More life advice – What to do when your life feels planned for you.

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The last time someone reached out for tips on life, and I shared it, the personal thank-you messages that I got were overwhelming. The other day I got a pretty heavy letter from Dubai. I am sharing the letter, and my response, in hopes that it will help others out. Feel free to share this post.

The Letter:

Hello… I hope very much that you can read this, as at the moment I’m in a bit of a pathetic dilemma. I would firstly like to admit that I am not a devoted fan to your blog, so I understand if you want to allocate your time answering somebody who is. But from what I have seen, you seem to be living life with the care-free attitude that I so desperately need right now. Maybe if the good samaritan within you is glowing and time allows, you can help me…

Soo, a bit about me… Read the rest of this entry »

How to extract your video from a stream of videos

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The other day I spoke at the 140Conf in Des Moines. Here’s my presentation:

The thing is that the organizer doesn’t have the footage for the event for another week… and when she does get it, she’ll have to slice it up, and then upload it… Having worked with other events, I know that she’s probably going to get hammered with requests for “Can I get my video so I can put it on my public speaker page?”

Since I’m a fan of the 140Conf and everything they do (Google Jeff Pulver – the dude is amazing!), I made a tutorial on how to cut your individual clip out of the live-stream, so you can have it and use it right now… that’s where the above clip came from. You can also use this method to record a live-stream (this particular example is using a playback… but you can use this for a one-time event.. like you would use a VCR / DVR).

So, here’s the stream:

And here’s my tutorial:

Now.. just a side note– this stream was donated by the company… You should consider if the event you are capturing from is copyrighted… so.. just watch out with that.

Must watch presentation

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This guy is amazing. He’s also dead now. This presentation is a must watch!

Get your Skype superpowers

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Skype is one badass application. If you don’t have it… get it, now. Out of the box it lets you text chat, send SMS (text) messages, send files, call other Skype users, call phones, send files, and it even has fun hidden smilies to amaze your friends with (my favorites are (Y)(finger) and (mooning) ).

However,  there’s more to using Skype than just being able to give your friends the finger while sending them a file (the file sending is pretty great, because it will resume files if you get disconnected, etc). Skype is a powerhouse of productivity… especially with a little help. Read the rest of this entry »

Alternative Presentations that Kick serious Ass!

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My own techniques for creating presentations that stand out from the competition and get the clients’ attention every ttie… which turns into more sales, so you can have more time to do the work and enjoy life, rather than trying to sell more.

Originally I recorded it for my consulting clients only… but screw it.. I want EVERYONE to have more sales and more fun! So… enjoy, take action, and share the wealth! Read the rest of this entry »

Ideas On Retainer is coming!

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The Ideas On Retainer logo - a lightbulb over glowing designy stuffI’ve conquered a lot of fears, and grown my comfort zone. I’ve studied thousands of hours on so many topics, and met with so many different people. I suppose you could call it my life’s work.

Now I am going to have to deal with the fears that I’ve let push me over to not committing. Check out Ideas On Retainer— coming January 1, 2011 after the hangover wears off.

I even like my new logo that I designed :)

My 140Conf Smalltown Presentation- Putting your small town on the map while having some fun.

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I was asked to speak at Jeff Pulver’s 140conf again.  This one was the first of his Smalltown series, helping people in small towns leverage the real-time web

I enjoy public speaking, and I like Jeff and what he’s doing, so I agreed, and then had to figure out what to present on.  I titled it Putting your small town on the map while having some fun”  –  the absolute best part was after the event when dozens of people from various small towns thanked me for helping them.  They said it inspired them, it gave them solid ideas, it was fun, it was really helpful.

That’s who I wrote this for, so… that meant a lot.  Anyways- enjoy the presentation, and leave a comment with your thoughts… I’d love to know what you thought of it. If you like it, share it.

Change your people, change your life

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Change is good, they say.  I agree.  Toll ways are a bitch without it.  I still get perplexed when I see Parking Meters without credit card (or cell phone) usage. It is a good piece of bullshit to promise people when you’re running for office. But the change I’m talking about is initially hard, and these days my life is all about it.

You see, there’s a chapter in my book called “Ditching Heavy Baggage” — and it’s about how in order to keep living my passion (traveling, meeting new people, learning all I can, finding mentors, having a blast, taking great photos, having adventures, changing peoples’ lives) I had to get rid of people that were weighing me down (hence the baggage metaphor… get it?  I travel, and it’s extra weight).

I’ve heard – and then had proven through experience- that you are the sum average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Read the rest of this entry »

No Catch – Just thanks

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Daniela Perez - South Florida Glamour Model

This post is about what just happened with one of my models… but keep reading, ’cause it also explains some neat marketing stuff.

What does it say about the world we live in, when you do something nice for a friend, but they have a hard time trusting that there’s no catch?

I’ve been off the grid.  I’m supposed to be working on my book, but the people I’m spending time with have inspired me back to the business side of things. I’m a closet workaholic!

See that image below?  That’s what I’m working on.

A series of Photoshop and Photography DVDs.  I’ll post more about those very soon, this post is about Daniela. Read the rest of this entry »

Tools and Lessons for Unplugging and Writing

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This is a really information packed post about the processes, tools, and philosophies that I’ve learned about writing over the last few weeks.  I’m sure they’ll help you whether you’re writing a play, a novel, or a blog post. Please share this post, as it will help a lot of people overcome writer’s block, focus, be productive, and much more.

I admit that I often don’t know what day of the week it is. Couchsurfing takes me around to different people in many places, and I keep growing because of it.  Day of the week… not important most of the time.  But now that I’m actually working with a goal (remember:  Goals are dreams with a deadline) of writing my book, I am racing the clock.

The first lesson is probably the most important, and that is

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How to make a Broccoli Cheese Latte.

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What to do if you don’t have plates or bowls to make soup in? Use glass cups of course, as they are microwave safe. .. What if they don’t fit in the microwave? Watch this, and have a laugh :)

Many more crazy moments from this trip…. editing it now!

Hackers and Spammers are out to get you

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A bunch of hackers

They want to get inside

Yes, you’re sitting there blogging, or adding pictures to your site, when all of a sudden your entire website disappears.  Uhhh… Hello? What happened?  Time to call your admin (unless you’re the admin– in my case, I am), or your host.  What happened?

Well, it turns out that there’s been some phishing scams, spam bots, and a panda-porn site… all running from your account.  Who knew? Well,  your host did…. that’s why they shut you down.

Just the other day, I was uploading my podcasts for CouchSurfingRadio, when I screwed up, and had to go figure out which directory I accidentally uploaded the file to.  There was a new directory from that day!  I didn’t remember making a .files directory.  Worse than that, was when I looked inside, there were hundreds of .html files that were laced with keywords.. (They had filenames that were just filled with words that people look up– celebrity names, product names, etc…  and the inside of each was laced with the same thing… just spam keywords).

The file count was getting higher!  Someone was uploading while I watched.  I deleted all the files, and they kept coming.  I checked the folder permissions, and it was limited access to just me. What a nightmare, someone got in as me!  I did not want to have to get another refund on hacker domains, or go through getting my site re-activated!

I quickly changed my password.  They were still there.  They were getting in as me somehow. How can you avoid this happening to you? Read the rest of this entry »

How to be Epic

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Epic picture of Ori hanging over a lava pit

A most Epic picture of me over a fiery death

My friend Elizabeth was writing that she’s not feeling very Epic.  That she had a blog post in her head, but it wasn’t coming out the way she wanted.  Sounded like she was being harsh on herself.

Most people would (and did) say “It’s ok… even writing about having nothing to say is saying something…” or “your observations are great, something that isn’t Epic for you, might be for someone else.”

My good friends can rely on me though to give a unique perspective, and Elizabeth has been relying on me to call her out on her excuses or bullshit.

So, when I read this cry for help, I had to put in my 4 cents.  So here it is, what I wrote in response to Elizabeth’s Post on not being Epic. (With italicized & colorful commentary for y’all):

you’ll listen, damnit! :)  ( Elizabeth said that despite that people would leave advice, she probably wouldn’t listen )
How to be epic: Read the rest of this entry »

ebook cover design tutorial

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Ebook cover design for 28 tips for a happier, skinny you.

ebook cover design is fun

I have to pay for gas, food, gadgets, and fun…  I’m often asked “How do you make money when you’re on the road?”  I’m a male stripper of course.  Actually… that would probably be way cooler.  No, I’ve been called “The most highly skilled hobo in history” because I do marketing (ad-writing, graphic design, analytics, ppc, seo, website design, printing, videography, video editing, motion graphic design, branding strategies, social media strategies, local-search submissions), Photography, consulting, and the occasional workshop, and public speaking.  What?? I get bored easily :)

One of the websites I just designed is, a blog about healthy living, practical raw lifestyle, and healthy cooking.  It belongs to Suzanne Thomas, who I”m couchsuring with right now in Austin, TX. A little “Internet Marketing 101” – Sue wants to build up her mailing list, so she is offering an “Ethical Bribe” to get people to give her their contact information, so she can continue to market to them on similar topics. This is called Lead Generation, though it’s often called an “Opt-in”.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and a good picture that represents a concept well is worth dollars too.  One of the things I do is design. Since I created her theme (the way the site looks), and header, and logo, it only seemed logical to have me create the Ebook cover.  The ebook is called “28 tips for a healthier, skinny you!”  I believe the title, because Suzanne is the one who helped me lose 28 pounds in 30 days.

A lot of people hire designers to create e-book covers, regular book covers, flyers, and much more… Design is actually simple, and with Photoshop (free 30 day trial of Photoshop available), you can do it yourself fairly quickly.

I recorded the entire process of how I created this ebook cover, and you can do it yourself, and save hundreds of dollars of hiring designers.  If nothing else, you can show your designer EXACTLY how you’d like your cover to look.

Since I explained what an opt-in is, an ethical bribe, and lead generation…. let me give another awesome example!

Get my free video on how to create a ebook cover of your own!  Just fill out the (opt-in) form below with your primary e-mail and your name, and I’ll send you the video!  I hate Spam, and so I solemnly swear not to give your information away, or even sell it. I’ll just send you notices when I have additional awesome new training videos (they don’t ALL make it to my  blog). Trust me, I know a lot of really cool stuff!

Your Email Address:
First Name:
Last Name:

Then you’ll get a quick e-mail you have to click on, to prove that you’re you, and then you’re good to go! I’d love to know what you think of the video, and what other topics you’d like to see me explain.

Couch Surfing Ori Tool Recommendation: LMGTFY.COM

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threesixtyfive | day 244

Sick of stupid questions?

We’re all guilty of asking someone something that would take us less time to look up than it would to dial it. Sometimes though, being asked too many of those obvious questions can lead to frustration.
“When does that e-Book reader go on sale?”

“What does WYSIWYG stand for?”

“Where can I find a cheesecake recipe?”

Come on folks!  Just because a person is a know-it-all, doesn’t mean they have to be a tell-it-all.  And with that, I’d like to bring you my 1st Webcam test and screencap usage tutorial (I make these for people when I build websites for them…. but I haven’t tried it for a product review).  Please let me know what you think… if you like the format, if you like the tool, if you’d like to see more nifty tools (most of the ones I have are more productive, but this one’s fun), or if you have any tools you’d like to see reviewed or explained.  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

How to make a superfood smoothie

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Smoothies were common in my 30 day

Smoothies were common in my 30 day

Everyone keeps asking me how I lost 28 pounds in 30 days. It’s simple– I was on a 30 day raw diet, but there’s a few secrets I discovered.  One of them is to keep varying up the food, so you don’t get bored.  Another one is to have things that taste really good, so you enjoy them.  Craig Allen is the master of superfood smoothie making! As we caravaned across the country together, he always had his trusted blender by his side.

The following video is of the very last superfood smoothie I had from Craig!  It was in Yosemite National Park, the day after I went rock climbing with them. Read the rest of this entry »

Lessons from a salad – using the right tool

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My salad, Garlic, and 2 knives

My salad, Garlic, and 2 knives

This started with a salad, but can apply to anything in your life… and your business (which is in your life, but some people forget that).

I lost 25 pounds on a raw food diet. Since being off of it , I”ve been eating meat, bread, and coffee (well.. I drink the coffee).  I thought that from binging on all this food, I’d blow back up again.  When I weighted myself, I saw that I didn’t.  In fact, I’ve lost another 6 pounds.  This last 6 pounds is probably from lack of sleep, so… don’t try to emulate THAT diet just yet.  Seeing my weight at 184 (started at 215) messes with my head!  It makes me chop up a fresh salad, instead of cooking up those yummy burgers I bought!  I want a burger, but I make a fresh salad.  Last night, this scenario happened. Read the rest of this entry »

Clamming in Coos Bay

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I caught a clam!

I caught a clam!

I like clam chowder… but I never knew where clams came from (I knew it was something water-related), and I didn’t even know that clam chowder was a potato based soup!  I learned a lot in Oregon!  Turns out that in Coos Bay, Oregon there’s plenty of clamming to be had… you just need a license, to know your (legal) limits, have a shovel, your own bucket, and if you’re smart (unlike me), then you bring some friggin boots to warm you up, and prevent hypothermia :). Kat (the uber awesome lady I was staying with) introduced me to Marty Giles… a nature guide.  Marty has a business called Wave Crest Discoveries, where she’ll take you out clamming, kayaking, whale watching, etc….  I got to go clamming for the 1st time, and I videotaped it for you! Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Marketing Explained in a simple way

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Everyone always wants to know, “What is Internet Marketing?” I broke it down to a few simple concepts that anyone can understand- enjoy the video: Read the rest of this entry »

Laughter Yoga – The best exercise/fun you can have!

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Laughter has so many physical/mental benefits! I really had a lot of fun at Atlanta Creativity Exchange when I attended their Laughter Yoga. It’s apparently a big fad in India. I felt great after leaving this class. I recommend trying this! I taped/edited it, so you can try it yourself. Spread the word! Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Rights Management – How Itunes is ripping you off, when I take it personally, and what you can do about it!

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Those @!%ing greedy pigs at the record labels have pissed many other people off, but now they got me angry too.  Did you know that if you buy a song from Itunes, you can’t place it on your Zune, or other devices?  Just play it on your Ipod or your Itunes… on the computer you bought it on.  So, here’s what happened, and here’s what you can do about it: Read the rest of this entry »

Time for some RAM! Speed up your computer. My new workflow- additional silver lining.

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Summary: Ori’s computer is in the shop, and his rental couldn’t keep up.. until he upgraded it. Having the laptop in the shop gave him a chance to recreate how he does his work. Check it out (especially if you wonder how Ori’s pictures are so darn colorful)

Read the rest of this entry »