Coconuts, Bats, and My Birthday Surprise – another Costa Rican Update.

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A sign that shows Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica has a population of 7I have a beard going on.  I’m writing from a bean bag that’s overlooking the beach. We (Kathryn and I) are staying with Billy in Jaco. He built this tree house.  Funny thing is, we came here straight from staying in a real treehouse that was 90 feet above the ground in the Costa Rican jungle.  THAT was my birthday surprise that everyone’s been waiting to find out about.

Kathryn asked me a few months ago if I can make it to Costa Rica on the 18th for my birthday surprise.  Serendipity struck, and I made it, so she took me.  She got a 4×4 which I had to drive since she doesn’t know how to drive stick.  We drove all day, I had a digestive issue which kept me puking all day and night, and I was afraid that it was going to hospitalize me (again)… finally I was able to nap it off, hooray!

Kathryn missed 127KM of navigation, so we got there later than we wanted, and it was dark… so, despite being there, I still had no idea where we were.

We were given a cabin, which had a (very welcome) hot shower, no electricity, and a few candles that in the full moon almost felt useless.

The next morning Jef made us breakfast, and he and I had a joke-off until he finally admitted that he bows to the master.  It was during breakfast that I found out that I was at a tree-house community.

This, for the record, is the short version… I will probably post a long version with lots of photos and videos… but I am finally making massive headway with my book, so I’m keeping this short.

There were many mosquitoes, strange bird sounds, lots of rain and humidity… in fact, after my camera was having condensation issues we bought a ZorbPack (really powerful silica gel pack that sucks out humidity) for our electronics.

We did a lot of hiking, hiked up a river to get to the waterfalls, hiked through trails to get breathtaking views.  We read, napped, wrote, hiked.  Slow pace, lots of fun. Also, zip lining, which was a blast, since it was a good many feet off the ground , went over waterfalls and rivers, etc.

I saw bats. Big bats, that flew in the dark, and would fly right up to my face, then fly away.  Without our head lamps we wouldn’t’ve seen or heard them.

Here is a look at the jungle, and some sounds of the Jungle:

Here is some rain… maybe why they call it a rain forest?

After zip lining we drove until we were dead tired, and got a crappy hotel… I took photos of that too, ’cause “it’s got character”.

We really didn’t feel like having the “Where to next?” conversation for some reason… we just said we should maybe head towards Billy’s place… or maybe go to Panama….. Here’s an awesome sunset once we got to Billy’s, and a cute explanation of how we did our planning:

Billy’s house is in Jaco, is right on the beach, has 3 dogs, a treehouse. There are iguanas everywhere, and some weird red squirrels, and lots of cutter ants- which are incredibly fascinating to watch at work:

The little dog is “Trashy” – as he was rescued from a garbage can.

The largest wall has massive windows through which we can watch the sunsets, listen to the ocean all day, and feel this incredible cool breeze off the ocean (as I’m doing right now). The window also lets in other things though, such as mosquitoes, moths, and even bats! I got to play with my 1st bat (I’ve always thought they were adorable)!

There are lots of coconut trees on the beach, and we have a saw that’s tied to a large bamboo stick “The Pippa Rippa” — we use this to hack coconuts off the trees, and then we bring them home and slide them with the machete… the only problem is that these things are dull as all heck!

In the jungle, Mateo let me use his machete, and that sucker was sharp! It cut through everything as if there was nothing in its way! My (horrible) joke was: Want to play Rwandan Rebels? I’ll be the rebel, you be the refugee!

I’m told by many that Jaco is the armpit of Costa Rica. We’ve seen lots of hookers, and a few trannies. The ocean breeze and view is what we got though, so the rest of town doesn’t bother us. It is the place that has a Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, and Quiznos. My favorite pizza place by far is Pizza Pata- this small shack that makes incredible (and affordable) pizza, while having a lot of fun. They sing and dance, and interact with their audience. If you’re in Jaco, I recommend it!

So… that’s it. Wi-fi sucks, so I haven’t written you much, or even been on Facebook/Twitter much… and I kind of like it. I haven’t had my cell phone on for a whole month now!

I’m relaxed, I’m getting a lot of writing done in my book. I’ve got a little over a week left.

By the way– Coka Cola tastes better here, and is better for you, because they use Cane Sugar to make it, rather than that horrible High Fructose Corn Syrup that they use in the states. I’m sure they have less cases of diabetes here (proportional to the population, of course).

Pura Vida!

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