Balloon Boy proves how easy a good PR Stunt is to pull.

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It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

It's Falcon! The balloon boy!

This 6 year old kid, Falcon (I think that’s even more ridiculous– the kid goes flying, and his name is Falcon? Hmmm) climbs in his Dad’s helium baloon that looks like Jiffy Pop.  The baloon takes off.  The whole nation is talking about it.  Everyone’s tweeting and facebooking about it… I even know of a certain stay at home mom that got her drink on ’cause she was so worried about this kid.  I was already making jokes (If “He tried to go visit Michael Jackson one last time!” gets popular, just remember, I made it up! Funny enough– I just looked up the newsline, and there WAS a Michael Jackson single that just debuted online just the other day), and people were giving me grief, “Oh… you gotta at least wait till he lands safely!” People were telling me how they’re praying.  Wow.  What concerned people we have, it’s nice.  It’s also not nice, because they were bamboozled into being concerned.  What a waste of positive emotion.  Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, for those who haven’t heard, turns out that the kid was never in the baloon… he was hiding at home in the attic, in a box or something.  So… let’s take a look at what happened.

This kid sat in the attic for a few hours.  In arts and crafts, you’d see that for less than $100 you can get some shiny fabric, a glue gun, and a helium tank at the party store.  Glue it to look like some jiffy pop, let it fly out of site, tell the world that your kid is on that arts project, look concerned… and voila… social media takes over.  People are hungry for something to unite over.  This thing took over every media stream!  He is famous.  His parents are famous.  They can do a book deal if they want now.  This spoof video really captures today:

Thank you College Humor!  I love their stuff.  So, did they capture it or what? The news is saying stuff about the kid was talking about that this is for show.

But… wait… there’s more!  Not only are there news video, articles, blogs, tweets, and spoof videos all in less than a day, but….  yup… you guessed it…You can buy your very own baloon boy shirts– Here’s 2  awesome designs (click on ’em to buy ’em)

Here's Balloon Boy's aircraft. Suppposedly capable of 10,000 feet

Here's Balloon Boy's aircraft. Suppposedly capable of 10,000 feet

Now… let’s think about this.  It won’t be long before this kid’s on the daily show, Jay Leno, Oprah, Jerry Springer, a book tour.  He’s 6 years old, and not a very good actor… so… what can YOU do to concern the entire nation?  How can you steal all the attention from everything else that’s in the news?  I believe my friend Ben Mack would tell you that this is just an example of a social meme spreading.  It would cost you so much money to buy this kind of media exposure with ads, so.. why not just be creative, spend a tiny bit, and land all the exposure you want.
(this photo is by the associated press)

I highly recommend you view Wag The Dog – it’s only $6  (maybe something crazy happened in Afghanistan today, and little Falcon was used to distract us?).

Another amazing book that I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend! Especially if you have a business, or want to get PR for others is Peter Shankman’s !Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work–And Why Your Company Needs Them.  This is not only a fun read, but is completely filled with wonderful tips on how to generate massive PR.  Not only that, but Peter also covers so many of the things that you might completely forget to think about… how to make sure things don’t backfire.  How to be more creative.  Shankman’s a really cool dude… check out his blog sometimes. I even consider him a sort of roll model, as he is genuine, funny, a spaz, creative, and an adventurer. Back to the book… Book + Shipping is less than $20 on Amazon, and is probably the best $20 you can spend.

Watch “Wag The Dog”, read Can We Do That?! evaluate Falcon’s stunt, and voila… you’ll be primed to get millions of dollars of airtime for practically nothing.  But, maybe you should start writing your book…. they’ll want to publish it while you’re still hot!

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  3. Eric Says:

    Wag The Dog has been one of my favorite movies since it came out… SUCH good stuff dude.

  4. Eric Says:

    Wag The Dog has been one of my favorite movies since it came out… SUCH good stuff dude.

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