10,000 miles without car insurance (and Screw Travelers Insurance!)

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I was pretty flabbergasted to find out that I’ve had no car insurance since February.I’ve driven A LOT since then, and only found out at the tail end of a 4,000 mile trip.  I can type the whole thing out, but I recorded the entire thing, which is way funnier.  A word of caution, I curse a bit in this :)  In fact, it goes a little like this: Traveler’s Insurance can go fuck themselves!   Anyways… here’s the recording of me telling a friend the whole thing.

[media id=10]

Since then, I’ve gotten insurance with Flo… er… Progressive Insurance, but it cost me $1,450 instead of $990, as I did not have proof of previous insurance.

I’ve also paid the state of Georgia their $25 for their efforts in telling me that my registration will be suspended…. so now my registration is safe.  I did have to call in to speak to someone, as they have a lot of things that you can pay for to many different departments… the form says “You can pay online at” – but it doesn’t tell you what this falls under.  No biggie.

Now, I can bitch and moan about Traveler’s screwing me over, or my insurance broker not calling me to tell me they had a hick-up and couldn’t run the payment…. but in the end, everything is our own fault.  I should’ve had my mail checked more frequently.

To make sure this never happens again, I am checking out two services… if you’ve used ’em, I’d love your feedback:  http://paytrust.com/ and EarthClassMail — here’s their video:

6 Responses to “10,000 miles without car insurance (and Screw Travelers Insurance!)”
  1. Mike Stenger Says:

    Wow…I'm glad nothing bad happened while you were on the road dude. Can't even imagine if you got in an accident or pulled over. Hope the new insurance company is better for you :-)

  2. Carissa Says:

    Just skimming through your blog, but I can say that I've heard good things about http://www.usabox.com/ I think the first time I read about it was before I went to Korea here: http://theblackeslteacher.blogspot.com/2006/10/… not sure how the prices or anything compare, but perhaps another option

  3. Couchsurfing Ori Says:

    yeah bro, that would've been a real terrible way to discover that I haven't got insurance. Thankfuly, my good luck lasted long enough to find out the traditional way (letter). I had a lot of stress over “What could've happened” — the great thing about an insurance company is not knowing how good they are, 'cause you never have need of using them… that's my favorite way :)

  4. Couchsurfing Ori Says:

    Thanks Carissa! I'll have to check them out. How does one test out 3 mail related services at the same time? :)

  5. Vince Says:

    I use virtualpostmail.com and have had good results. Same as earth mail except it's only 1 location in LA. Fine with me.

  6. Couchsurfing Ori Says:

    rock on! Thanks for the tip! I still haven't chosen one of those services…. I don't think I like decisions. I'm trying to figure out whether to rent out my place, or just sell the damn thing and be done with it already… if that's the case, all mail can be routed to my folks place and burnt…. er… dealt with. I think I hate snail mail as a general rule ('cept when I order physical items). Do you have a preference between VirtualPostMail and EarthMail?

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