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Oiled up the machine

I find that I’m a lot more productive when I work through the night.  Last night, not only did I write an awesome article on Falcon, the not-so-adventurous Balloon Boy (I wonder how many years that name will stick), but I also tinkered around under the hood.  Some of the changes I  made to my site:

  • Made it interact with Facebook.  You can now share your posts on Facebook, become a facebook fan, etc….
  • Added Tweeting functionality.  You can now push that green button in the top right of every single post, and instantly tweet that post.
  • Added Disqus & Tweetmeme — Now it’ll be easy to track not only comments, but the replies they’ve gotten around the web.
  • Swapped out analytics code.. it turns out my last structure was slowing the site down.
  • Added site-caching to try and speed up the site.
  • Added mobile-phone support, so that Iphones/Blackberries/Androids can all enjoy the site in a more convenient manner.
  • Fixed a few things on the SEO front, so the site will be easier to find.
  • Backed up site database & files (WAY past due on that).
  • Added some idea-organization tools.
  • Improved my mailing tools, so I can actually keep in touch with you better.

Awww heck… there’s a bunch of new things.  I’m usually so busy doing the site building/repair/upgrading for everyone else’s sites & projects, that I don’t have time to tweak my own site.  Well.. it’s time! :)  And you can expect more cool things… I’m even toying with a complete re-design… though, I do like my existing one.

So… the topic is Ballooon Boy.  One of my favorite movies is David Spade’s Bubble Boy.  Bubble Boy is one of those awesome feelgood movies.  They have wonderful character development, and he gets into all sorts of adventures, discovers the real world, and everyone loves him for not being afraid.  This is what happened here.  Falcon was thought to be in trouble.  The whole country wanted to have an innocent reason to come together.  Falcon became a beacon of hope…. “Gosh, my prayers go out to him and his family.  I hope he lands in one piece.”  Yeah…. that’s nice.

I was being a dick about it yesterday, but I think I’m being a bigger one today, because now there’s been talk of all the tax money wasted to look for the little bugger, and he was at home.  Then he said on TV that it was all for a show.  So… is this a really expensive hoax?  The sherrif’s saying it’s not, but I don’t buy it.  This reeks of hoax. And within a day or 2, no one is going to care about the boy or his hoakey family.

The kid is already in WikiPedia: – it’s been flagged for deletion, and for rescue.  I hope it stays rescued.
Falcon puked twice during his interviews… maybe all that lying is making his stomach feel ill?
Major WTF moment for me:  The white house is being congratulated for the rescue.  What rescue!?  And now Obama is turning this kid’s PR into some crap about the health care system? I mean… come on!  I feel even more correct now  about what I said regarding Wag The Dog!
Why do I think it’s a hoax? Other than the kid vomiting, “magically appearing safe & sound”, and all that crap?  Well… the family has already been on Wife Swap (TWICE!).  They clearly are desperate for attention  Episode 1 of Heene on wife Swap / Episode 2 of the Heene family on Wife Swap. How screwed up does your family have to be that you’re trying to ditch the mom twice?
The kid said “You guys said that we did this for the show.”  wtf?

Heck… one blog even points out that the mother farted when the kid got questioned. Ain’t online video grand?

The frigging balloon couldn’t even support the kid’s weight!   So… this whole thing is lame, and I”m pissed off that I had to keep hearing about it from everyone yesterday/today.  I’m pissed off at the wasted amount of tax dollars.  Notice how the whole country banded together in hope for the kid’s rescue (the whole country but me)…. well.. now we’re all banded together to see them burned at the stake.

If the parents have a need for attention, why don’t they just do the normal thing and get Munchausen syndrome, and keep taking their kid to the ER after they made him sick… then at least they’re not wasting the whole world’s time and money.

If you’re going to go flying on a piece of junk, at least do it in style, like Lawnchair Larry!  That dude was cool!

The sherrif says this isn’t a hoax…. but that seems like crap.  I hope that when they bust them, they at least make them repay all the resources they wasted by crying wolf.

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