I found the secret to success in Chicago

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I’ve been trying to better myself for a long long time… I think we all do.  We read books on weight loss or business or people skills…  we take courses on goal setting and time management… and yet, it seems most of us go back to our normal routine (Don’t believe me? It’s been proven that the average new year’s fitness resolution is broken in about 3-4 days).   23% of resolutions are actually kept.  35% are broken before January is up.

We know how to lose weight (burn up more calories than we ingest), yet… most of us are upset about our excess weight.  Knowing doesn’t seem to be enough.  Aftr trying so many times, we just give up and claim something like “Well, it’s my genes,” or “I come from a fat family, there’s nothing I can do.”

This doesn’t apply to just weight… it applies to so many parts of our lives.We just give up, put our dreams and goals on the shelf, and make an excuse.  We think that we were not meant to have that particular thing in our lives.

I’ve given up on drawing so many times in my life. I wanted to be an artist since I was a kid.  I’d always quit  though… ’cause it took a lot of work, not just spending money on fancy brushes.  Recently, I made this image, and I’ll tell you how I was able to do it in this post.

I’ve tried just about everything, and I’m fairly sure I found an approach for accomplishing anything, that works (for me).  I discovered it in Costa Rica in late 2010… but I did not take action until this year– but boy, am I glad that I did!

In October I launched Make WordPress Easy (my course on how to make websites), and all of a sudden I had a bunch more money than I was used to. I started flying everywhere – rather than driving – and I was eating, and boozing it up.  There was much celebration…. which made me fat again. I was pissed off at myself, and decided that once I get back to Austin, I’m going on a diet, and to exercise.

It was as I made that decision that I saw my buddy Brad post a before/after photo of himself on Facebook.  He had a 6-pack! WTF?!

I called him up and got his exact diet and fitness routine.  He said the routine is supposed to work in 3 months, so I declared that in 3 months I shall have a 6-pack.

Many friends and family were concerned as I cut out all sugars and all carbs (except for 1 hour a week), and ate tons of bacon, eggs and steaks each day.  I started looking pretty good, but at 3 months, when I didn’t get my 6-pack, I got frustrated, and went on a binge.. that never really ended.

ori bengal with body pillow and towel at Costco

Boom.  Yo-yo diet.  I went from fat and bloated to “Whoa dude! Nice guns!” (seriously.. I posted a photo of me being immature at Costco (walking around with a towel wrapped around my waist, and posing as if the body pillow is a penis), and nobody commented on the pillow… they just commented on the muscle!) to fat’ish again (though, there was still a bit of muscle left).

I felt like a failure.  I didn’t reach my goal. I thought I was taking a tiny break, and then I lost all discipline, and I stopped dieting, and exercising.  *sigh* Not again!

Well… It turns out that Brad knew something I didn’t. It turns out that when we were at Awesomeness Fest in Costa Rica, Brad signed up for a particular event that I didn’t.

Since I brought Itay here, I’ve been taking him to many personal development courses, and have been giving him many books as well.  The changes have been phenomenal.  So, when we were at Leverage Summit, I ran into an employee of this particular event, and I thought it sounded great for Itay (and myself), as I thought he could learn to dream bigger.

Since we went, I have been exercising every single day, and drawing every single day… because I want to, not because it’s a chore, and I’m trying to get to a 6-pack. My drawings are improving, and I don’t go to sleep until I’ve posted at least one drawing.  I don’t go to sleep until I’ve exercised. I actually had a few 2am workouts.

The amazing thing is… I wanted to draw ’cause this event reminded me that drawing is something I am really passionate about.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to be good at, but I’d always quit.  I wanted to make a living at it, and be a professional artist.  The amazing thing is, that since I committed to post a drawing every day (most of them taking me about 15 minutes), people have already started to ask me about getting prints! One person asked me if they can commission me to do their book cover! Dreams coming true!

Here’s some of the drawings:

The first thing they did for me was give me a test (online).  This made me gauge 12 different areas of my life.  We generally don’t think about our lives in different categories… definitely not 12 categories.  It made me realize that I wasn’t ranking myself very high in many of them.  (Keep reading – that test is $129, but I got a code so you can get it for free)

We had a blast in Chicago-   we ate like pigs. We went to The Girl And The Goat – a place that had 1,400 Yelp reviews, all of them giving nearly a perfect 5.  Everyone told us we wouldn’t be able to get a table, so we went anyways, and got a high-top at the bar right away.  It was delicious! We also ate hot-dogs, had deep dish pizza, had amazing steaks. All the things you need to have in Chicago (and a few others)

We went to the zoo, the museum of industry and science (which totally inspired me), had lunch on the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower (what a view!), visited the Shed Aquarium, went to Navy Pier, took the architectural tour, and Itay got a private tour of the United Center (where they play Ice Hockey / Basketball).

All this, and we got to spend 4 days working on our life goals in a very unique method – which is what has me so excited, and able to keep my goals (and after a phone call, I realized that the reason Brad was able to get his 6-pack, was because he did his fitness goals in this method… not just had a set diet / fitness routine).

Itay, I forgot to mention, has hardly traveled.  Not by my standards at least… so, I’ve already brought him to Austin, San Antonio, and Chicago… since February. Many more trips are planned, because that’s something I’m passionate about, and Itay is certainly enjoying the travel as well.

So, the place we went to is called Lifebook (The link has a 5 minute video about what we attended).  You go there (though, they have an online version if you don’t have the time to spend 4 days flying to Chicago), go through their process, and come out with a giant book that has inspirational quotes, images, and very specific goals broken down into 12 categories, and each goal is broken down in a very specific way (actually, 4 specific ways).

When you come out of there, you get a physical book that actually has all that stuff printed out… It’s called your Lifebook.

Now, there’s the brain aspect of it-  which makes the difference between those new year’s goals that sound great on new year, but end up broken within a week… and those things you actually accomplish.  However…. that didn’t seem to be the only effect.

I kid you not… We landed in Austin, and before we even got home from the airport, I was looking up Capoeira places on my phone, called one, and made an appointment for that evening.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that is kind of like breakdancing.

I figured it would thin me out some, ’cause it seems like everyone in the sport has a 6-pack, and amazing muscle definition (That’s ’cause all those kicks and flips burn up many calories).  Also, one of the things I wrote in my Lifebook was that I wanted to be flexible.  Well… you do major stretches in this all the time – it’s required in order to kick and flip (and to avoid injury).

I also chose Capoeira, ’cause it’s a social sport…. and I graded myself a little low on being social.

So I get home, drenched in sweat, and smiling from ear to ear.  I had a friend staying over, and she asked about my Lifebook, and if she could see it.  I said that’d be fine, and opened it up.  I am totally serious, I forgot this was there… but the very 1st image… the cover image for my health and fitness category… was a guy doing capoeira! I was kind of floored.

It turns out the Capoeira place also has cross-fit training… I couldn’t be happier — although, cross-fit really kicks my butt!

Now, I don’t know about you… but I believe in the law of attraction.  I believe that if I set my intent on something, and can actually visualize it, all sorts of strange things start to happen.

Well… since I’ve made my Lifebook, many such coincidences have been happening.  I wanted to do more public speaking, and I’ve had requests start coming in.

I just spoke at Pure Momentum, with very short notice… and many people told me I was the best speaker (the guy that spoke after me started his presentation by saying that my presentation was the most useful and content-filled presentation he’s seen in 3 years). In June I’ll be speaking at Global Speaker’s Summit (which you can still get tickets to – it’s just outside of Vegas). I also got an invite to speak in Australia in September.

Anyways- I’m really excited about life.  I think I found “a shortcut” that works (Now, it’s not really a shortcut– you have to invest the time discovering your goals, and then you have to do the work– but while at Lifebook, you come up with a strategy).  Despite a hectic schedule, I still haven’t missed a single day of exercise or drawing.

Even more exciting for me… I’m now pursuing inventing.  Something I’ve always enjoyed, but now I’m extremely excited about as a way to solve many problems that people face (and make great money while I’m at it).  I’ve “coincidentally” met the right people over the last week that can mentor me, finance me, and help get me massive retail distribution.  Sorry– can’t tell you what my 1st invention is going to be… but it outta fly off the shelves!

I’m not telling you to go to Lifebook…. but if you can, you should….  I’m telling you to take the testhttp://www.couchsurfingori.com/resources/lifebook-test use discount code “adventure” (without the “s) to get it for free, rather than $129).

I’m not too concerned about what the results it gives you are…. but rather just the fact you get to see what their 12 areas are, and how you rank yourself on them.  If you know what you think you can do better in, then you can work on that.  Without knowing, you can’t.

For example, I rated myself a bit low on my social-life… so… I’ve created what I call “Social Sunday”.  Every Sunday, I now spend at least 2 hours calling people that I’ve fallen out of touch with.  Cool, eh?

The people I’ve called so far, and told about it were blown away!

Anyways… it’s just about midnight, and I still haven’t made my drawing for the day (nor showered since coming home drenched from Capoeira).  So… I gotta finish this post.  I just had to share.

The things I’m looking to achieve (other than massive wealth, so I can properly help change the world) are becoming a well-known artist, a best-selling author, a global keynote speaker, and a successful inventor.  That, and having my own family, and being fit.  I got way more specific in my life book, but that would be a 200 page blog post if I shared all that :)

So, what are the things that you wish you could achieve?


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  1. Ally Stewart Says:

    Hi ori. I really loved reading your story and about the success you have been having in your life. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ally Stewart Says:

    Hi ori. I really loved reading your story and about the success you have been having in your life. Your drawings are great, I especially love the 2 women dancing in bikinis. I am looking forward to your inventions. You seem like a fun guy to be around and I would love to join you at one of your parties.  Keep up the good work.

  3. seanstargazer Says:

    I’ve heard of Lifebook before. Just took the assessment with the code you provided. Now I’ve decided to attend an event in Chicago.

  4. AdventurousAndi Says:

    How expressive!

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