Karma strikes the wicked…

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Summary: Our plans to go to Maryland are almost canceled when this evil chick tries to be mean to Angela. In Maryland, Karma messes with this girl’s flight!  Take that!Friday was a funny example of Karma. There is a story I haven’t told in depth yet. It was one that was irritating as it happened, but I know it’s not terminal, so it didn’t phase me. Here’s what happened. I told you that I was going to Maryland for Amy (Couch 45)’s birthday. Here’s some drama. Angela & Amy (Couch 44 & 45) are best friends (BFF). There’s some friends of Amy’s by the name of Rob & Jenny. Rob is dating Jenny… though, I guess they’re engaged. Anyways- Angela and I wanted to surprise Amy for her birthday. Rob & Jenny were already going to be there, as they had plans in DC, which is nearby. They figured they’d stop and visit Amy on the way, for her b-day. Angela wanted to figure out their schedule, as to figure out when’s best to show up. Jenny basically told Angela that they already have plans, and that she can’t just impose, and invite herself… that she’ll ruin everything… that she can’t just show up ’cause it’s comfortable– like flying to Maryland is convenient. I forgot to mention it, but I had a wedding to attend in Virginia on the 21st, and Angela agreed to be my date. This way, we got to kill 2 birds with 1 stone… see both friends, and each other. So… basically, Jenny is being a total bitch to Angela, telling her that she’s not allowed to visit her best friend for her birthday! I told Angela not to worry about it, that it isn’t Jenny’s birthday, but rather Amy’s, and that she has a choice- either talk to Rob and let him know what his girl is doing — because it’s likely she didn’t tell him… or… tell Amy, ruin the surprise element of the visit, but at least find out if you’d really be intruding or not. Angela was saying that maybe she’ll just cancel the visit all together. I told her that I am going to visit Amy for her birthday whether she goes or not, but that I am positive that Amy would kick her ass if she doesn’t show up for her birthday. See, Amy is from Chicago, but is now on rotation in Maryland… so, she doesn’t have all her friends, etc… Angela does not like confrontation, and really wanted to surprise Amy, but broke down and told Amy of her plans, and what Jenny is doing. Amy didn’t want to get in the middle of this, but did tell Angela that she would kick her ass if she didn’t show up…. and, that they had no plans at all together… and to top that off, Rob & Jenny have a hotel, where as Angela and I would be Couch Surfing with Amy. So.. it’s settled… we’re going… Angela got her ticket…. I made my plans… All’s well.. until one day, at 4am, Jenny texts Angela that she is going to do everything possible to ruin Angela’s trip! It’s not just the threat, but also the fact it’s at 4am, and that Jenny is being really mean about all this. Angela kept trying to be nice… Jenny finally says that she’s never liked Angela… Which totally shocked Angela, as Jenny was often nice to her.. and she was certainly always nice to Jenny! Fast forward to present day (Friday), and Rob & Jenny are supposed to show up in the morning. Jenny’s Karma struck her… Weather conditions canceled their flight. They got on another flight that came to DC, and then needed to rent a car. They wouldn’t be in until evening. They got to their hotel, and were irritated at their day. Meanwhile, me and the girls had a fun day of hanging out. I worked some while the girls went into town for a tiny bit. They (Rob & Jenny) showed up, took their sweet old time and we went to this totally delicious Hibachi place. We ate a lot of great food. Angela treated me– said she doesn’t take me on too many dates. I could get used to this :) Guess I still got the whole male chivalry thing going on… Everyone seemed to get along (I had already warned Amy & Angela that if Jenny misbehaves, I will personally humiliate her in public…. since I have no shame, there’s not much she can do to me, while there’s a lot I can do to her– although, she seems pretty shameless. I saw her ass and one of her boobs on this trip, while she was being flirtatious with Rob — that’s the next day at the winery though). Personally, I thought Jenny seems kind of cool… I’d say if I didn’t see the texts on Angela’s phone, I’d’ve called Angela a liar, as Jenny was well behaved, and even a lot of fun. After dinner, Rob & Jenny came over, gave Amy her b-day presents, and left. We all hung out, and then Angela and I got some more time to ourself.

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