Goals in 2010

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You gotta know what to do and what not to do when goal setting.

There are to do's, and not-to-do's when setting goals.

I was asked if I had any resolutions for this year.  I said, yes of course! 1920×1200 of course!  (For you non-geeks, that’s my laptop’s screen resolution. It’s measured in pixels).  I don’t believe in resolutions.  Why?  Because they’re usually crap… they are something that doesn’t mean anything.  They are the reasons that gyms are in business.  All that holiday food, and now everyone wants  six-pack abs, buys a gym membership, and then doesn’t do anything with it. I don’t do resolutions, I do goals.

Goal setting has been scientifically proven to make achievement more likely.  They say your goal should be big and hard (don’t start with the perv jokes just yet… it’s only day 1 of the year… oh heck! Let’s have a fun year.. make your perv jokes), or it won’t inspire you enough to get it done.    If you don’t MAKE goals (by the way, only about 3% of the USA population actually knows how or bothers to set goals).

Don’t worry… this isn’t a “How to set Goals so they work” post.  This is me talking a little bit about that, and a little bit about what I’m looking to do for 2010.

I am  now in Austin.  I wanted to start the year here, and I did (hooray, one goal checked off already).  Some goals of mine:

Get in shape– more specifically, I’m going to sign up to run in a marathon by June (26 miles in a day).  I’ve never tried to  train for one of those.  I’ve run 13.5 miles in a day a few times — that only started after that one whacky day at Burning Man ’09.  For some “strange reason” I ended up running for over 9 hours barefoot through the desert.  So, after the burn, I tried it at home, and was able to get it up to a half marathon… though, not at competition speeds.  Other than being able to run a marathon by June, I am also signing up for Capoeira – a Brazilian martial art.  It’ll be cool, I’ll be able to do backflips, and walk on my hands :)

I used to do Capoeira for a few months… but you don’t get good at anything in just a few months.  I intend on being in Austin area for a few months at least. I plan on getting involved in the community.  I’ve never done that before when I lived in Boca Raton, Gainesville (FL), Los Angeles (CA), Atlanta (GA), Fort Lauderdale (FL), or South Beach (FL).   I can help many businesses here.  I can teach them so much, and help grow their results.  I will be getting involved with a few local organizations.

Another time-taking thing I’ve yet to complete, which I intend to finish in 2010 is my book.  Now that I’ve completed 3 years, I”m not concerned about being more stationary (though I did get rid of most of my belongings recently), so that I can write about those 1st 3 years. I figure 240-300 pages should be plenty.  I’ve already broken the book up into themes, and made notes on which adventures I’ve had, and which categories they fall under.  Now it’s a matter of making them flow together. I figure at least an hour a day of writing, and I’ll at least make progress. My reward for completing this one?  A giant book launch party (with many inflatable couches), and perhaps I’ll exit Austin, and go on a book tour.

Playing the guitar, and possibly singing.  I want to be able to jam out with other musicians. I want to be able to write funny thongs about what’s on my mind.  I want to be able to play entire songs… maybe entertain at a party or something.  The plan?  Barter a guitar teacher a website and some marketing in exchange for lessons until June (maybe more).  You’ll see my results as I go… I”ll be youtubing that stuff :) I think I’ll be happy if I can do some Toad The Wet Sprocket, a little Johnny Cash, some U2, Dead Milkmen, etc… I guess step one would be to figure out what 10-20 songs I want to be able to play fluently.

Are you noticing a pattern here? Resolution “Want to go to the gym more often”  doesn’t work because it’s often not specific enough “I want to attend the gym 3 times per week, for sessions of 1.5 hours, which break down into 30 minutes of elipticals, and 60 minutes of resistance weight training.  To accomplish this, I will get a trainer that can help me with my diet, workout routine, and hold me accountable.  My end result is to lose 30 pounds of fat, and gain 12 pounds of muscle.  I will go from a size 36 pair of jeans, to a size 32, by the end of may.  I will reward myself with a $400 worth of new wardrobe.”   Big difference between the two.  You need ways to make sure you can measure your progress.

The 875 foot Zipline ride I want to do

The 875 foot Zipline ride I want to do

Despite being semi-stationary, I still want adventures.  Adventures are defined as new experiences… though, I do prefer the things that make my adrenaline levels rise… I will measure this at one adventure per month minimum. For January, I am going on a 875 foot zipline.

I wanted to start my own show, so I made sure to do that before the year ended. I had my first episode this week, and it will be (for now) on at Monday’s 10pm CST.  Couchsurfing Radio – The Couch-casts.  I should have 52 episodes this year.  That’s an easy thing to measure.

Goal setting and staying positive- I started journaling my goals on the last two weeks of 2009.  I look to do that daily in 2010. If you’re aware on a daily basis what your goals are, then you can tell on a daily basis if you’re on the right path.  In fact, I’ve been writing affirmations of sorts.  It’s helped my mindset when I do them before bed, and upon waking up. I’ve also been doing pullups /chinups every day for the last 2 weeks.  I’d like to keep that going, but get to the point where I can do 100 a day (right now I’m not counting the per-diem, I’m just counting that I do between 5-10 reps each time).  Same applies to pushups and planks (both of which I have not been doing daily at all.  But will start NOW (just stepped away, did a slow 62 second plank, and 25 wide-grip pushups.  This is harder than you’d think, because there’s a St. Bernard and a Golden Retriever that thought this means I want to be licked and sniffed).  Ok… so now I’ve done planks, pushups, and pullups, plus goal writing every day this year!

I gotta admit, the champagne and kissing at 00 (midnight), 1am, and 2am was also a nice way to start 2010.  One of my goals is to form a successful relationship.  Though, I’m not really sure how to benchmark that yet.

One of my goals is also to build up more funds financially. In order to do that, I need to grow my team, so I can delegate some of my tasks, and have more time to work on the stuff that gets me the highest return on my time.  I also look to do more recurring work, as compared to one-off projects.

Since I’m looking to be in one place (sort of) for a while, I may try the model of having people come visit me, and we leave on adventures here… as compared to me going there.  My friend Elizabeth Potts Weinstein will be here this coming weekend.  Adventure #1- Zipline (mentioned above), Adventure (defined by new experiences) #2- Sake…. Elizabeth has never drank Sake.  Adventure #3 is an adventure in photos. Her photos look too plain, and she’s a totally interesting person… so you can expect to see new and exciting photos.  What can be done in one weekend? A lot!

Something I may travel for, or may team up with a local company is skydiving.  I want to fly a squirrel suit!

The only thing is… you need 300 to 500 skydives before you can do that. So, I have more than 200 to go. I guess step one is getting certified. If you have a skydiving facility, and want me to make a documentary about the process, just get me 300-500 jumps, and I’l ldocument the whole thing, and help you with your marketing and social media.
I am looking to get a lot more of my videos out there this year.  I have 100’s of hours of videos, and hundreds of thousands of photos that all need to be processed and posted.  This is a process that takes time, so I may need to hire out

One way to keep on track with your goals, is to have a reminder of them whereever you are… a background for your cell phone, gps, computer desktop (wallapaper) and screensaver, a visionboard, accountability partners, and little notes on your dashboard and mirrors.

Those are some of my goals, and a few explanations of what makes them work, and how I will benchmark them.  I need to focus more on defining them, but rest assured that my 2010 goals will be more grand, and more detailed than any previous year.

You got any neat goals for 2010 or any good goal-setting tips ?

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  2. Mike Stenger Says:

    Love it dude! I totally agree with resolutions…they are usually crap and very few actually achieve a "resolution". Drop the re and focus on new years SOLUTIONS and goals. Learned about new years solutions from Jason Moffatt and think it's way better. Goals are very important too :-)You say you've got hundreds of thousands of photos? That's gotta be a typo. If not, that's nuts! I recommend you get a Flickr Pro account. It's only like $24.95/year and you get unlimited bandwidth, uploads, storage, sets, and collections as well as some other goodies such as HD playback if you wanted another place to store your videos. Can't beat it with a stick

  3. ElizabethPW Says:

    Awesome plan for 2010 … and I'm so freaking excited to be part of the beginning of it!You know what's funny? Of the 3 adventures for this weekend – zipline, sake, and photography – you know what I'm most nervous about? The photography. Personal risk stuff is much more scary than physical risk.

  4. Brendan Wenzel Says:

    Great list of goals Ori. Been spending my day evaluating where I am and where I want to be this year. Fun stuff, except for the financial part of it.

  5. couchsurfingori Says:

    Best start finding a way to think of the financial part as fun… if you think negative of it, you won't deal with it… thus won't have it. If you think of all it affords you, and what directly measureable steps you have to achieve to get there, you'l be able to deal with it, achieve it, and have that much $– so..it should be the most fun to think of goals. Remember- if it doesn't challenge you, it'll be harder to get motivated.

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    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by CouchSurfingOri: Exciting new blog post! Goals in 2010! http://bit.ly/6Tc87r

  7. couchsurfingori Says:

    LOVE the Solutions thing (though I think that 1920×1200 is pretty funny :) )! I hope a lot of people read the comments on this post, and get that piece of wisdom.

    That was not a typo by the way! I've shot over 100,000 photos in 2007 alone…. since then I stopped counting, but I am trigger happy, no doubt about that. I do have a Flickr pro account. I don't use it properly of course. Their video is a joke though- I believe the time limmit is 15 seconds or so. I just signed up for Blip.tv- they let you do massive length stuff.

  8. Adventure_Daddy Says:

    Two things Ori… 1) Those crappy resolutions are going to be feeding my baby this month (i.e. I work at Gold's Gym), and 2) I know a skydiving instructor…who knows a facility owner! Just call me if you want to get it done…Ill hook yall up!

  9. couchsurfingori Says:

    Yes, those resolutions will drive traffic to the gym, and get you EVEN MORE sales than usual. But it's your GOALS and commitment to them that's feeding your baby. In fact, I can think of *ahem* some people that would screw up that stampede of people who are coming in, credit card in hand, ready to buy… they can still be driven away.2)We'll definitely talk about that.

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