Perry Belcher – Feature Interview (yeah… an hour long)

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My 2009 “Non-stop” travels began with my trip to couchsurf at Perry Belcher’s place in Austin, TX. I met Perry Belcher at a marketing event that Matt Bacak was hosting. Matt Bacak introduced him as “You should all listen, because the following speaker has sold more product in the last 10 years than most people in here combined!” I found Perry to be hilarious, and even better… he made me feel dumb. Yeah… that’s right… Mr. Know-It-All had to quickly rip out his notebook, and ferociously take notes! This guy knew his stuff! That particular lecture was on copywriting, and was the VIP-day lecturer on social media (Perry is often in the top 100 twitterers on Twitter.grader, and has(at the time of this writing) 62,000 followers on twitter).   But… for me… I noticed his crazy shirt, his candor, and his humor.  This was a funny dude.  So… after a lengthy Michael Jackson joke exchange, we parted ways.  I reconnected on twitter, and eventually got to crash his couch.  Perry is a generous, helpful, friendly, caring, and amusing individual.  I’m proud to call him a couch, and I’m proud to call him a friend. Most people who truly know him would say the same thing (‘cept the couch part, ’cause not that many people couch surf)– and with that… here’s my interview with Perry Belcher:

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13 Responses to “Perry Belcher – Feature Interview (yeah… an hour long)”
  1. Matt Bacak Says:

    You both make me laugh. Great to get to know Perry better.

  2. Michael Craig Says:

    Great interview!

    I look forward to interviewing the interviewer on April 14th!

  3. Tara Says:

    Hey Ori @mattbacak Just twat me here – I am staring a Radio show on the East Coast of Australia called

    "CyberWealth" with podcast links too – just getting it all up – Just did SMD Wtih Simon Leung & Nikhil Parekh – their great

    Have a look at my security software company – We have a Big solution for Windows op systems and Window based servers – You could interview us online live via
    catch up on Twitter and Facey – Cheers – Ripper Tara

    P.S Nice interview – smiles

  4. Anne Says:

    Very thorough yet informative interview with Perry…love those shirts. I enjoy knowing where people are coming from. Did you hurt you wrist, Ori? I hope that Perry gets rid of his cold. I can relate to the kids; some days are harder than others, but the end result is well worth it. As Perry said family is important and who you can hopefully fall back on in times of need.

  5. CouchSurfingOri Says:

    I had not hurt my wrist :) That was one of those hospital visits I had this year (Endoscopy, after getting some food stuck in my esophagus). Perry had an allergy to the cedar-pollen… apparently, everyone there gets it… His kids are great, and he has a unique way of raising them. He sure does love his family.

  6. Whitney Pannell Says:

    You all are two brilliant marketers!

  7. Perry Belcher - Feature Interview (yeah… an hour long) Says:

    […] the original post here:  Perry Belcher – Feature Interview (yeah… an hour long) Tags: austin, couch, entrepreneur, Michael Jackson, oldname, perry, texas, […]

  8. Randy Toribio Says:

    Great Interview, You Guys RoCK ! Talk Soon

  9. suzanne Says:

    Interesting laid back interview. Growing up with financial challenges does have an influence of what kind of business person one can be. Diligence, Tenacity and Persistence along with family and helping others. good points!

  10. Jeff Knize Says:

    The Sears catalog brings back memories. I always wanted the Go-Carts & Mini-Bikes. lol

    Great work Ori & Perry!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jeff Knize

  11. dejon97 Says:

    Great stuff. Mr. Belcher's attitude epitomizes that of a true grinder. I always find it interesting to hear people's stories, because I can usually find something positive to take away and imply in my life. Thanks Mr. Belcher for opening up and sharing. When our paths cross I'm sure it will be a pleasure to meet you and thank you in person.

  12. Salty Droid Says:

    Ori :: Don't go to the DarkSide brother :: Nothing but pain once you get there.

    I couldn't watch the whole thing because scandalous liars make me nauseous :: but maybe you could ask Evil Jowls to clear something up for me ::

    He made $75,000 his senior year in High School {1982} ::

    – Sold snip-tags marked up from $7 to $20 = Netting $13

    – So in 1982 he moved 5700 polo shirts in a town of 20,000 blue collar Kentuckians?

    Bull shit!! He tells utterly ridiculous lies by reflex.

    Resist them Ori :: Resist!!!!!!

  13. citytonight Says:

    Thanks Mr. Belcher for opening up and sharing.

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