Reason to cook… and a jealous neighbor

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I was getting low on groceries… like… Chicken Pot Pie for breakfast, Ramen Noodle for lunch, and if I wanted to eat my Hummus, I had to use a spoon, as I had no bread.  So… I figured since I was going to go grocery shopping, why not see if Tracy would like to come over for dinner.  When she said yes,  I had to get cookin (yeah… not just a figure of speech).  Check out the menu:For starters, I got this Asiago cheese bread, and made garlic toast out of it… but the way my mom used to make when I was a kid (I hated garlic then): by slicing the garlic, and actually rubbing it across the bread many times.  Then I put butter on it, toasted it, and rubbed garlic some more (on both sides).  The follow-up appetizer was crab & lobster ravioli.  Those came out a little more bland than I anticipated, so I cooked them with a tomato basil sauce (when clearly a vodka sauce would’ve done the trick… but I suppose I hadn’t thought that far ahead), and the main course… Spinach & Goat Cheese stuffed pork chops, with a side of sweet-mashed potatoes.  For desert there was Waffle-Cone Explosion flavored ice-cream, which we forgot to have!   For the pork-chops, I highly recommend a sharp knife (buy a new one if you don’t have one), or they won’t cut up “pretty”.   Also, I got this tool, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s awesome… u press down on the handle, and the blades slice everything under them, then rotate.. so.. if you’re trying to crumble some cheese, or dice up garlic, or spinach, etc… just keep pressing the handle, and your cubes will get smaller and smaller.  It’s easy to clean too!  I did not have time to marinate the pork chops in Italian Dressing… but that’s something I always recommend to keep them tender and juicy.  The liquids from the spinach actually kept these moist.  I was afraid I overcooked them.

I admit,  I was in a hurry when I was prepping for this… so I didn’t check all my supplies.  For example, I forgot to see if I had aluminum foil!  So… covered in porkchop, I run up to my neighbor’s place to borrow some foil (This is my 1st time borrowing supplies from the neighbors.  I’ve seen bad porn that starts like this :p ).  She got the door in her nightgown, with curlers in her hair… she thought I was her husband (until she saw me, of course)– “Oh my god!  I thought you were Bill!”  “No time for that! This is an emergency!  Do you have foil?”  “Yes, what’s going on?”  “I”m making dinner, and I’ll never get everything ready if I have to make a foil run”  “What are you making?”  I listed off the items, and she gets her sister on the phone to tell her…. “My sister’s on her way over to see you right now”  –  I thanked her for the foil, and hauled ass back to my place to finish cooking.  I was relieved when Tracy said she’d like to go home 1st (as compared to coming from work), ’cause this gave me time to clean.

Mostly I was relieved when the food tasted good, and neither one of us got ill from it.  The table seemed vast as an ocean as I watched Tracy eating on the other side of it. I do enjoy cooking, and I do recommend Food Networks for some great recipes, courses, and starting points.  I just go there for inspiration… ever try to figure out what restaurant you’re in the mood for?  Well… when it comes to cooking, there’s even more to choose from… so this is a great site for ideas- that’s how I use it.  Additionally, if you’re limited on time, check what things you can prepare ‘not from scratch’ –  like… those sweet mashed potatoes were awesome… and deli-made.  All in all, I thought it was a wonderful evening, because the food was restaurant quality (ok… maybe I need to buy prettier plates), and I got to enjoy the creativity of creating it.  There’s definitely more satisfaction in knowing someone enjoyed the meal you created, as compared to the meal that someone else made.  I did email Tracy a confession that I don’t cook like this every day (not enough time, and I hate cleaning up after myself).

We also saw “Blue State” which was cute…. but not the best when you’ve drank a bunch of wine, and are tired.  It’s about this guy who says that if Bush wins again (last election), he’ll move to Canada… and everyone basically says that now he has to do it… and the crazy adventures that ensue.

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