in Costa Rica… because that’s been a goal of mine which I finally accomplished: to couchsurf in another country.  I’ve been here for 5 weeks now on seven different beds.

As a kid I wanted Read the rest of this entry »

Costa Rica Birthday Surprise

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Celebrating 34 with friend and Patron

The brakes don’t work!  We were gliding forward, and I was certain that this is it…. I was going to run over my 1st person ever! Why were they riding their bicycle right there?  It was a good 34 years of being free.

To start off, I don’t know what my birthday surprise is, so don’t let the title fool you. It’s the night before we leave Tamarindo, and I’m in a writy mood (apparently, Writy is not a word, but it’s how I feel– so… screw you red-underliny thing (underliny is also not a word)). I have a funny story, and a good life lesson. Read the rest of this entry »

Couchsurfing Radio Episode 3: Couchsurfing with a couchsurfer – Zipline, Sake, Photography, and more

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Couchsurfing radio - the show graphic

The Couchsurfing Radio Host- Couch Surfing Ori

Episode 3 was fun! This time I had a full-time guest on the show, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. She had said that it’s on her bucket list to go on an adventure with me… so she came into town, and had an adventure!  You can hear many of the details on here, as well as learn some marketing, humor, etc… Enjoy!

Download the episode for home/car/plane/etc.. listening.

How to be Epic

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Epic picture of Ori hanging over a lava pit

A most Epic picture of me over a fiery death

My friend Elizabeth was writing that she’s not feeling very Epic.  That she had a blog post in her head, but it wasn’t coming out the way she wanted.  Sounded like she was being harsh on herself.

Most people would (and did) say “It’s ok… even writing about having nothing to say is saying something…” or “your observations are great, something that isn’t Epic for you, might be for someone else.”

My good friends can rely on me though to give a unique perspective, and Elizabeth has been relying on me to call her out on her excuses or bullshit.

So, when I read this cry for help, I had to put in my 4 cents.  So here it is, what I wrote in response to Elizabeth’s Post on not being Epic. (With italicized & colorful commentary for y’all):

you’ll listen, damnit! :)  ( Elizabeth said that despite that people would leave advice, she probably wouldn’t listen )
How to be epic: Read the rest of this entry »

Avatar in Sony 3D at the Alamo Drafthouse (my movie review, and where things are going)

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Avatar Movie by James Cameron

Movie Poster for Avatar by James Cameron

I wanted to see it opening night. I wanted to be there at the Imax 3d, and to tell you the truth… I thought I’d also eat some shrooms before going. I have not been excited about a movie in years. Not like I was about this one. One thing that made me so excited (other than the obvious- seeing the trailer) was this article about James Cameron, and how long he’s been thinking of this movie. That article not only made me want to see the movie more (and be able to get other people more excited about it), but it also added James Cameron to that extremely small group of heroes I have…. currently it’s just him and Sir Richard Branson. Why? ’cause he knows how to pursue his dreams, and he goes scuba diving above undetonated watermines from World War II.

You know how I said I wanted to see it opening night? Yeah.. well.. that didn’t happen. They were sold out. My parents got to see it on Christmas on Imax 3d… I argued with them for a while that it would be worth the 40 minute drive, and line-waiting to see something so epic on Imax. They thanked me for arguing, and winning. I mention them, ’cause they saw it on Christmas — right after I posted that awesome Chinese Food On Christmas post. But as for me.. I didn’t get to go, ’cause I’m not in Florida. The same friends I invited to go on opening night had made it out another night… and from the time they got their tickets to the time I tried to get mine.. sold out again.

I wasn’t worried! I mean, it’s playing in Imax 3d until February, and I work whenever… so I can really catch the 3pm showing every weekday between now and February, and probably not have anyone interrupt my viewing experience, as I memorize the different scripts. While I had thought of that, I really just wanted to see the movie. Tonight was that glorious night. I’m couchsurfing with Craig & Suzanne, and they leave on a New Year’s snowboarding trip tomorrow morning… leaving me with their St. Bernard & Golden Retriever (who like Craig & Sue eat raw). Craig said “We leave in 30 minutes” – I didn’t bother asking where. I love random trips. In the car, Sue had brought up showtimes, so I instantly knew. We saw it at the Alamo Draft House — which is an Austin tradition. You watch a movie, and they bring you dinner and booze.

The only remaining seats were in the very front. This took away from the movie a little bit, but here is my review, and where I see things going (keep reading, ’cause I tell you how to make your own Pandora-like worlds and creatures). Read the rest of this entry »

Irony and adventure – always the making of a great day.

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The significance of death in hell and other names Hirst could´ve given it

Not the woods we went through

Forgive and Forget. The transition between the two can take seconds, or years… But it ties in with this crazy blind date, spontinaity, and a movie review.

I got back to Atlanta 1st thing in the morning yesterday (midnight), worked, and went to sleep.  It was a great drive from Florida.  I visited my little brother in Gainesville.  We had some delicious appetizers at the restaurant he works at (Head of security), and I thought- Damn.. so much for my diet- Duck rolls, blackened fish tacos, lamb chops… mmm… I’m drooling just thinking about it.  If you’re in Gainesville, eat at 101.  Anyways… I got home, and noticed that one of the lights was on, and the door wasn’t locked.  I also noticed my living room floor was cleaner than I remember leaving it. Jill must’ve been here! I’m gonna have to speak to my neighbor about this!

Jill is my neighbor’s sister.  She comes to visit him from Savannah, and sometimes uses his key to stay at my place when I’m out of town. In exchange, she cleans up. The only problem is that last time I was out of town, and she stayed here, she broke my faucet somehow, and my neighbor vowed to fix it, and took a month to do so. My faucet was in pieces for a month… alternating between looking like crap, and not working.  It had gotten my neighbor and I sort of pissed off at each other, and so I was surprised to find that she’d been here.  I was also upset that the door was unlocked (I don’t even know for how many days).  I also had made arrangements with someone to clean my place… so, I don’t need Jill to do it. Also, small random items are missing.  I called my neighbor in the morning, and politely told him that his sister is not to stay at my place when I am out of town.  It was semi-awkward.

I was really productive during the day, and (this is the fun and crazy portion of the blog) I had been texting this girl sporatically Read the rest of this entry »

An Interesting Life

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I could not be more filled with pride, when my friend Elizabeth Potts Weinstein told me she saw this strip, and thought of me:

GOTTA have an interesting life!

GOTTA have an interesting life!

My adventures are sometimes scary (like the recent rock-climbing / bull poker), sometimes educational (like learning how to sew up Stupid Creatures), often times silly (like eating bugs, or smoking a tea joint), and they take me all over the place (Belize, France, Israel, all over the USA), but most importantly… the DOING of adventure is always more fun when others go with. Read the rest of this entry »

bizzare Halloween adventures, most interesting show, a nice girl, and a costume gone wrong!

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Hope you had an awesome Halloween.  My story is a little more intricate, funny, and bizarre … just what you’d expect!  So… read on, and enjoy.  You’ll read about: What I’ve done with my hair after nearly 2 years of not cutting it… hippies… parties… and you won’t believe my costume (I can’t believe I’m posting this)! Read the rest of this entry »