Couch 24 & 57 are pregnant! Change of plans for GA.

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I’ve spoken to Jessica (Couch 6) since I’ve left her no clothes party a few times, and she’s gotten promoted within the speed speed skating industry.. she now co-coordinates the races. Yay couch 6! She also hasn’t heard from the Other photographer that was at the event. Too bad, ’cause he had some pics of everyone (including me). I know how you people feel when I, or anyone else takes your photo, and you just have to wait and wait and wait. Trust me folks, I’m working on catching up through these 27,000 photos from 2007. After Jessica’s party, I did get to hang out with Couch 5 for a bit as well, and I saw Couch 4 on my way to Tampa for a few minutes. I still haven’t spoken to Victoria, who flaked out on going to the party, and therefore did not become the next couch. She did try to call me a few days later, but I was in the middle of something, and she didn’t leave a message. Being flaky is a good way to burn bridges with me.

The drives have all been beautiful… It is the time of year when the trees change colors, and if you haven’t seen it in person, I highly recommend an October drive across Maryland / Virginia. A sea of green, with foaming waves of red and orange of all shades. It is breathtaking… This is not something I have too many photos of, as I was driving. I have gotten quite adept at taking photos while driving out of either window and the sunroof.

In Georgia, I was supposed to go Kayaking with Couch 24. I couch surfed with his new lady, Alyx (Couch 57), who is an optimistic ball of affection! Even her cat, Zeppelin is a lover. Here’s a few shots of Alyx, her cat, and her window-fairy.


Speaking of lovin’, Skizzy & Alyx are in the process of having a baby. I didn’t ask how planned it was, but I know that myself, and everyone else are looking for projects to help Skizzyx (Skizzy + Alyx) raise funds for their new addition. That’s why we didn’t go kayaking… instead, we spent the time coming up with strategies for what they can do to raise funds. I did a full consultation: What to do, how to do it, where to advertise, how to advertise, whom to contact, etc… If they follow my ideas, their baby should be growing up in style :). If you are in Georgia, and have a need for a photographer that specializes in high-end car photography, event photography, and glamour model photography, contact me, and I’ll connect you with Skizzy.

We hit this Tapas (finger food) place called Casa Di Luna or something like that (I’ll call Skizz and find out later)- it was so yummy! There was a DJ playing, and some drunk girl that looked like she was doing aerobics, but we know she was attempting to dance. The high-kicks were what made me laugh the most. Our waitress even warned us that the girl has gotten drunk over the last few days, and has already gotten kicked out a time or two for getting naked. I guess the scene was supposed to pick-up, but we left early enough. The funny thing is that I went to dance with the drunk girl (for amusement– ask Alyx), and she turned me down… ignored me sort of… Alyx and I both laughed. We’re pretty darn sure that this has something to do with my constant laughing as she went by earlier, that I mocked her dancing, ignored her when she asked me to dance while we were eating, or that I was waving a dollar in her direction earlier.

I got to see some of the people from my Atlanta past, but not too many. I like Atlanta a lot… I bought a house there, and people had something to do with it. However, the main group of people I know are “The cool kids” – I didn’t hang with this type of people in high school, and I don’t have the patience (nor desire to spend money) to go out every single night to a different club. It’s always the same clubs though in Atlanta- there’s a group of 3 or 4 that are popular at the time… usually dictated by Armada Magazine. I’ve lost track of them all… Regardless, Daniel made it out to meet us! He is a great friend that I’ve acquired on this journey. What a cool cat. Daniel is into video acquisition and editing. When we got home, I watched Evan All Mighty. It was cute… but cheesy as heck… and I can’t even place suspense of disbelief for the ending. I mean, God doing a flood, etc… yeah, ok. But… the fact it was so localized… that’s the part I find hard to believe.

Look up some videos online for Robot Chicken… there’s some hilarious ones about Noah hating “freaks” so he gave the cyclops, unicorns, dragons, etc.. the wrong time to show up on the Ark… then they build their own, but it’s pretty lame, and the mermaid / merman make fun of their ark “Hope you can swim! ’cause that ark doesn’t look that great! We’re mermaids, so we can swim!” So the dragon eats the merman and says “I hope you can also sexually reproduce!” :) I love the Robot Chicken!

Before leaving Georgia, I did get to have lunch with Couch 24/57/7 at this Greek place. The interesting thing is that it’s a small place, attached to a Shell gas station. I’ve always enjoyed grabbing Israeli… er.. Mediterranean food with my great buddy Tim (Couch 7). He found this place near him that has amazing food! I can taste it, just writing about it. I think Tim had the Falafel, while I had the meat-platter… beef, chicken, lamb skewers, along with some yummy hummus and pita. Oh yum! Now couch 7 has hung out with 24 since I’ve been gone. I love networking people, and I’m doing that daily!

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