MC Lars – Space Game <-- entertaining tune!

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I swear! My favorite part is where DJ Hal cranks out a solo!  Awww yeah!  This is for all fans of sci-fi… heard this tune on the radio on 91.7FM in Austin, TX today.  They had a bit where every tune was Space related (in honor of the new Star Trek) – Thankfully, I was able to find it online, so I could share it with you (me singing it would not work so well… TRUST ME!).

If you like BloodHound Gang, you’ll dig these dudes– MC Lars.

If you like that tune- MC Lars has a fun site or a really sweet layout & lots of tunes on their MySpace page

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  1. crowneddragon Says:

    So happy to see this on here, okay, now you have to look up MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Jesse Dangerously, and MC Chris (especially Fett's Vette) Nerdcore FTW!

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