Hillbilly Family Reunion!

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Oh my god, so much happens in such little time! I've been busting ass to get this project done for the Ground Industries guys.. it's a very difficult one as far as 3D projects go. I did not sleep at all on Thursday night, but kept on working. I had made some real progress. Friday was my 6 months anniversary, so rather than just the beer they have at the office, we also drank Tequilla at GI. Once I was sloshed enough, compliments of tequilla and sleep deprivation, they wanted me to autograph a couch cushion.... using a can of spray paint. "Couch 35-37 - Couch Surfing Ori was Here" or something like that. Gotta get the photos back. They were fun to have taken though.
We left the office, and went to Matt's place, after a former sponsored rider of theirs showed up. This guy, Baron, had traveled all over the world, doing nothing but mountain boarding. They were going to have Baron come into town to teach me to mountain board. That's awesome-- having a world-clases competitor for my teacher.

We didn't even stick around for dinner. We just packed up some boards, some banners, and left for Atlanta. I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, so I slept in the car for a bit. As soon as we arrived, Hillbilly and friends weren't home yet, so Shannon let us in, and I got right to work on the 3d project. I kept working until they got home, and even then kept working until they finally forced me to stop so we can go drinking. Now, Ted lives in the Ghetto part of Atlanta, so the fact I hadn't gotten to shower, was wearing shorts, a shirt, and flip-flops (and had no change of lothes) would go mostly unnoticed. We went to Earl's, and drank a few PBR's (Pabst Blue Ribbon), and a shot of Jagermeister. Richard had frequented the bar for years, but it's been a little while. He pointed out that our little hottie of a bartender usually hates him, but probably just hasn't recognized him yet. He kept flirting with her, and was doing all right, until her cop of a husband showed up. When he realized she was married, he wanted to go to another bar. The place was right next to a lesbian bar, and we got hit on by a bunch of butch lesbians on our way to this other bar. Richard was very drunk by this time, and didn't last too long before passing out on the table. We had this waitress with lots of tattoos, who is a masterful salesperson... she got Brian to get a shot, by saying "You guys need anything?" though Brian and I were sure she said "Are you guys doing all right?" so Brian said yes. She's like "What would you like?" "Nothing.. we're good, thanks!" "Listen buddy! I asked if you needed anything, and you said yes! So what are you going to have?" - Brian's a big'ish guy, but this girl looked pretty tough... had tattoos everywhere, short raven black hair, and she moved so swiftly that I didn't have time to spray her with jokes! The place closed up at 3am. Did I mention that they told me "Oh yeah.. we'll only be one or 2 hours" in order to get me away from my laptop!

We head back to the car-- which is a customized Four-Runner, with high suspension, and the cab turned into a convertible. On our way to the car, Richard had to stop in an alley to vomit and lose his shoes. While we waited on him, we got hit on by various drunk lesbians. As we get in the car, this very strange character named Timo comes up and starts raving about what a cool truck Ted has. He keeps going on and on, being super friendly... then wants to jump in the truck with us. He said he'll go either home, or whereever we're going. Since he was mildly creepy, Ted drove him home. Then we went to the next city, so we can find an open bar. Where as Baron was whining that we need to go to another bar 'cause Bar #2 was closing at 2, he changed his tune when we actually got there. The previous booze had hit him, and he was not feeling that great. We told him to go in the truck (where Richard was passed out), and we'll be right there. Meanwhile, we stuck around for a few PBR's. Our serious waitress from the other place had come in! I made her laugh this time :) She said she's serious, but I had enough retarded jokes for her! She then proceeded to compare tattoos with Brian. She had a spider web tattooed on her armpit, she said that one was painful, as was "Asshole" that she had on the back of her lips. She said the ones on her butt were not painful.

FUNNY ORI STORY- Last year, I was sort of dating this very nice girl. She was happy to spend time with me where ever I went, as I seem to have an interesting life (I always say I only work... but... work includes lots of fancy clubs / parties / events / etc...), and she seemed to like me a lot for some reason. Sweet gal. She went and assisted me on many photo shoots, helped me clean my place (She liked to clean!), would bring me food from the restaurant, and would go hang with me and the guys... Kayaking was fun! Anyways... her birthday was coming up, and I thought I'd be humorous.... Since I shot Niki Taylor getting her Tattoo at the Hard Rock, and brought a few of my own flirtatious models in for tattoos, the tattoo guys loved me, and instantly agreed to give this girl a tattoo for me. She had a faded out, undetailed, blurry, monochromatic butterfly on her right (very cute) ass cheek. I had J go over it, add detail, sharpen the edges, and add color. This tiny, boring, unnoticeable butterfly had blossomed into a beautiful, colorful, BUTTerfly (*chuckle*), that was practically flying off her ass. It was a sight! And it was free! (I know people) -- The girl was happy, and --- true story -- the punch line is... I told her that I got it for her, so when we broke up, she'd remember me appropriately as a pain in the ass (and then I'd smack her tattooed region... which apparently hurts after a tattoo). --- Ok... back to the original story about my weekend :)

Baron kept calling us on the phone to see when the hell we'd be out. We said we were almost done, and were real close to the door... 'cause we were close to the door... it's a small bar :p We left, and sure enough there was a puddle of puke next to the truck... could've been anyone! We were almost at Ted's house, when I saw a couch by someone's mailbox "Hey look! A wild couch! Looks like they're throwing it away! We should pick it up... free couch!" Tedd makes a sudden U-turn, almost throwing us out of the truck, he accelerates, and rams the couch and mailbox!! I thought it was hillarious.. but I was sort of shocked, it was not what I was expecting! On our way out of Atlanta, I managed to get a shot of the couch/mailbox :)

Saturday - woke up, worked on 3d project until Lizzy (the model) showed up. In the meantime, had to get her directions, so kept passing the phone to other people. She said "bad directions, I'm in the ghetto!" "Good directions, the event's in the ghetto." We shot her in an "I love (heart) dirt" shirt by Hillbilly, and Cowboy Boots. She's quite awesome. We had boarders jumping in front of her, dropping from the roof of where she was standing, etc... it was fun. After a while, we sent her on her way.

I tried mountain boarding, as did Daniel, and Skiz. Skiz used to skate, so he didn't fall. My arm is still ripped up a little bit. There was a lot of BBQ'ing, and drinking. There was a freestyle rapper named Darius, with a lovely set of teeth. There were some girls from the Atlanta Rollergirls, who came over to hang, and invited us to their party a little later. We showed up there, but it looked kind of lame, and we left quickly. Richard got all messed up all during the day. Trying to do rails, which he did when he was drunk, 'cause that's when he gets the balls to do rails, then he even managed to get ripped up on the Hillbilly slip-n-slide (Tarp w/ a hose & dish soap). There were a lot of people getting battered on the course, and a lot of amazing stunts. Richard, while he may have drank a lot, and gotten tore up on the course (And even the slip-n-slide), has been in the sport since 1996, and has been featured in magazines over 12 times. Baron had done nothing but compete all over the world for a year. A lot of these guys were great. After I sent Lizzy off, I shot the skaters... it was a lot of fun. Once the party had slowed down enough (around 10pm or so) I started to work on the project again. I sent the project to the Global Industries guys. At that point, I was able to go back to the party, and hang out with the remaining people. I mostly told jokes and CSO stories.

Once it was so slow, and I was so damn exhausted from sleep deprivation, that I went to my couch (38), and tried to blog (wrote the start of this entry), but was so tired, that I fell asleep with my laptop on my chest... apparently, Brian took some photos, on my camera (as usual, to be posted soon).

The next morning, we hung out (today)-- Jumbo, Richard, Nick, Gina, Brian... it was a fun morning of hanging out and telling jokes. I was supposed to ride to the Lake with Richard, and hang out in his buddy's boat... but... seems it was raining on the lake, so he was no longer going to the lake. I chose to ride back with Baron, and get to Matt's place sooner. I kept falling asleep on the drive. Matt's wife made me and Matt a very healthy Ragut (Vegetable & Sausage stew), with some amazing bread that was stuffed with Garlic. She said we needed our antioxidants, and an actual healthy meal was a great way to do that. Way better than the Hardees I was anticipating.

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